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  1. Taking place during the time between Kingdom Hearts II and Dream Drop Distance, Sora and Riku and Kairi are summoned to Yen Sid's tower to recieve some exciting news!


    An entire new cluster of worlds and an entire GALAXY all to itself have been discovered! This would be where any OCs would be introduced as well! Either at the Mysterious Tower or in the future at any worlds you wish!


    I myself will play Kairi and one OC, so that leaves Riku and Sora open!


    Fandoms Appearing:


    - Star Wars


    - Oliver and Company


    - Atlantis: The Lost Empire


    - Treasure Planet


    -Various other Disney worlds


    - Various Animes


    And Many MORE! Always open to suggestions!

  2. Taking place after the Mother's Rosario arc, the American company of Warner Bros. has announced worldwide a release of a Virtual Reality MMO based on their DC Comics brand. The ALO crew of Klein, Kirito, Asuna, Leafa and Lisbeth have been selected to be flown to America to attend a sort of convention, after they entered a contest together on a whim...always eager to see new VRMMOs!

    The DCUO VRMMO will have fully realized NPCs functioning on an advanced AI system that randomizes events and allows the DC canons to function as if they were real people.

    OCs are welcome! The SAO crew will be given copies of the game and then the fun shall begin!

  3. My idea is that Sebastian yanks someone (Sebastian and this OC will be played by me) from 2017, transforms them into a demon to serve as his apprentice of sorts in butler-ing to the Phantomhive Household...and keep the three idiot servants in line.

    This RP will be mostly light hearted but will have the same tone and gothic/dark elements of the anime/manga. For example, what will happen when the stranger's belongings are teleported to the manor and Ciel and the servants try to figure out how to work a CD...using a record player!

    That sorta thing will be commonplace if anyone's interested?

    I need a Ciel and the servants can be shared between myself and the partner.

  4. Centuries after Ciel Phantomhive becomes a demon and Sebastian Michaelis is forever contracted to him, the Funtom company is still in business and has expanded to America. Ciel and Sebastian have recently relocated to the United States in the year 2017, Ciel seeks to form a business partnership with the richest man in Gotham City and owner of the Wayne Corporation: Bruce Wayne.

    Ciel soon will find his days of acting as the Queen's Watchdog to be quite useful amongst Gotham's sea of crime lords, costumed maniacs and psychopaths....and one man allying himself with the local police force who seeks to stomp out Gotham's seedy underworld.

    The roles of Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis are up for grabs, I shall handle the DC side of things for the most part! OCs are permitted!!

  5. Dengar frowned at the threat, but laughed it off quickly after. "Hahahaha! I like this kid! Even though he's got grey hair like an old man or somethin!" 

    "We deliver you to the Imperials, you get captured and then break out? The Empire will be none the wiser, and we'll be known as the ones who brought in the Empire's most wanted fugitives." Boba said, "Sounds like a plan." 

    "I advise you and the droid to stay here with your ship." Bossk instructed Hera. 

    "And why's that? You expect me to just trust you to keep your word and leave you alone with the others?" Hera protested.

    "Hera...we don't really have a choice." Kanan sighed. Dengar boarded Punishing One with Riku, much to the latter's displeasure. Ezra and Kanan went aboard Hound's Tooth with Bossk, and Sora, Zion and Xion boarded Slave I with Boba.

    They made their way to the Star Destroyer above Mustafar. The bounty hunters clasped restraints upon their 'prisoners' and led them in once the ships landed in the hangar.

    Governor Tarkin and Grand Inquisitor accompanied a squad of troopers to take the prisoners into custody. 

    "Well well, I must say I had my doubts but..you Hunters are quite efficient in your work." Tarkin praised.


    Boba nodded silently as he and the other two were handed credits. The trio of hunters soon took their leave and Riku and Sora were taken to interrogation alongside Kanan, Xion and Zion were thrown in a cell with Kairi and Ezra. Grand Inquisitor proceeded to have Sora, Riku and Kanan strapped to tables as Inquisitor focused on Kanan.

    "Where are the OTHER rebels?"

    "I know nothing..of a larger rebellion...and if I did...I wouldn't tell you." Kanan spat at Inquisitor, who merely smiled. "So noble....just like your master was. Tell me, Jedi....how did you survive Order 66? Hm?" 

    Kanan looked VERY unsettled and uncomfortable as Inquisitor continued. "It was your Master: Depa Billaba who laid down her life for yours...tell me...do you recall her last words to you? Her last...final breath? You do...don't you?" 

    Kanan was trying to block out the Inquisitor's words, "You see it in your sleep, you hear her voice in your head as you wake. What did she say to you?"

