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    EchoFox23* reacted to Dagesh Lene in Do you think nomora will save Kairi/give her shine in the next saga   
    I don't think Kairi needs fixing.  I just think her character development needs to continue.  To me, how she has been used so far has made sense, even in Kingdom Hearts III.  While she wasn't handled perfectly in Kingdom Hearts III, I don't think she was handled poorly.  In fact, considering she only just learned how to use the Keyblade and was immediately thrown into a war, I think she did pretty well.  Since Kairi expressed a desire to no longer wait on the sidelines, I'm sure we will get to see her grow as a Keyblade wielder, which means she will not remain a rookie for very long.  However, if Kairi goes back to waiting on sidelines and not trying to contribute, then I will be upset.  I doubt that will happen though.  And so, assuming her development continues, I can't wait to see her become the talented Keyblade wielder we all want her to be.
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    EchoFox23* got a reaction from littleTSUBAME in Who Is Your Favorite Phantom Thieves Member?   
    I love everyone in the Phantom Thieves gang, including Akechi even XD But out of them all I have to support my gorl Futaba. I relate a lot to her on a lot of levels. Both of us are shy, nerdy, glasses, and dealt with loss and isolation (or something on the lines of that). Someday I'd love to cosplay as her for fun ^-^
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    EchoFox23* reacted to littleTSUBAME in Do you think nomora will save Kairi/give her shine in the next saga   
    I hope he will do more things with Kairi, but we’ll see... if it doesn’t fit into what he has planned, then I doubt he’ll make her have a more central role.
    But KH3 kinda gives me hope. Although Kairi wasn’t that active and didn’t get too much developement, she was still way more involved than before (I mean she was involved in KH1, but also spent most of the time in a coma). So maybe there is a little hope?
    It would be neat if Kairi would be involved in some sort of Sora rescue mission that we might (or might not, maybe Sora makes it back by himself) be getting following the ending of KH3.
    I like keeping my expectations low, though. Just in case.
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Allwil13 in What features do you hope the PS5 will have?   
    As long as it's affordable early on and runs well, I don't really care. PS1, PS2 and PS3 backwards compatibility would be amazing, though.
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Fates Chance XIII in XEHANORTS STOPZA I JUST NOTICED!!   
    Maybe I'm just slow and everyone else has noticed this but when Xehanort casts Stopza, the numbers on the clock are the same symbols from the floor of Scala.

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    EchoFox23* reacted to 2 quid is good in What features do you hope the PS5 will have?   
    I think the most annoying part is that the ps4, and probably the ps5 too, will definitely be able to emulate ps3/2/1 games because we can buy them on psn. Yet Sony will never let the discs be "compatible" because they want to sell them again and again and again.
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Green Sparrow in What features do you hope the PS5 will have?   
    Backwards compatibility with PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 would be amazing! I'd almost say a Day 1 purchase from me. The other options are meh.

    Affordable price: Sure I'd rather pay less than more, but at that point I'd prefer it to be free lol
    4k Blue-ray support: PS4 can already do that, plus you'd need a TV (and games) that support the 4k to even matter.
    Able to hit a stable 60 fps: EVERY game console in the past 20 years can achieve stable 60 fps, the game developers choose not to do it.
    Cross play: Sony is already eating crow for this mess up. I'm sure they'll turn it around in time for the PS5.
    Better controller battery life: I've never had this issue, but that type of thing just naturally improves over time with each generation.

    Just like with every generation, I don't care about the machine itself, just give me the games!

