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  1. Kimberley Coehoorn

    Do you make art?

    I draw. Mostly manga but I can do portraits and such as well. I post most of my KH Art here and made artwork for many KH youtubers such as HMK, Skywardwing, EdoninjastormHD and Xtuzia. I prefer making traditional art with water colors and pencils recently so I don't post as much as I used to
  2. Kimberley Coehoorn

    You're at an amusement park. What do you ride first?

    The biggest and baddest mostly, I'm not afraid of anything. Though anything spinning makes me sick and I cannot get on some of those extreme rides if your legs are hanging because my left leg is paralyzed and I wouldn't want it to end up in my neck or something.
  3. Kimberley Coehoorn

    Which of the upcoming consoles will you buy?

    Depends on how good and how expensive the new consoles will be. I might pick up the NX if it's something that interests me because of the Nintendo exclusives, but otherwise I'll just pick up a Wii u on sale.
  4. Kimberley Coehoorn

    What is your favorite summer refreshment?

    In Amsterdam there's this ice cream with whipped cream mixed around it...ITS SOOO GOOD.
  5. Kimberley Coehoorn

    What is your favorite in-game Kingdom Hearts collectible?

    I collect all of them but I don't like it that much...I'd rather collect stuff like concept art or music pieces.
  6. Kimberley Coehoorn

    Who's your favorite Uncharted character?

    This man knows what's up.Chloe is so much more cooler than Elena.
  7. Kimberley Coehoorn

    What's your favorite breakfast food?

    How can you guys eat this in the morning?! In my country it is normal to eat a biscuit or some bread with coffee or tea. But I hate breakfast so I just drink something liquid like hot chocolate milk or tea.
  8. Kimberley Coehoorn

    What are your thoughts about Gargoyles being in Kingdom Hearts?

    Don't know it so I wouldnt want it
  9. Kimberley Coehoorn

    How often do you smile?

    I smile a lot, but I don't really mean it. Just to keep up appearances. I'm just not a very smiley person.
  10. Kimberley Coehoorn

    Do you think future Kingdom Hearts games should have minigames?

    I don't really mind them, but I hate it when there are there damn impossible mini games that are required to get certain trophies. I hate those. So if they are optional it's okay. Some are actually a lot of fun.
  11. I don't care...the games were not great to begin with, so the movie versions are fine.
  12. I voted for: *Yoko Shimomura: Kingdom hearts *Yuki Kajiura: Fate/Zero *Nobuo Uematsu: Final Fantasy
  13. Kimberley Coehoorn

    Who is your favorite member of Organization XIII?

    Zexion. He looks emo and likes books.