    Kanan let out the pained word: "...Run."

  6. "Uhh...kinda....me and Bossk ended up being captured by someone and held hostage together...he's not so bad once ya get used to him...I think." Ezra explained to Sora and the others.

    "Awww, Bossk you've gone soft-OW!" Dengar got smacked in the back of the head by Boba for that. "I'll forward you three some credits...AFTER you take us to Zeb and Sabine." Hera said.

    Boba nodded, "Fair enough. But we'll need to make it look like we've captured you all...that's the only way we'll get past the Imperials."

    Dengar smirked at Riku, "If ya want I can rough ya up a bit...make it look convincin'." 

    Bossk sighed.

    "Whaaat? It was a joke!" Dengar said defensively.

  7. Boba was knocked against a nearby building from the force of the Dark Firaga impact from Zion/Sione's Oathkeeper's Dusk. Dengar was hit by Xion's Fira but it had little effect on the heavily armored hunter.

    Fortunately for everyone involved, Bossk heard Xion call out the kid's name. His reptilian eyes widened as he saw Boba shaking off his injuries and aiming at Ezra's back with his blaster.

    "WAIT! Hold your fire!" Bossk shouted at Boba and Dengar as he leaped down in front of Sora and Riku.

    Ezra was helping Kanan when he saw Bossk, "Hey...I remember you!" 

    Bossk nodded with a sharp toothed smirk at Ezra, "Glad ya do....or this could've gotten real ugly..."

    "Bossk! Ye know this kid?!" Dengar said warily.

    "We helped each other escape an Imperial encampment once...here on Lothal." Bossk said.

    "Where did they send Zeb and Sabine?" Kanan asked grumpily.

    "Y'know I get the feeling we could add to our pay we got for the Lasan and girl....if they're willing to pay for the info they want." Boba said, getting to his feet.

    "You guys'd betray the Empire?" Hera asked skeptically.

    "We were never loyal to them to begin with...they were offering a large sum of money...we took the job....nothing more." Bossk replied

  8. Boba blasted the Dark Firagas into oblivion with his EE-3 carbine, a blaster bolt bouncing off of Sora's Reflect and into a wall. Upon being charged by Zion/Sione, Fett shot the rocket from his gauntlet directly at the charging Keyblader before rocketing into the air.

    "Argh! Damn witch!" Dengar swore, firing off at Xion as he staggered away. 

    Bossk peered through his scope and fired off a bolt that Sora managed to deflect, Kanan ran toward the building that Bossk was sniping at them from. 

    "Heh, not so fast!" Bossk threw a Dioxis grenade down at Kanan, enveloping him in a poisonous gas cloud. They heard him coughing before he staggered back to them and collapsed. 

    "Looks like you've got a man down..." Boba said mockingly to Zion/Sione.

  9. Suddenly Sora heard a Keyblade humming with it's lightsaber energy and a blaster bolt being blocked from going into the back of his spiky hair...by Kairi! "I"m fine Sora, you should probably pay closer attention..hehe." She teased him.

    "You get behind something, use these to see who's shooting at us." Kanan said, handing Ezra a pair of macrobinoculars. Ezra nodded and hid behind some rubble as the cantina owner ran away, yelling about his ruined business.

    As Ezra crouched behind and held the binocs up to his eyes...he felt a blaster on the back of his head and a thick Australian accent said from behind him: "Make a sound and I'll blow yer damn head off, kid." 

    Ezra gulped.

    Boba rocketed into the air and came down with a kick to Riku's head, aiming his flamethrower at Kairi and Sora to keep them from assisting their friend.

  10. "Sabine and Zeb...they've been captured!" Hera said, taking out her blaster. "C'mon, practice'll have to wait!" She said, rushing out of the Ghost's turrets with Zion and Xion.

    In the cantina, Kairi looked up as they heard a beeping. Ezra was investigating something over there, "Ezra!" Kairi shouted.

    "Thats....Sabine's explosives pack!" Ezra shouted as he grabbed the bartender. "W-what!? There's a BOMB!?" the cantina owner shouted as Ezra dragged him out. "WE HAVE TO GO!" Kanan shouted at Sora and Riku.

    Boba and Dengar watched from a nearby rooftop as Boba clicked the detonator and the cantina exploded in flames.


    "Haha! Piece of cake!" Dengar chuckled.

    "No....they're not dead." Boba said simply. "Never underestimate a Jedi..." Holding two fingers up to the side of his helmet, Boba spoke via com to Bossk. "Bossk, do you copy? Do you have a visual?" 

