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Hello there! I'm EchoFox23*, a strange Nobody who lurks around here.

I'm an animator at a university who specializes in 2D animation (3D is cool as well ^-^). Ever since I saw a commercial for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Re: Coded, and Birth By Sleep aaand saw that Mickey was in Kingdom Hearts, I fell in love with the series. Starting with 358/2 Days, the first game I tackled other difficulties for since it was the only game that contained other difficulties. Besides Kingdom Hearts, I love me some anime, video games, manga, movies, a lot of cartoons and stuff like that. I'm a huge Metal Gear fan, with 2 being my favorite of the bunch. I love Bungo Stray Dogs, currently reading through it but I hope to someday get to the anime... but I suck at watching shows XD. 


If you ever want to chat about anything or need a good listener, let me know ^-^ I'm not always on here anymore, but I do lurk... :3:3:3

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