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    King_Graham reacted to TrinityXaos# in What is your favorite Final Fantasy game from the PS4/XBox One era?   
    I voted Final Fantasy XV.
    I also would love for Square to reveal more about Versus XIII's original designs and scenarios. 
    Still would been nice to see the contrasts in story and style.
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    King_Graham reacted to ocean's rage in What is your favorite Final Fantasy game from the PS4/XBox One era?   
    i suppose so. unmade games are inherently fascinating 
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    King_Graham reacted to Deoxysphobia in SuperGroupies Reveal 2-part Behind-the-Scenes Featuette on the 20th Anniversary Collection; includes Keyblade making and Set Design   
    Any intel on when these versions of the Keyblades will be available for purchase? I REALLY want one of those gorgeous Kingdom Keys!
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    King_Graham got a reaction from Movies798 in New ad for Taco Bell Mexican Pizza mentions Sora in Rap   
    Hey, at least he was up there with Jimmy Neutron.
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    King_Graham reacted to Ink in [UPDATE] Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary wafers arriving in Japan June 2022 across 7-Elevens; comes with metallic cards   
    I hope so. I'm getting annoyed that Japan has exclusive access to all of this 20th anniversary merch. I want some of this stiff!
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    King_Graham reacted to Double OKP in KHUX Chat   
    One thing I noticed I forgot and now kinda regret:
    I didn't take a screenshot of my strongest medals
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    King_Graham reacted to Daz-4th in Gaming Chat   
    great message King_Graham

    such insight!
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    King_Graham reacted to DestinysUnion in Is Character Files book canon?   
    They're not canon, since they were written by Tomoco Kanemaki and follow the KH novels' continuity (considering half of Aqua's excerpt is a copy-paste from a novel scene). But at the same time, the purpose of the files seem to be solely for providing some insight for the characters, and I'm not sure they cover things that the games moving forward will actually address, so I would consider them free headcanon. You can consider them canon if you want to, but don't be surprised if the games contradict them in the future.
    I haven't read most of the character files, so I can't speak much more for them.
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    King_Graham reacted to jbmasta in How can Kingdom Hearts IV improve over III?   
    A small quality of life change, being able to make the minimap full screen. In Kingdom Hearts 3 there are some areas like the swamp in Kingdom of Corona or the various snowfields of Arendelle that are so easy to get turned around and lost in. If this kind of expansive world design continues, it'd be good to pull up the map and see the whole map rather than just a section of it in the corner of the screen.
    More than nine save file slots. That this wasn't patched into 3 with the various updates is baffling and many players have had to sacrifice save files due to replaying or having saves at specific points like boss fights.
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    King_Graham reacted to The Transcendent Key in What feather is in Brain/Blaine's hat?   
    You know, I never really put much thought into what that feather was. XD
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    King_Graham reacted to Inçendyne in KHUX Chat   
    It's too bad we couldn't have our pet w/ us for the offline version.
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    King_Graham reacted to Silent Multiverse in KHUX Chat   
    miss it already
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    King_Graham reacted to King Arthur13 in KHUX Chat   
    we never learned what the road to kingdom hearts 3 was
    its one piece of lost media that will never be explained
    it will forever be 'coming soon'
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    King_Graham reacted to The Transcendent Key in Struggling to beat Ira   
    I honestly stopped playing when the difficulty spiked so ridiculously to the point that my medals would do little to no damage. XD
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    King_Graham reacted to Double OKP in Struggling to beat Ira   
    Oh that's great!
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    King_Graham reacted to Vèńťúş_wíņđ_⅔ in Raya and the Last Dragon and Kingdom Hearts   
    Sword in the stone would be awesome.
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    King_Graham got a reaction from Vèńťúş_wíņđ_⅔ in Raya and the Last Dragon and Kingdom Hearts   
    I was pleasantly surprised by how good the movie is, at the very least after the Mulan remake(not a very fair comparison). I can't say it's one of my favourites, but I wouldn't mind seeing it in Kingdom Hearts.
    I would like to see some of the more underrated 2D movies in Kingdom Hearts a bit more, though.
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    King_Graham reacted to Limen in *Spoilers* Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory Chat   
    you don't need to have any specific version as we just share our scores in the discord server. basically, you're matched with a player, choose a song, play at the same time and then report back with the score to determine winner of the match. its an honor system but its all for fun anyways
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    King_Graham reacted to Rax in KH General Chat   
    i want to buy kh3 on pc
    but its on epic only :hmm:
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    King_Graham reacted to ocean's rage in Raya and the Last Dragon and Kingdom Hearts   
    i would be quite curious to see how the movie's story would adapted to KH though i suppose and original set after the film would be cool as well
    love to have raya and sisu as team mates
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    King_Graham reacted to MeowWow in KH General Chat   
    I enjoy memes and some discussion type stuff
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    King_Graham reacted to Daz-4th in Gaming Chat   
    does he have a name we can't read minds yet
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    King_Graham reacted to Superslash in Gaming Chat   
    I got so done with AC when I heard that they killed off the main antagonist that transcends the entire timeline in a comic
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    King_Graham reacted to Movies798 in How did Vanitas return?   
    They were able to bring Vantias weak heart back from the past and transfer it into a one of the Replica bodies. That's how Vantias was resurrected. However, Vantias said he was still weak and incomplete because he needed Ventus to whole again. Which is why he went to Monsteropolis to regain his strength back because the children's screams and fears help regain Vantias strength back, and reconstruct his heart. But Vantias said despite the children's negative emotion his heart was still incomplete.
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    King_Graham reacted to Shuy in I Hate Dating (Rant)   
    Dont need to have dinner. A walk, an ice cream, a drink in a bar, or just to hang out in a park.
    Honestly, she could just be not into you. Happens. Just no movie at first dates, rememeber for the future.
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