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    Alicia Maddox got a reaction from VENROXAS in Of Olden Times and Reflections   
    Good evening all. I don't know how many of you here on this platform remember, or even know me, as this site has changed drastically from when I became a member. Two, I have been absent from the site for a number of different reasons. Tonight, I just felt like getting some things off my chest, things that I've wanted to say for a very long time, so bare with me, this could get a bit long.
    I became a member of this site way back in 2014. This past Jan. 3rd was the 5 year anniversary of my membership here. I remember with deep fondness and joy the first 2 years of my membership here. I was a recent KH player, as I had gotten the first game a few years before I found this site. The wonder of KH was still new to me and sent my mind racing with imagination. I loved, and still love the greater KH community deeply. Within the first year of my becoming a member here, I met one of my most dearest friends in the world, Amber Cole. She no longer comes to this site, but her and I have become like sisters and have grown close over the years. I also met Austin Caudill, whom some ppl may remember on this site as Jack Sparrow. Interestingly, he and Amber got together and they are now dating and have been for a few years and Austin has become the little brother I never had. Through being connected to the KH community on this site, I also met my future love, Jeremy. People here would know him as soravids. We've been dating for 2 and a half years now and I pray for many more to come. But, while as a daily regular on this site in the early years of my membership here, I met several ppl whom I considered my friends. The likes of Ruby Rose, Danex Darkfire+, Geralt,  Kunivas, and several others. I remember spending literally hours a day in private and public chats just horsing around with them and creating all kinds of random adventures and crazy posts. I still look on those days and laugh. I still feel that fun loving joy I had with them, and I miss them all very deeply. I wish so much I could go back to those fun days.
    But, things change.
    I won't go into to detail to keep the privacy of some who may still be members of this site, but some things happened between me and a few members. Some of them I considered my friends. I had a massive falling out with them almost 3 years ago. I was angry, I was hurt deeply and I was sad. Ever since that day, I stopped coming to the site daily. That soon turned into weeks, which then turned into months. Life for me passed and soon it became years. Oh I would pop in every now and then to check up on news and maybe say hi to one or two old friends who I still try to keep in touch with, but since the falling out, the magic of KH13, and the KH community on this site, died for me. Nothing was or even is the same anymore. I feel so disconnected from this site and the community at large. And it sucks. It sucks hard. I feel like enough time has passed that I would like to come back regular to the site again, but I've been so out of the personal loop on this site that I'm not sure how much of the makeup of this community has changed. I know for a fact there are still some ancient members that come here and are even admins still, but the general makeup of the site is what I may not recognize. I feel like for me, if I do return to daily visits, it'd be like joining the site for the first time all over again.
    But in hind sight, that may not be a bad thing at all. I know I would be considered old now by a majority of the KH13 body (I'm 28 ), but hey, I know that the general KH community don't judge, and that's part of the sweet magic of the community. All are welcome, no matter what. And who knows? Starting a new journey may not be so hard.  I get to make new friends and start over again. Maybe even reconnect with the old ones. Guess I should "face my fears" and jump in again.  
    What's driving me back is really the start of the new Kingdom Hearts arc. I realized after KH3 came out that a brand new generation of Dandelions just swelled the KH ranks. And the possibilities of the new direction the series will take has been busted wide open! I'd love to debate and chat and theorize about these new ideas again. I really do miss coming to this site on the daily so freaking much!
    So yeah. If you made it this far in, thanks for listening to my ramblings. XD I didn't mean for it to be this long, but I just felt like I had to say something. Hope you guys got something out of it, and I look forward to the future with the Kingdom Hearts franchise.
    May your heart be your guiding key.
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    Alicia Maddox got a reaction from Fates Chance XIII in Do you ever wish there was a KH Convention?   
    Dude, I would prolly be planning one of those if I ever got the chance. XD To have a KH Con the same was Blizzard and Dragon Ball do would be beyond epic and a literal dream come true for me! I honestly hope that does happen one day, especially now that the franchise is gaining more traction in the mainstream market and taking on new players. 
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to The Transcendent Key in Soranort...   
    But at any rate, the possibility of Sora going dark in a very twisted way is an exciting prospect to me! Cuz even the purest of souls have a dark side to them.
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    Alicia Maddox got a reaction from Destinys Child in Because being the New Kid is so much fun...   
    Yo yo Child! Welcome to this insane place I like to call my second home. I'm Alicia and I hope you enjoy it here.
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    Alicia Maddox got a reaction from The Transcendent Key in Soranort...   
    That's a good point.
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to The Transcendent Key in Soranort...   
    But knowing Sora, he probably wouldn't totally give in to that power. Probably be consumed by it temporarily, but his heart would probably not yield. I'd see him along the lines of characters such as Ichigo, Naruto and Asta. They are all legitimately good guys with insane dark sides, but they don't let those dark sides eclipse their hearts and souls.
