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About Me

Hi all and welcome to my profile !


Well i'm not very good to speak about me then ill try my best .About me,i can tell you i'm a shy guy in public but i'm not with my friends. I'm french, still in hight school (for last year i hope xD)

I think i'm open minded, and i hate bully and all these behavior, i want to believe we can all get fun together xD

I dont like maths :

I love english, manga and video games ! I also like to draw.


And as you can guess i'm fan of the KH series(favourite character Roxas of course he's the best!)


I'm a huge fan of final fantasy too ! Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is just a masterpiece , Vanille you rock !

Skyrim player here!

I'm a LOL player too (if you want duo with me one day just ask :) )


Don't hesitate to talk with me i'm often here and it will be a pleasure to share time with you  :D




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