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Status Updates posted by EchoFox23*

  1. According to my manager, I shall be transferring my summer job into a part time job for the fall semester ^-^ I'm really like the job so far, it's been a lot of fun being a custodian in the dorm rooms (it's actually not too bad cleaning by myself besides the manager helping out). Now I don't have to learn anything new or deal with customers anymore! Though I did enjoy working at the cafeteria just for the workers alone, they were awesome.

  2. When a book is so good that you not only finish it under 4 days, but make a meme to your friend who recommended it to you... I need to sleep on the fact I finished a book during that time and made a meme because of that book... help my friend aborted ship to watch me die of a book... help

  3. I try to avoid peeps cause I'm peeped out from the abundance of peeps recently, but I'm always luring someone with me and I cannot avoid family/cousins/everyone... even when I wear socks that say "zero foxes given" they won't leave me beeee.... ahhhhhh introvert needs introverting!

    1. EchoFox23*


      I cannot avoid tiny cousins/nephews... they're everywhere O  _   O

  4. I got a manga a while back that was only in Japanese and pretty much just liked the artwork. Apparently it's called Princess Princess and it's basically about three guys cross dressing in an all guy school... I'm already digging this idea a lot XD It'll be great practice for when I'm learning Japanese again... though it'll be a long time before I can actually read it but still XD

  5. i had way too much fun listening to devil trigger while driving yesterday... no one got hurt but i found myself quoting dante a lot... it was crazy fun and i'm glad no one else was in the car XDXD

  6. I'm almost done with Kingdom Hearts 3 I think... I got back on it a while back after everything settled and I'm just about to go into Big Hero 6 world... I wish I can play now cause I'm super excited about Big Hero 6 but I gotta wait until I move into my summer dorm :P.

  7. I'm in my Devil May Cry phase, featuring Dante from Devil May Cry (oh and uh Demi-Fiend from Nocturne *pats head of protagonist of SMT3*)

  8. For a while I was bummed about Pinterest not working on my desktop (it shows up as an error, though I can easily access it fine on my phone), but now I'm slowly getting off of it which kind of makes me happy. I spent too much time on there anyways XD

  9. Didn't get in to Pixar, kind of had it coming to be honest. Ah well, less stress about moving to CA... though I still have to figure out my living situation for the summer...

  10. For a long time I felt uncomfortable being a girl but it feels good to admit it that I'm happy to be one now. Was born as one going to stay as one ^-^

  11. Welp, I've applied for an internship with Pixar... wish me luck :3

  12. After looking around... I'm just going to take a break from Kingdom Hearts III... not saying I'm taking time off heck no. I'm just not going to play it until it calms down spoiler wise. Not really because of the reviews, rather the spoilers I come across. Granted it's on my part being on the internet (not denying that), I'm just getting frustrated by not getting through the story fast enough and being tempted to look at stuff. I'm definitely staying on here and doing my job don't get me wrong. I guess I'm saying I'm not going to be forcing myself to get through a story to see the ending only. I want to enjoy it and if it means taking a break until I feel less pressure to do so, then that'll be it ^-^

  13. At this point in time, I don't care about being spoiled the KH3 secret ending anymore... I got a jist of what happens... Kind of sucks that I know but at least I don't know anything else so I'm cool with that...

  14. When you want to participate more in the KH3 topics but you're not done with the game yet T-T

  15. I did not know that bots would post in already made topics instead of making new topics... huh...

    1. HarLea Quinn

      HarLea Quinn

      yup they do lol and they like to make status's too. lol

  16. I'm really going to have to find all of the Lucky Emblems now for that secret ending :3. I haven't gotten too far in the game, but I heard that's how you get it. At least it lets you know if there's one in sight.

  17. *impatiently waits for Friday to come for my game to come in*

  18. I await for Kingdom Hearts 3 :3 Preparing for everything... even if it'll be a bit XD

  19. I combined Sanctuary and Face My Fears together and they flow so good together, it makes me fangirl a bit XD

  20. *Sees top ten psychology experiment fails article*

    Me: Oooo! This looks fun to read!


    Me: Oof... was not expecting that.

  21. There's a Death Note musical in Japan, and it's kind of good actually XD Especially the last song, no joke it sounds awesome XD

  22. I have pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts 3 :3. While I wouldn't be able to play it as much when I get it (cause I'll be at school), I cannot wait for it to come ^-^


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