    "Yessss! They esscaped the trap...." Bossk hissed into his com.

    "Then this is your cue...pick them off." Boba replied.

  11. Will be able to play Xenoverse 2 from 28th. Anyone want to play with me? Or can I join a group if there is one. :P

    I'm actually kickin' butt and taking names at this game and I just got it today, It's all that muscle memory from XV 1! xD Kinda regret how I got XV1 for PS3 on a different PSN account rn though. 


    But what ticked me off was that I was like 3 cents away from being able to afford Deluxe Edition, but I had to settle for standard and wait for Season Pass in the future. 


    Anyone know if Goku Black is going to be released as DLC outside of the day 1?

  12. The animation is not as bad as a lot of people and non-fans have been touting it as, especially nowadays... well... most of the time... but seriously, if most of those screencaps you saw were mostly from episode 5, then yeah, remember that generalizations exist.


    You also missed some cool/entertaining/endearing moments by skipping around like that, especially with the tournament. Regardless of what you heard, I don't recommend just dropping yourself into any show on a random episode just because you think its the coolest. Start from the beginning, digest everything that it has to offer. You don't have to like everything, but at least give it a fair shot. 

    Yeah I'll go back and watch what I skipped for sure! :D

  13. I've been avoiding this series since I saw the screencaps of the awful animation in parts. I've recently gave it a second go and skipped the BoG and Resurrection of F retread arcs. I skipped the first bits of the Tournament since it seemed like nobody was even really making Vegeta and Goku break a sweat...I went directly to the Hit vs. Vegeta fight and HOO BOY am I glad I did!


  14. "So lemme get this straight....you guys are basically from a different dimension or somethin'?" Ezra asked skeptically. "None of that stuff you told us lines up with anything in the entire Galaxy that I know of...so either you're both crazy or you're telling the truth." Kanan said.

    Agent Kallus meanwhile, was inspecting the Lasat who he had faced in combat, now shackled and restrained before him and being guarded by a squad of stormtroopers. "It appears we were wrong to doubt the abilities of you hunters." Kallus commented, "Here." Kallus handed over the credits to Dengar for his capture of Zeb.

    "Pleasure doin' business with ya." Dengar said.

    "I wonder however....are either of you up to the task of facing Jedi?" Kallus asked as he paid Boba. 

    "How many we talking?" Boba asked.

    =The Cantina=

    Ezra and Kanan led the keybearers into the now trashed cantina. "What'd we miss?" Kairi asked, looking at the empty cantina with the blaster marks in the walls.

    The bartender nodded to them, "You both just missed it, a Lasat and Mandalorian girl tried to take on two bounty hunters...Dengar and Boba Fett no less!"

    "What!?" Kanan blurted. "Yeah, they lost...they got captured and drug off to the Imperials." 

    =On the Ghost=

    Hera chuckled nervously, "Maybe...later." 

    Hera's com rang and she picked it up, "Hey...wait what!?"

  15. "Whoa whoa whoa..what do you mean 'this world' and Nobodies? What Organization?!" Kanan questioned. Kairi looked at Sora and Riku, "This could take awhile...." 

    Hera praised Zion and Xion as they seemed to get thet hang of the turrets. "There, I knew you could do it!"

    Down the street, Zeb and Sabine were being drug off unconscious, to Dengar's ship the Punishing One and Boba's ship Slave I....completely unknown to the rest of the group.


  16. Oh I see well why would playing duscae before? It is in the game you know.

    So to be clear episode Duscae was just a demo. It will be in the beginning from the game.

    OOOOh! okay! So can you list the prequel animes or whatever then in order? I didn't know Duscae was a demo :P

  17. So I got a PS4 for birthday this previous July. Haven't had much luck finding anime-style games or RPGs. I was gonna get Samurai Warriors or Dynasty Warriors but idk what they're like. Xenoverse 2 Deluxe is DEFINITELY a must-buy for me when I get the monies on PS4. Note: I have an Xbox One currently and several more games for it than I do PS4.

    Xbox One owned:

    Lords of the Fallen

    Red Dead Redemption/Undead Nightmare


    BattleField 1

    Dark Souls I and II

    Arkham Knight

    Dead Rising 1

    Alien Isolation Collection

    Gears Of War Ultimate (and the downloadable originals like 2 and 3 and Judgement)

    Halo MC collection

    GTA 5

    PS4 owned:

    So far I have Black Ops 3 which came with Ps4.

    Destiny: Taken King edition.

    Sword Art Online re: Hollow Fragment

    SAO: Lost Song


    Gravity Rush remastered

    Gods Eater Resurrection 

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