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  1. Because he was given time to cool down. On top of that he forgot the reason in fighting the Organization in the first place was up in the air. That being said I could see Roxas not fighting for a while in order to attack at the most opportune moment. Similar to DiZ. Man, a few months after taking a break from KH13 and already I got someone hyped up on their own arrogance up in here. I now realize the reason I left in the first place.
  2. See when I said "might've", meaning he might have, or he might have not. That kids is our reading lesson for today.
  3. If he regained his memories I'd think he might've went in a more strategic direction. Since he knows the Organization would be after him he'd probably lure out each individual member and take care of them. As for Riku/Ansem he already saw his moves both in person and in Sora's memories (technically).
  4. Imo, KH2. The end really gives me them feel good feels and I don't recall a time I didn't cry.
  5. This year gives me more hope for the gaming industry as a whole. Great bounce back from that horrendous 2014.
  6. Frankly, I don't see how you could incorporate one character in the Marvel Universe without bringing the whole entire universe with it. I mean even if they only do an Avengers themed world, wouldn't they have to incorporate the other Marvel Universe characters? They would have to make it huge so it wouldn't disappoint the Marvel fans. Guardians of the Galaxy, Asgard, Thanos (if Thanos is put in KH there is no way that everyone wouldn't die) all would have to be in separate worlds. The Disney universe is fine, but to bring both Marvel AND Star Wars? That's just too big.
  7. I've been saying this for a while. Although I don't agree that Naruto or Sasuke are gay emos considering they both have children and don't inflict self harm. On top of that Sora/Riku and Naruto/Sasuke are almost identical to each other in every way. Sora and Naruto being the naive main protagonist. Riku and Sasuke being the emo best friend who at one point betrays the main protagonist but eventually comes back.
  8. Terra is a terrible character. There I dissed him.
  9. I mean when you think about it, Sora is pretty OP enough already. He's fought Gods, enemies that can control dimensions as well as space and time. Sora can control time and gravity, as well as reflecting most attacks projected at him and dealing it back ten fold. I mean how would you be able to determine what makes Sora that OP? His strength? With or without the keyblade? His magic? So many variables are needed to be put into place before even considering how to relate DBZ and KH. Now Naruto and KH, that's a different story. (Riku vs. Sasuke would be an interesting fight to watch)
  10. It's ignorant. Are we gonna ignore that past decade of stellar games with amazing characters? I mean what'll happen to The Organization? Roxas? Xion? Terra, Ventus, and Aqua? Master Xehanort?
  11. The guy sounded like a Disney elite who hated the fact that KH went on a path that wasn't completely dependent on Disney. From the video I watched he seemed to forget that Disney fans aren't the only people who loves KH. What about FF fans? What about TWEWY fans? He keeps going on some philosophical BS rant and didn't address the Square side at all.
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