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  1. Ever since Spirited Away, I loved dragons like Haku. They're so cool to draw and I used to have a character turn into one... until it messed with my mental health (it was a very dark story). Phoenixes and Griffons are tied for second though ^-^
  2. I could see Sora being a playable character and a spirit would probably be Riku or ironically a Dream Eater XD I'm not sure if Disney would allow any of their stages to pop up so probably Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion or The World That Never Was... that's all I can imagine XD
  3. I'm so sorry to hear that the game glitched out and deleted KH2 completely. I'd just play through it again like what KH4Real said. It's a shame that you were so close to finishing though... I haven't heard of a glitch like that.
  4. I love watching the lets plays for a bunch of these on Game Grumps if that counts XDXD Though playing it I'd probably say Sonic Heroes as my personal favorite. While it's not the greatest, it's still a lot of fun to play.
  5. I'm stuck between Wolverine and Night Crawler being my favorites XD
  6. I'd love to hang out with the Sea Salt trio, they'd be a lot of fun to be around. Though if I wanted to do something out of the blue weird, I'd probably hang with Ven and Sora XD Knowing them they'd probably join me... until Riku stops us... or Terra... XD
  7. It all should be on YouTube plus Final Mix is all of the extras, what are you finding confusing/missing?
  8. Both Roxas and Lea, I've been through similar situations with them and also can pull off a Roxas look as well XD
  9. I'm almost done with Kingdom Hearts 3 I think... I got back on it a while back after everything settled and I'm just about to go into Big Hero 6 world... I wish I can play now cause I'm super excited about Big Hero 6 but I gotta wait until I move into my summer dorm :P.

  10. Coolio ^-^ I'll have him affiliate with Ignis and have him search for why Vivifica is doing what they're doing still but within the Court if that makes it easier for the both of us XD And if there's anything else that needs to be changed I'm open to trying it, just let me know ^-^ I'm quite flexible.
  11. Sounds like fun... though I have zero experience role playing though XD But I shall try at the very least Name: Ephraim MyreiAge: 24-26Gender: MaleAppearance: Light maroon armor with red accented gear patterns on the shirt and pants, brown trench coat with a large hood; White hair that's long on top (parted to the left) and held back in a low ponytail; warm black shirt underneath armor along with dark brown trousers; black knee-high boots (very worn); typically uses a short sword to fight, doesn't like to use magic a whole lot but can use when necessary. Mute red eyes, glows a brighter red when fire is used or emotions are high. Enhanced by fire, though he can't always control it so it singes his clothing at times. Wears a Court affiliation (if any): IgnisWeapons: Short sword, knives, crossbow if he remembers it. His powers aren't 100% under his control, he sticks more so with heating his sword up or making his arrows on fire. He knows very little of fire spells but he can make himself warmer. Does a bit of tinkering from time to time, his knives were modified by him in his spare time. Magic: Fire mostlyPersonality: Curious, always wanting to do the right thing, a bit reserved but will speak out against something wrong. Cautious but occasionally will do something reckless (becomes more apparent when he's wanting to do something right). When he believes in something, he sticks with it until someone or something shatters his view. Ephraim is still innocent in a way he thinks, still quite black and white which leads him to some trouble with the world around him. Sweet person, though you question sometimes how he doesn't know things sometimes.Background: Grew up in Ignis, training to be a mage to protect the Court he loves dearly. He trains most of his life, until he was tasked to spy on one of his closest friend, Alix. He made a pact with her that they'd become mages together. They trained together under the same mentor and are sometimes joked that they were practically brother and sister. However when Alix left one night mysteriously, Ephraim became suspicious. He realized that night that she was actually spying on the Ignis Court for Vivifica, he is told things about Ignis that makes him doubt the Court he held so proudly. He leaves the Court in turn to find the truth about Regalia and Vivifica's reasoning. He still searches for Alix to seek why she did what she did and who is truly the bad guy. He tries to hide his powers after leaving his training, keeping his search hidden unless if people want to join him. I can draw up what he looks like as well if it helps as well I'm willing to change something if something can't work at all as well
  12. Sora's mother From the top of my head, probably the protagonist's mom from Pokemon Moon. I really like her character and seems like an amazing mom.
  13. I'd love to see a Zelda movie, but I wouldn't mind a Metroid movie as well. There's actually a Animal Crossing movie already out, called Animal Crossing: The Movie... it'd be nice to have it dubbed, or just another movie about Animal Crossing as well XD
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