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  1. Tetsuya Nomura said that in KH3, the last stage will include “Something I have always wanted to do, ever since making Final Fantasy”. What was said was very vague, among it also was the input of the developers, who said very interesting things like: “You will be able to do anything” and “It will be compilation of everything up until now”. What do you think this means??
  2. Lately I have been hearing that alot of people actually like re:com, im currently at the alice in wonderland world and i still havent enjoyed a moment of the game yet it just feels boring.
  3. KingdomHeartsSora

    Weird kh3 dream

    Malificent for some reason turned good and was a party member and they were trying to get their friends from every world to help defeat xehanort. Also there was a ratatouille world
  4. Mine would be: kh2, dream drop distance, and 0.2 becuase they just make me really hyped before playing the game. Cant imagine how epic kh3's opening will be!
  5. KingdomHeartsSora

    Most Haunting Images or Scenes in the KH Series

    The final boss in kh1 which was a spaceship made out of gore and had a demon face
  6. KingdomHeartsSora

    If you could add a World to KH

    5 nights at undertale, im kidding. Probably a marvel world -please dont get triggered-
  7. KingdomHeartsSora

    Who's Excited For Super Mario Odyssey Next Week?

    Im planning to get a switch for christmas just to get this game
  8. Just wanted to know what you guys think will happen in kh3 (Worlds, scenes, etc)
  9. Mickey losing his shirt cuz i wanted to see aqua lose hers next ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Pls dont ban me its a joke
  10. KingdomHeartsSora

    What superhero film are you most looking forward to in 2017?

    Guardians 2, thor 3 & logan.
  11. KingdomHeartsSora

    Why do the heartless have munny?

    And how do they have spaceships with guns on them
  12. KingdomHeartsSora

    What would ruin KH3 for you?

    If the game world is empty like in all the kh games where theres no npcs, like mulans world with the emperor place and Olympus olympus coliseum, also the parts where you talk to people and its just text and not voices
  13. So we got kh3 related news yesterday and today NOICE
  14. KingdomHeartsSora

    Terra's model is terrible

    look at terra he looks like he was made in gmod