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  1. Square has some control over which questions are asked. Such is the nature of these interviews. They probably would reveal that info themselves outside any interview
  2. The worlds being too big with too little happening in them. I like the way world visits usually balance gameplay and cutscenes. Deep Jungle was not designed to be the size of one of the worlds in KH3. It would probably have a few more shortcuts if it were much larger. Keep in mind the treesurfing minigame minimizes the time it takes to get from the Treehouse to the Camp.
  3. In case anybody missed it while E3 was going https://youtu.be/V6MWC9qKJCE Youtubers Strawberry17 and Andre "Black Nerd" go through the Premium Showcase demo. Sorry. I couldn't remember how to embed here.
  4. I can't remember the last time I saw a Collector's Edition of a game that was satisfactory.
  5. That question could be applied to any game. Personally, I don't stream. And even if I did, I like to be fully immersed in my games the first time around, so I probably wouldn't stream it as soon as it came out. The stream might be a bit distracting. In fact, I'm thinking of basically going into a KH3 blackout as soon as January comes around.
  6. Keyblade Graveyard is probably going to appear in KH3, so I don't vote for it. That, and it's not a very interesting world outside the actual graveyard portion. Instead, I think the majority of the worlds in Birth By Sleep should be updated, if for little other than the visuals. I know 0.2 showed three of them in a ruined state, but seriously....I mean, in Castle Of Dreams, the ACTUAL Castle isn't even fully modeled. It just disappears into the void when you look up. Snow Whites and Peter Pans environments both have details that are hard to replicate on the PSP. The dwarfs cottage is "lit" with cardboard sunlight. Neverland is a little too close to Pirates of the Caribbean, but you can imagine some of that gameplay with flying instead of sailing. And even though it's not Birth By Sleep, Wonderland could really benefit from having larger environments. But above all, I would say Enchanted Dominion, solely because I want to see if they can make a world in Kingdom Hearts that looks like a Medieval tapestry the way the movie does.
  7. Deluxe Edition for me. The Bring Arts look nice, but I'm kind of sick of collector's editions that only really have collectibles(Yeah, I see the irony in that). "Collector's Edition", to me, means something along the lines of old Disney DVDs, where the CEs had nice big packaging and an entire afternoon/evening of Behind-The-Scenes content that go so in-depth, it feels like a wet dream. That, and I don't believe in keeping things in the original packaging. You can blame Toy Story 2 for that.
  8. The creators aren't just alive. They are still with the company...which actually confuses me a little, because the directors of Disney's versions of Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Hercules were with the company until this year when one of them left and, from the sound of it, they've had no input in how those properties were implemented in Kingdom Hearts. I guess he means visual design artists, or something. I don't know.
  9. It was gonna happen eventually. But looking at some of the others....Betty Boop? Mickey's 90th? Simba's daughter, Kiara? Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo? The Nutcracker is a given I suppose. But unfortunately, it seems that there are no new Pop! Vinyl Figures for Gilmore Girls, which is clearly the franchise that needs them the most.
  10. Pirates of the Caribbean is a PG-13 rated franchise and, right now, it's the only one that comes from "in-house" Disney. So of course the games based on those movies are rated T. They've made other PG-13 movies, but none that are quite as successful. As far as Kingdom Hearts 3 goes, I don't really have a problem with it remaining E10+, except for one thing that was brought up during Final Fantasy XVs development: that different ratings boards across the world will rate a game based on themes that-in North America, at least-aren't really offensive enough to warrant greater age restrictions. In the case of FFXV, it was the concept of worshiping the Goddess of Death. That lead to the games entire mythology being changed. It sounds irrational to apply this concern to Kingdom Hearts, a series which has gotten away with more than what most games rated E10+ even attempt to do AFAIK, but it really makes me think. Fun fact: Back before KH2 was released in English, G4TV featured it in a program with a T rating. And given the amount of censorship the North American and PAL versions of the game have, I'm inclined to believe that was the actual ESRB rating before the censorship was applied.
  11. The KH3 rucksack is sold out! And I'm in the market for a new bag too! Talk about a missed opportunity.
  12. Yet few people seem to actually engage in a proper conversation here.
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