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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Okay, hear me out. I know it's been a rocky couple months post KH3 release and people are divided on it. But...I think it would be a great idea to maybe...flood twitter with a big THANK YOU to the KH team for 17 years(!!) of giving so many people-all of us- such a great and wild ride. I've seen and read so many fan KH stories about how the series affected them, how they grew up with it, how it brought them joy or hope or fun or connection or solice or light in the darkness over the years. How they found community, friends, spouses, or passions through the fandom. How they feel now that even though KH is far from done, KH3- the end of the Dark Seeker Saga-felt like a bookend on their childhoods. The joy, the melancholy, the strange feeling they cannot identify from this huge part of their lives that they followed, talked and speculated over for so many years now being over. And how they look to the future, and cant wait to see what happens next. There have been ups and downs, highs and lows over the years. Flame wars, hype, discussion and discovery and lining all the pieces up. And now that we stand here at an end that for so long looked like it would never come, and I go back and replay those old games, listen to that music, read those novels so long awaited, I look back at that team who made it all, all those names in the credits and just want to say THANK YOU! I want them all to know and feel how glad and proud of them I and so many others are for their hard work. But, I'm only one voice in a see of millions of fans and I know that my voice alone wouldnt reach them. So, KH fandom, if you'd be so kind, would you help me to bring our thanks to the KH team? Through art, or screenshots of your KHUX Chibi, whatever you'd like even if it's just in text will you please help me make this a thing big enough that they would see it and respond? We'd need a Hashtag for it so lets go with this, #ThankYouKHTeam Please spread this idea everywhere if you like it!! And even if this goes no where, if this is nothing but a shout into the void, I can at least say I tried. 😄 But I really think this would be such an awesome Fandom wide project/thing to do and follow. Thanks for reading this far! He's to the next 17 years! Cheers!
  2. I've noticed a lot of people talking about wanting a Days remake on twitter and other places and I think it ought to have a hashtag. Or a place to talk about it, or even just a place for Days fans to share stuff specifically about it. Because there seem to be a lot of people talking about it but we're all scattered arround. It'd be cool if it was all in one place. Anyone got any ideas? I think #RemakeDays is simple enough, but if anyone has any clever ideas for one that'd be cool. And no, I dont care if it's unlikely the game will get a remake. It'd still be nice to have a place to talk about Days for Days fans.
  3. I dont think equating adding grittiness/graphic/violent/cursing ect content into the game to the game being more "mature" is the correct way to look at it. Those things arent intrinsic to anything being more mature in nature it just means they have those things in it. Maturity is more in it's themes, messages, characters and their arcs and ect. Not in how dark or gritty the content or graphics or whats visually on scene. Take something like Avatar TLA, or Korra which is similar in the vein of KH in being geared towards a younger demographics but is still deals with incredibly mature themes. I would actually argue that KH3 and KH in general, despite being targeted for younger people is actually very mature. Even if its not graphic, it deals with things like: loss, betrayal, treason, death of friends in a physical sense and death of friendships, the melancholy and cold feeling of people growing apart as they grow up, loss of innocence and the challenging of optimism in the face of extreme circumstances and so much more. Those are very mature themes and arcs that these characters go through, without the need to be graphic. Sora stabbing himself and turning to light in HB to save Kairi, Xion fading to crystal in Roxas arms, Axel fading away into dark mist, Demyx screaming in anguish as he fades away (or in the manga where he looks right at Sora and crying says, "I...don't want to fade away...Roxas...") all of those have so much impact even though they are more cartoonish than graphic and are handled with a lot of maturity. And Soras journey from KH1 to KH3 also shows his maturing. He gets angry, he breaks down, he gets confronted with a world and situations that requires more than a cheery smile and hope to overcome. His optimism, his positivity his willingness to accept and encourage even fails him when talking to Vanitas in the KG, and we see him desperately trying to convince Vanitas and have that optimistic nature overcome the darkness. We see him fail to convince Repliku that he is his own person, and he sees that you can be so full of light, offer that to others and in the end it not work. It not save or convince someone. That is a very mature theme, a realistic and grown up theme. So no, I dont think KH would be better if it were more 'mature' by adding blood, gore, graphic violence, cussing or more intense dialogue. Sometimes it does get cheesy like saying 'hurt' a million times in Coded, or not saying the word kill (instead saying annihilated, or end their life) but I dont really think it suffers for those things because of everything else in the series.