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    EchoFox23* reacted to 2 quid is good in What features do you hope the PS5 will have?   
    Complete and total backwards compatibility. I couldn't really care about the rest.
    Also free online psn
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    EchoFox23* reacted to littleTSUBAME in What features do you hope the PS5 will have?   
    Backwards compatibility woud be super cool, not gonna lie (especially if it includes ps2&ps1. my ps2 is getting old and idk how long it’ll last).
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    EchoFox23* reacted to The Transcendent Key in What Lies Ahead For The Future?   
    Hey there everyone, how's it going!?
    Boy, has it been a while since I made a topic here! But well, considering that we've all played Kingdom Hearts III by now and now that we have a slew of new things to dissect and analyze upon, I wanted to make this topic to discuss about what's in store next for the future of the series! 
    After the Epilogue and Secret Movie of the game, and throughout the course of the game as well, it was evident that "The Lost Masters" would be something that would channel into the next saga, since Union X is basically setting up what comes next! Now, my question here is, now that Xehanort is done for, I wonder what's in store for Luxu and the Master Of Masters and the rest of the Foretellers? And what of Ava's fate? Is she the mystery girl that Lea and Isa are trying to save? Or is she simply the only Foreteller that wasn't able to come back? And what is the ambition of the Master Of Masters? Does he seek Kingdom Hearts for ultimate power? Or is he simply doing all of this out of a sheer sense of fun? There's no telling because of the way he acts! What is clear is that these characters will be very important in the next saga, so I'm intrigued to see where the series will go from here!
    What do you all think? What would you think would be the next step in the series?
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    EchoFox23* got a reaction from Alicia Maddox in Old Fandom Stuff   
    I miss Saixpuppy to be honest XD That was my first encounter with it when I was in Kingdom Hearts fandom. I think I found it here... I remember looking up memes here thanks to Google Images. I didn't watch Demyx Time though, heard tidbits about it but I think I only watched one episode for funsies...
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Mystics Apprentice in Romance in the Kingdom Hearts series   
    I do not feel that romance has a very large place in the Kingdom Hearts series.  If anything, it's refreshing to see a teenage boy and girl be close friends and care for each other without having to add the romantic aspect to it.  I like the fact that Kingdom Hearts is strongly about friendship, and it teaches that you can have close bonds without having to be romantically involved.  Don't get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of romance and I enjoy a great romance story along with romance when it is found in some series, but do I see it being necessary in KH?  Not particularly.  I'm also not sold on the canon aspect of Sora and Kairi's relationship.  @Allwil13 made an excellent point that the Paopu fruit may keep two people in each other's lives in a platonic way, not necessarily romantic.  I sort of got this vibe from KH3 myself, though there was certainly plenty of room to infer a romantic relationship if one wanted to.
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    EchoFox23* reacted to SweetYetSalty in Romance in the Kingdom Hearts series   
    Shipping is cute for fanart and stuff, but to be honest I don't want any of them to be canon in the game. I want to focus on friendship over romance in Kingdom Hearts. This allows the boys and girls to interact with one another without the restrictions of a relationship holding them back. Sora and Kairi are the closest thing to a "relationship" and even now it's still vague so Sora can hang out with Rapunzel or other girls. I hope they keep the focus on friendship in the series and leave the romance to the imagination of fans. I've always preferred friendship stories over romance ones in fiction anyway.
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    EchoFox23* reacted to ocean's rage in Romance in the Kingdom Hearts series   
    fans do get a bit obsessive with ships, i suppose its not necessary for the story but it would be interesting to see how the relationships would evolve 
    though to be fair romance is in the series, just mostly with the non original characters 
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Allwil13 in Older audiences   
    Yeah, Disney's gotten really weird with using the word "kill" in recent years. And I agree, Kingdom Hearts should stay child friendly. It would be weird for them to include all these Disney properties only to whirl around and go "oh, but it's rated T so kids shouldn't play it". I also agree that the series doesn't need kissing.
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Allwil13 in Romance in the Kingdom Hearts series   
    Hey, everyone.
    So Kingdom Hearts 3 has been out for almost three months now and we've all had time to process. Many people loved it, and many people didn't, with many pros and cons laid out. However, of all the pros and cons I've seen, there's one con that seems to stick out the most (maybe because I see it so often). What is it, you're probably wondering? Simple: Why did Sora and Kairi not kiss or admit they were in love with each other? 
    Now, I totally understand why people felt that there should have been some kind of acknowledgement on this, and I'm not here to argue or criticize. However, it has raised a question in my mind: does romance really belong in the Kingdom Hearts series? Right from the get go in Kingdom Hearts, it has seemed to me that one of the series' major themes is friendship and the strength of its bonds between people. Sora spent the entire first game searching for Kairi, and so did Riku for that matter. But was it because they were in love with her, or just because they were three friends who would do anything for each other? To me, it felt more like Sora and Riku were trying to save their best friend who just happened to be a girl. Of course, there is also the matter of the Paopu Fruit and the fact that it supposedly ties together the lives/destinies of the two people who share it. But is this strictly in a romantic sense? Or can it just be for two friends who want to remain a part of each other's lives no matter what? Personally, I think it's the latter. There has never been a statement in the series solidly confirming that Sora and Kairi are in love with each other. It is easy to infer, certainly, and I'm pretty sure they did this on purpose. But I don't think it's official.
    Another pair of characters that I see often paired together is Roxas and Xion. Again, I get the appeal of this pairing in a romantic sense, but I personally think that their feelings for each other are purely platonic. I think that they're just two people who bonded over their similarities and formed a strong bond of friendship. And I know that they don't need to openly state romantic feelings and that actions can prove how two characters feel about each other, but Roxas and Xion have never given me that feeling of "they love each other romantically". Sora and Kairi are closer to this, but even those two have not been able to sell me on a romantic relationship. 
    There is also Lea, Isa and the mysterious girl they befriended in the basement of the Radiant Garden castle. Unfortunately I don't have much to say on this one right now since we don't even know who she is, but once again I never got the sense that Isa or Lea was in love with her. It seemed more like he'd grown to care about her and see her as a close friend so he wanted to help her. Again, though, it's hard to really be able to discuss this one since we never saw any of their interactions.
    Again, these are just my thoughts, but I've always gotten the sense that romance was never planned to be a focal point in the series, and honestly I kind of want it to stay that way. I like that we have a series that has friendship as its main theme rather than romance. I just feel like things like kissing and stuff like that wouldn't feel right; I think it would feel really shoehorned in and not natural. But I've gone on for a while (sorry about that) and I'm curious to hear what you guys have to say. Do you think romance has a place in the Kingdom Hearts series?
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    EchoFox23* got a reaction from KorkaN in What Language Would You Like To Learn Most?   
    I took two years of French (still wanting to take more of it lol), though I tried learning Japanese on my own. Granted it didn't go well but I got a book for how to write it and a dictionary. I was interested in taking Russian or Chinese (cause they were available at my college), but I would have to take another semester for it beyond my grad date and that ain't happening XD Grad school maybe but that's a bit of ways away XD
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Fates Chance XIII in KH soap and body products I got in the mail!!   
    Thanks for reading! I just had to share with everyone! Go check out Fortune Cookie Soap if you want their stuff is amazing! I dont know if you can get all these scents still but they do have a create your own option if one sounds really appealing that you can just copy paste the ingredients from one into the create your own. 
    Cant wait to use these! My room smells amazing right now!
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Fates Chance XIII in KH soap and body products I got in the mail!!   
    Princess of Heart perfume is sweet but not too sweet. The peach scents not overwhelming, and the floral notes balance it out really well. As someone who doesnt use perfume much, this one will see use! 

