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  1. Everyday, I succumb to the Akechi fandom side of Persona 5... even though he's a dick I can't help loving him... h e l p

  2. EchoFox23*

    Who is your Super Smash Bros. main?

    Cloud, Snake (for Brawl), and Kirby. Usually Kirby for the most part for the air down b move

  4. EchoFox23*

    Are you getting the KH3 PS4?

    I already got a PS4 and rather not buy another XD. It looks really pretty but I just want to get the game at this point
  5. EchoFox23*

    What Black Friday deals did you score?

    I got some books and a few other things but they weren't totally great... just 20% off entire purchase. Except the CD which was 40% off that was nice...
  6. I'd love to see Xenoblade Chronicles 1 get an anime adaptation, or a mini series or manga. It could easily adapt to any format, the only problem would be the details to the characters which there is a lot. But it's not impossible for it to still happen. Besides it'd be freaking awesome to see Xord in all of his glory XD
  7. Recently, I've been showing my friends Goro Akechi from Persona 5 and with little information they know they like him the best... *laughs in the distance, all knowing what happens*

  8. I did my final speech for a required speech class, it was a group project for a movie and our professor said to us that it was the best speech she's ever seen... I'm still in shock considering I mostly improvised my lines XDXD

  9. EchoFox23*

    It's Back......

    I guess you can say that you overreacted... I'll walk myself out.
  10. EchoFox23*

    It’s Been A Long Time

    I was here technically five years ago XD Though I didn't do much other than lurk... Welcome back ^-^
  11. When you begin to see your personality/life interwoven with your OCs and you begin to suspect that you may need to take care of yourself more...

  12. AHHHHH New layout ahhhh!!!

  13. For fictional, you have freedom to make them relatable however you please. There's no real limit to how you have your characters grow. As for nonfiction, you're a bit more limited to what you can do to make them true to their real life counterparts. If you start to delve into something that's out of character for the real life person, people will be upset. But at the same time it's difficult to capture someone's life without knowing them on a deep personal level, but even then that doesn't capture them truly. So basically you have more freedom to flesh out characters in fiction while in nonfiction it's difficult to capture what they truly were while making them an interesting person to relate to. This is what I've noticed between the two, I usually enjoy fiction more cause I like escaping to another world and that's about it
  14. EchoFox23*

    Additional Symbolism in Box Art

    I'd laugh so hard if the Master of Masters just turned out to be watching everyone as a cat Or is one O-o