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  1. Yea i was hoping that something similar to a 1000 Heartless battle would occur in KH3
  2. I personally liked the quick clip of Terra-Nort against the Lingering Will
  3. Honestly, I'm happy with the current information on Kingdom Hearts 3. So having any additional information such as Ven's awakening or Aqua's fate reduce some of the curiosity that would be experienced while playing the actual game.
  4. Kab4002

    What KH3 world looks the most fun so far?

    Pirates of the Caribbean world. Really excited for that boss battle that was shown during the pirates trailer!
  5. Mango, maybe pineapple
  6. Cavern of Remembrance soundtrack is good
  7. Kab4002

    What's your plan for this Summer?

    It's Winter over here.
  8. Kab4002

    Who's power from Big Hero 6 do you want the most?

    Baymax's Healing, strength and flying. That would be so good
  9. Kab4002

    How much have you spent on Unchained χ?

    If you save Jewels, use them right and have good luck you wont need to buy them.
  10. Kab4002

    EB Expo 2016- Australia

    Ok thanks, I will be there friday twilight session (4PM-9PM)
  11. I am attending the EB Games Expo 2016 in Australia (which takes place at the end of this month). I was wondering if they are gonna have a kingdom hearts 0.2 demo set up. Anyone know?
  12. Toy Story How to Train your dragon Coraline Wall-E
  13. Kab4002

    I screwed up in Mass Effect 3 - I wanna cry

    I played all the Mass effects including 3. I chose the synthesis ending where synthetics and living things mash their DNA. I tried all the endings found my favorite were control and synthesis. I tried when i shot the kid it screwed the hope of defeating the reapers. I think they put that ending in when people complained about the endings being lack luster.
  14. I finally went to go exchange my kh 1.5 they delivered the day after i told them it didn't work :D