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    DxBEATLESxD reacted to Mysterious Figure in Kingdom Hearts VR Experience revealed at the PlayStation LineUp Tour in Japan   
    I wonder what key information this canon VR exclusive game will have.
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    DxBEATLESxD reacted to The Transcendent Key in "Stories Connecting to Kingdom Hearts III" Memorial leaflets and ring notebooks to be distributed via lottery   
    Thanks for showing this to us, Aquaberry!
    Dang, these are all amazing leaflets and ring notebooks! I love how the campaigning and promoting for Kingdom Hearts III is going, it's pretty dang insane! I'm really digging it! It sucks that all this aggressive marketing is more towards the Japanese side of the fandom as opposed to the rest of the world!
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    DxBEATLESxD reacted to AwesomeKHfan in New trailer for Kingdom Hearts III shown at Kingdom Hearts Orchestra in Los Angeles   
    Really disappointed how they did this I just woke up in the morning to find a twitter post that says KH3 will release in January but the trailer was not made public yet… Come on what was the point dear God what a firetrucking disappointment.
    Atleast we see more trailers at E3.
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    DxBEATLESxD reacted to blue490246 in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX exclusive pre-order bonus from GAME stores in Europe   
    once again, NA gets the short end of the stick... as i said before, even a postcard with a recycled piece of art on thick paper would suffice over the lousy pin we're getting. I always feel like the meetings they have to determine who gets what is like them playing poker in a back room or smtg and clearly, our NA rep lost big time lol
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    DxBEATLESxD reacted to Sakuraba Neku in A Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX Limited Edition has been announced   
    Those pins must be selling well (or maybe it's because they are just cheap), because I can't still understand how people would rather that than a artbook. It's like the third time they gave us a pin?!
    I want an artbook!
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    DxBEATLESxD reacted to Felixx in A Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX Limited Edition has been announced   
    What am I supposed to do with those pins... They really could add something more useful.
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    DxBEATLESxD got a reaction from HikariYami in Kingdom Hearts Collector's Edition lasting a week?   
    Do you guys think that the collectors edition of kingdom hearts 2.5 will last a week with its "limited quantities"?
    The story behind this question is that i really want to buy the collector's edition but i dont get paid until a week from now, i worry thathe "limited quantities" might be REALLY limited and in a week they'll run out of stock for it. Am i getting worrying over nothing? or am i in trouble?
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    DxBEATLESxD got a reaction from BlueKeyblade in So...Proud Mode...   
    I agree that proud mode in kingdom hearts 1 was i died soooo many times in that. God the hours i threw in that game.
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    DxBEATLESxD got a reaction from Forever in Foretellers are in Twilight Town?!   
    That be a pretty cool little mini plot twist if uncornis was with them the whole time as diz or something. Thats a nice theory i never thought of that
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    DxBEATLESxD got a reaction from soranjaxx in Mature Sora   
    I actually wouldn't want to see sora get more mature unless something big happens such as a death or a loss, something to bring him down and make him realize its not a game anymore.
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    DxBEATLESxD got a reaction from sneurfje in is Eraqus Terras father?   
    Im pretty sure terra talked about eraqus like a father figure not a father itself, but man wouldnt that be a plot twist.
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    DxBEATLESxD got a reaction from Kittenz in Will Kairi get Namine's memories?   
    Im pretty sure that would happen because if it did it would just add another layer of mindfiretruck in the kingdom hearts series and we all know we dont need another layer of that
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    DxBEATLESxD got a reaction from Forever in Keyblades of Darkness in KH3?   
    It would be awesome if the other 13 darknesses got keyblade it there would be the coolest battles ever in the kingdom hearts series cant you imagine xemnas and ansem vs riku and sora in a 2 vs 2 keyblade fight!?
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    DxBEATLESxD got a reaction from liamaru in how much did you like kingdom hearts chain of memories?   
    I didnt like the combat but i liked the story a lot, it was completely new and no one expected that much of story to the game.
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    DxBEATLESxD got a reaction from Andrew Rowland in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX to release on December 2 in North America, December 5 in Europe   
    As much as this annoys me i just really hope kingdom hearts 3 comes out worldwide because if it dosent i know ill be spoiled by some asshole on youtube or something. If they just release the damn game worldwide then everyone would know that they at least care for other fans other than their Japanese fans.
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    DxBEATLESxD got a reaction from way-to-the-dawn-wielder in #SquareBeFair? Fan response to the different exclusives that will reach japan versus the rest of the world   
    I think the real reason that people are mad is because since sqaure enix is only giving us a pin and that japan gets a earlier release date people worry that they will do the same for kingdom hearts 3! I really hope they dont do that it would be a VERY smart move if they release it worldwide.
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    DxBEATLESxD got a reaction from TheFrozenNobody in Plot Twistes   
    It turns out that sora is the bad guy being mind controlled by yen sid xehanort new this all along and tried to free sora by being the bad guy, making him stronger slowly to overcome the mind control.
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    DxBEATLESxD got a reaction from Zeldablade7#9650 in The Little Mermaid world is pointless in kh2   
    Even if the battle was entertaining to some, i thought it was pretty annoying going to that world and freaking singing when the real objective was to kill heartless and nobodies in the other worlds. Also completely not useful to the story.
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