  4. And i dont mean a KH3 style remake, maybe bring it up to look like KH2 or BBS and put it on the switch or something. The game structure is unchanged just like in other FMs- we're just adding stuff. So, what would you want? I'd like extra cutscenes between Axel and Saix, mayhe flashbacks to when they first joined or their time before being a nobody and encoutering X. Maybe even have more time with Axel, or more reports be unlockable from what he was thinking at the time with Roxas looking like Ven and ect. I'd also like Roxas and Xion to have more missions together and more dialogue between the two. Like have missions to some worlds where he originally went alone be with her and they have more conversations or something. Same with other Org members. Now that we know what they are, I'd like hints of it in their dialogue in these interactions. Or at least have us get to know them and flesh them out a little better. Maybe even have a new world or two like with Pinocchio. There were plans to have that included. Secret bosses! And how cool would it be to give it a secret movie? One that gave us a hint at Xigbars identity, or the KHUX connections between Axel and Saix or Xemnas plan with the ancient keybares or something? What would you want to see?
  5. I've been on reddit over the last month talking to new fans who were either introduced to the series through KH3 and want to talk to fans about previous games, or are even going back after playing 3 and starting the series over because they liked 3 so much. They are out there and I love talking with them and try to be super encouraging and welcoming because some people do hate on them for starting with the ending even though it got them interested. And I think it's really important to field their questions and catch them up on lore and history and background things that have long gone into unspoken understanding in the fandom because they've been talked about so much. Because they are us older fans in like the late 2000s right now (minus the waiting for kh3) and it's really obvious they wanna talk and fanboy/girl out about stuff with other fans. Even if it's old hat for us, it's really cool to see people coming into it for the first time. And it's up to us older fans to make the community welcoming because they never got that exp we did when we came into it. They didnt get to nerd out with other people and speculate and talk about it all like we did when it all came out. So here they are doing it now and even though a lot of the gaps are filled I can still see that excitement in the new fans that we had back then when it was new to us. And I hope people dont squash it and ruin it for them. It's actually really cool to see people talking about stuff that hasnt been on the forums in years from these new fans because we already talked it all out.
  6. Demyx name can only be one of a few possibilities since there are so few letters left. But I think these could be likely: Myde, Dyme, or Edym. (MY-DEE, dime, or ED-eem) Luxords I am so curious because I mean, theres not a lot they can combine to make a sensical name. His is gonna be weird. Ludor is what I've got my money on because it actually sound like a name. But I guess others are Rould, Uoldr, Oludr, Dulor. Cant think of any others that sound like names for him
  7. Probably because a lot of the fandom was still adolescents back then! Lol! Fan art and fanfic in general has grown up alot mostly because the fans have grown ul. Its weird to think back to or even see old art before things like memes were a thing when we were all still going through the cringy fandom phase! 🤣 My favorites were the Xemnas and Xigbar reports comic. It was very funny and i still find scans of it randomly floating arround out there
  8. ....ok so I was on pinterest the other day and i saw this picture of of a boy with red and blonde hair and a name came to mind I havent thought of in probably a decade. Any one remember Roxel? Oh god just typing that name brings back such cringe from my adolescence. He was a fan art character from way back that was a fusion of Axel and Roxas. And he was EVERYWHERE for a while there used to be a lot of art for him back in the day. I dont even remember where he came from but dear god I completely forgot about him. I dont know when he fizzled out as a concept but I'm now filled with a desire to go find more of him just so see what I find. Anyone else remember him? I know there was also a Riku and Sora version of him but I dont recal his name.
  9. Scorbunny for now but Sobble is reaaly close second. I think it'll come down to their final designs for me in the end. Not a huge fan of grookey. Just dont like the design.
  10. Can we have a thread dedicated as a place to post any lucky emblems you find in real life? I love how this has become a thing with everyone.
  11. I dont really count 100 AW as a world because it was just a place to do minigames. There wasnt anything else there. Arendelle was the worst for me. There was so much potential and it just dropped the ball.
  12. Okay so, maybe this has already been talked about but you know how MX says that the 'X' is an ancient letter that symbolizes death and endings right? Though if you look into it, you see that letter, pronounced that way is from ancient greek. But you'll also see that it doesnt symbolize death or endings in ancient greek. That sybolism actually belongs to the greek letter Theta (which looks like a 0 with a line in it.). This symbolism was to the point where theta is comparable to our skull and crossbones today. So when I discovered this I was kinda confused and thought, "Well who says he's even refering to our worlds ancient languages anyways" But I also discovered something else about 'X' and it kinda blew my mind. "In Plato's Timaeus, it is explained that the two bands that form the soul of the world cross each other like the letter Χ." (A Timaeus btw is just one of "Plato's dialogues, mostly in the form of a long monologue given by the title character Timaeus of Locri, written c. 360 BC. The work puts forward speculation on the nature of the physical world and human beings") I find this really interesting that if 'X' doesnt symbolize death, that plato symbolism is still really interesting to put on the X as we see it in the series. Just thought I'd share
  13. Okay, now I acknowledge that i am very behind on the story of UX but I was just wondering if the meaning behind Chirithys name was ever sussed out. I mean, with how important names have been in this series theres gotta be something behind it right? And with the whole "X/kye/key/chi" thing theres gotta be something there right?
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