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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. What Was Your Favorite Reveal From the Nintendo Direct?
  2. I'm in standard mode and chose Balance and the Guardian. It landed me TWO damage controls before level 10 which cuts 50% of the damage taken (25% each) when HP is 25% or lower. Though the game is already relatively easy so far, this was admittedly a godsend with the tornado titan and the demon tide. That and Donald.
  3. The pre-order my folks bought me for Christmas was delivered on Tuesday the 29th at approximately 1-1:30pm. So far it's been awesome.
  4. I don't care. I'm not into level 1 runs, speed runs and the other likes, so I don't even need 9 slots let alone 99.
  5. Olympus was much more enjoyable as a full plot based world rather than for the most part an optional extracurricular. The inclusion of Thebes and Mount Olympus itself added substance and the titan boss battles were, the sheer scale of them was awesome. I just have a few minor critiques:
  6. This is a bummer but I speculate that it's been removed due to it not fitting into the story. I've only gotten as far as Twilight Town but so far The Mysterious Tower has only served as a meeting place for Sora's Party, Mickey and Riku to discuss developments and strategies with Yen Sid vs. being the subject of its own plot as it was in 3D. This doesn't merit the necessity to battle your way to up upon each visit and would just be tedious. Even those who'd appreciate the experience grinding.
  7. Is everyone ready to take them on again in 4 days?!
  8. I do count my blessings. As for pre-ordering online, I do hope this is immune to out-of-stock situations but I don't know how it works.
  9. That's shitty if you'd already paid for it. Were you at least refunded? I'm glad my folks pre-ordered it for me for Christmas on Amazon.
  10. The feeling is understandable. The apparent state of Twilight Town has me concerned as well but every aspect of the game is going to be a flaw to someone regardless of time and focus put into it because true perfection is unachievable. I.e: I didn't get the two worlds I wanted most. You can't worry about the shortcomings, you just have to take what we get and make the most of it.
  11. I as well don't believe 'rushed' is an accurate term. With source material to be compared to and no doubt the pressure of Frozen's popularity, it stands to reason that the Disney worlds are the most judged aspects of the game and thusly would monopolize the focus. Not to mention that this is the first installment to incorporate Pixar. There is also each world's role in the main plot to consider when constructing them, factors such as world size and content can be dependant on this. I.e Destiny Island's role in BBS vs. KHI vs. CoM vs. 0.2. Destiny Islands have always been more of a backstory world used to as a connection to Sora's, Riku's and Kairi's hearts vs. a world that presently participates in the plot. - In KH1, it serves as the point of origin because it's Sora, Riku and Kiari's home and thus the place from which their journey was facilitated. - In CoM, it was represented as a memory of Sora's. - In BBS Destiny Islands isn't playable because it was a short encounter location needed to connect the wayfinder trio to Sora and Riku (Kairi, as is clearly established was still living in her original home word, Radiant Gardens). - In 0.2, Destiny Islands had been trapped in the RoD and I believe it was Aqua's ending up there was her heart's way of reaching out to Sora and perhaps Riku as well. See how that works? Sometimes the plot can be adjusted but sometimes it can't. Admittedly, I am a bit worried but will not pass judgment until I play. I've learned my lesson after judging too many films as terrible based on trailers that were, in fact, fantastic when I ended up watching them. Tangled is among them.
  12. I apologize that I'm late but I believe the end of March at the minimum and end of April at maximum is ideal as it should provide fair accommodation for everyone under all reasonable circumstances. As most dedicated fans will have pre-ordered it by this point, It should be adequate time for completion of the game with RL schedules while maintaining a safe environment for participation in the forums during progress for those who want to avoid spoilers but don't want to stay away. Taking until March just to obtain the game isn't really our problem.
  13. San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6) - The film has great depth and themes of darkness in the heart and I'm intrigued because this will be the first city-based world other than The World That Never Was and I really like cityscapes. Arendelle (Frozen) - I find the film overrated because felt the development was lacking, leaving some significant explanations to be desired but I do appreciate the use of Elsa's insecure character as a manipulatable in response to her having a coveted power. Even though it's predictable...literally. It actually was predicted to a tee. Users on KHInsider had this pegged when the film came out and it's inclusion in KH3 mere speculation (BTW, I hadn't found KH13 yet in case this might have gotten me lynched). Montropolis (Monster's Inc.) - To be honest, I don't know what to expect here story-wise, but I like the trio's monster forms. The Toy Box (Toy Story) - Again, don't know what story to expect but I appreciate the whole new depth the unique nature of this world offers to the KHverse. It also gives me a sense of nostalgia as I was a big fan of the Toy Story video games. I've played the SNES and PS games as well as the Tiger Electronic. I still own the PS game. Kingdom of Corona (Tangled) - I'm looking forward to Mother Gothal's role primarily because she has such interesting potential. Being centuries old she has the potential to have been around during the Keyblade war, perhaps even as a participating wielder. I'm not a fan of Pirates of the Carribean, I tried to watch the first film on TV once but it failed to obtain my interest and am neutral about Olympus and The Hundred Acre Wood. I am looking forward to more aspects of the Hercules film being introduced and I love Winnie the Pooh but am hoping for a different entrance as the book being damaged is redundant and at this point is reaching.
  14. The sword, the shield, and the staff have been a staple of the main story games that shape gameplay so I'm assuming they'll come up again in Kh3.
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