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  1. Alright, good to hear! There will definitely be plenty of mechs to pilot.


    Also, if it helps you feel any better about not having played more of X, it took me something like 3 years to finish the original Xenoblade... At least you haven't hit that point yet. xD

    Aha, wowzas. I watched Chuggaconroy play it... yeah, it'll take me a little while either way, haha. I'm a stickler for the golden route, but, eh. I'll look forwards to it, when you manage to do it!

  2. Before I begin, I should probably say that this is an idea that probably wouldn't happen soon since I'm working on another RP at the moment and it would take a lot of planning, but I wanted to see if the idea was worth continuing so I'm going to go ahead and make this thread for it.


    Anyway: a while back, I started planning on a Xenoblade X roleplay with a friend of mine, although he got busy and wouldn't be able to participate so I scrapped the idea while still in the middle of planning. Having those unfinished plans bothered me though, so I've thought about potentially giving it another shot. Of course, with all the planning it would require, I thought it'd be best to see if anyone would be interested in joining. I don't think there are that many fans of the game on here, and even less that are into roleplaying, but this is the only site I could ask on, so here we go:


    The roleplay would take place a year or so after the main game, once humanity and its new alien allies had more time to build New Los Angeles and create their new society on Mira. With the city completed and everything in order, it would be decided that it's time to branch out and explore beyond the main landmasses that they had already visited. A small operation to scout out past the oceans began, and a new continent was discovered. BLADE then sent out a smaller team to colonize and explore this continent. The RP would focus on this team as they make new discoveries in the new region.


    That's pretty much what I've got (well, I have more plans, but those are going to be secrets for now). Would anyone be interested in joining in?



    is an idea I am 101% okay with and my only regret is that I haven't played more of X because... well, I'm me. I would be super duper interested, and not just out of my desire to pilot a mech in any medium.

  3. Name: Noise[/size]Gender: Female[/size]Age: 16[/size]Appearance:[/size]

    Purple%20Heart%202.png[/size]Warrior of Darkness (good) or Light (evil): Light (Lumina's servant)[/size]Weapon of choice: Dawnmourne, the Axe of the Lost City[/size]Bio: A mytersious girl who one day appeared at the home of Lumina Light, she has no memories beyond three words - "Forward Unto Dawn." Unable to really do much beyond summon an axe way too big for her, "Noise" has devoted herself to Lumina, in hopes one day she can find her memories. Some say she resembles a long-gone Princess of Light, but Lumina says she's just cute.[/size]Anything else? She seems to be searching for something, but all she knows is the three words. Lumina named her "Noise" after she made a dreadful din the night she arrived, crying and all that.[/size]

    Ohai Purple Heart.

  4. Okay, I will see about accepting your character after I am sent the PM! :)

    Okay, accepted, just as long as you put an age for him (I forgot to add that to the character sheet, and that is kind of important to know so we know the age range of characters here!) :)






    Name: Master Zack

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Appearance: http://imageshack.com/a/img921/108/r5fTGH.jpg

    Warrior of Darkness (good) or Light (evil): Darkness

    Weapon of choice: http://www.khwiki.com/End_of_Pain

    Bio: Master Zack is a Keyblade Master, who has learned a great deal of the keyblade and the darkness. He once went from world to world protecting those who would upset the order of the worlds. However, now he stays at the Keyblade Grounds teaching fellow keyblade warriors at the Ground's academy on how to use the keyblade and the darkness, and how to defeat those who would upset the balance of the universe.




    Character Sign Ups


    Name: Waves

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Appearance: http://imageshack.com/a/img921/699/kspWM5.jpg

    Warrior of Darkness (good) or Light (evil): Light

    Weapon of choice: http://www.khwiki.com/index.php?title=Ocean%27s_Rage&useformat=mobile

    Bio: Waves was only 7 months old when he was found on the doorstep of the Keyblade Grounds castle. He was adopted by his finder and raised to understand the importance of keeping the order of the worlds. When he later found out he could use the keyblade, he went to the academy to be taught to use the keyblade. However, he learned soon enough that he couldn't use the darkness, and could only manage to use light. However, he was protected under the grounds that he was raised by people of the darkness. He doesn't like people reacting to his light, as he doesn't view himself as evil at all, so he just wishes for people to understand him.

    Anything else: Personality wise, he is a very caring and smart person, he loves the water, and he loves surfing and swimming, and he also loves music and electronics. He is also a bit of a chick magnet...


    "Light and Darkness"

    *Added age, so woo*

  5. Ah, man, this is so familiar... Feels good, haha.


    Name: David Froy
    Gender: Male 

    Age: 21


    Warrior of Darkness (good) or Light (evil): Darknesssssssssss.
    Weapon of choice: (keyblade, sword, staff, etc.) K-k-keyblade~
    Bio: David remembers very little. In fact, his past, to him, is a total blank. All he really remembers is waking up with a notebook clutched in his hands, and the faint smell of smoke. (I will PM you about this shortly.)
    Anything else: He carries his notebook with him practically everywhere, and writes down whatever he can. And his keyblade is called Secrets Kept, black with a chain spiraling around it, teeth sorta like Oblivion. 

    Edit: Light and Darkness.


    (*facepalm at self*)

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