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    Alicia Maddox got a reaction from Mariokhfanboy18 in 13 vs 7 - Switched sides?   
    You're forgetting Namine. And let's not discount Demyx, since its hinted that he also came from the time of UX. Though we don't know what's become of him, we can assume he's still with Ienzo and Ansem The Wise. I do find the inverse of numbers very interesting though. And what's more surprising is that 5 of the now 7 Darknesses were supposed to be fighting on the side of light (those being Ava, Gula, Invi and Aced). I'm still not convinced that they are on the side of "Darkness" or that the new 7 are even counted as Darkness, since we now have a redemption of sorts with Xehanort. Of course, its clear there's something uber shady with Luxu/Xigbar, but there always has been with him. I'm still convinced that Luxu/Xigbar may end up being one of the new villains of the new arc outside of the MOM.
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    Alicia Maddox got a reaction from Yuya Sakaki in Post a picture of yourself!   
    So its been a hot minute since I posted a pic of myself on this site.

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    Alicia Maddox got a reaction from The Transcendent Key in Soranort...   
    There are two routs I could see that going down. Either Sora is forced into submitting to darkness under extreme dire circumstances, like, if it were the only way to save one of his friends, or even a world, or if he was blindly tricked into it, like you said.
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to DChiuch in Old Fandom Stuff   
    I used to love this series like 10 years ago ?
    And of course these:
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to EchoFox23* in Old Fandom Stuff   
    I miss Saixpuppy to be honest XD That was my first encounter with it when I was in Kingdom Hearts fandom. I think I found it here... I remember looking up memes here thanks to Google Images. I didn't watch Demyx Time though, heard tidbits about it but I think I only watched one episode for funsies...
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to Delenn Deszcz in Old Fandom Stuff   
    I've been in the KH fandom for a really, really long time, and as I was looking through all of my old things from that time period (and good Lord do I regret most of it), I came upon a lot of one damn thing that I hadn't seen in eons. 
    I saw a comic on it and I'm sure that I just got nostalgic whiplash so hard I think I've gotta head to the hospital down the street and get a brace put around my neck. And then I also remembered that Roxel existed as well, the lovechild between Roxas and Axel, and I remember seeing a lot of stuff about him as well back on DeviantART and the like.
    I also heavily remembered a lot of YouTube videos as well, such as The Stupid Files (good God) and Demyx Time (which I still guiltily have a love for, if I'm being honest). 
    Do you guys remember anything from when you first joined the Kingdom Hearts fandom that you think back on now fondly...or not so fondly? 
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to The Transcendent Key in Soranort...   
    All of my yes!
    And well, honestly, the closest we have seen Sora go "Soranort", like Alicia mentioned, is in his Anti and Rage forms! That's already quite the indication of how Sora would be like when consumed by darkness. But due to Sora being such a positive light and being someone who would never go down that road, I find it hard for Sora to turn dark unless he's forced or he's tricked into it, like in Dream Drop Distance. But it would've been interesting to see Soranort in KHIII.
    But in the next saga, there could be an instance where we see Sora given in to the darkness. 
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to KH-Queen in Memes Chat   
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to Felicia Novita in Of Olden Times and Reflections   
    This is also my reply from my topic that I created almost a year ago. Yes, I do still remember you, Alicia!
    Soravids also talked about you with me, I hope your relationship with soravids will be better till you both be together!
    Yes, I'm also surprised that this forum has changed much, and I'm not sure if old members still recognize me, but thank you to KH3, I'm able to visit this forum once again, although I sometimes felt lazy to back here in the past (that's the reason why I didn't response your reply at my topic at August 2018 back then, I'm really sorry )
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    Alicia Maddox got a reaction from Heather Chandler in Fandom thing that is extremely funny to me   
    Yes! Just like that.  And I've only been on Wattpad a few times. Never been on the KH side of the site.
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    Alicia Maddox got a reaction from 2 quid is good in Of Olden Times and Reflections   
    Ahh, so you know the evil scallywag.  I'll be sure to pass it on. 
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to 2 quid is good in Things I forgot were things in this fandom: Roxel   
    That word.....
    Why did you remind me?
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to Weedanort in Memes Chat   
    Damn kids and their emotes nowadays
    Back in my days, we used symbols, not pictures, reeeeeeeeeee
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to Mika in Memes Chat   
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to Evi98 in Memes Chat   
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to Epheymer in Memes Chat   
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to teh lazy prince Xylek in Memes Chat   
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to AeroBlitz in Memes Chat   
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    Alicia Maddox reacted to Inçendyne in Memes Chat   
    Thanks for the meme, Alicia.
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