    Also they were so close! They put 8 Crystal's in it! If it was 7 it would a sent me over the moon but it was still clever!
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Fates Chance XIII in KH soap and body products I got in the mail!!   
    So my sister in law sent me something for my birthday in the mail and I HAVE to share it with you all! 
    There is this company called a Fortune Cookie Soap that makes fandom based body products lines and Easters box theme was Heart Shaped Moon. 
    I just got it all in the mail today and OMG!! Take a look!

    The descriptions for all the products are so cute and tongue in cheek they really do their research 

    Traverse Town is a lotion and it's got like a warm vanilla mixed with banana which sounds weird but oh man is it good!! I kinda think they should've went with Twilight Town with the warm relaxing scents but this one is still amazing!

    The Heartless is like one of those things you put in a wax melter to make your house smell a certain way. Its really BlackBerry but the birchwood really compliments it so that it's not overwhelming (coming from someone who's not big on berry smell) I love how the description talks about it manifesting in your home like heartless creeping in, slowly until they (and the scent) over run your home. XD

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    EchoFox23* reacted to Kittenz in KH 3 Actual Recipes   
    It shouldn't look any different, or much different. I've found that it doesn't really make all that much of difference which one you use. Baked goods only seem to change drastically once you take the gluten out, and even then it's just smaller or the texture is a bit different. I think gluten free flour would do fine for a tart, though.  I definitely going to try this one, it looks like a lot of fun!   
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Weedanort in Who Would You Like To See For Our Next AMA?   
    Super Butter Buns or Stickman Sham would be great options, but I guess those 2 aren't popular enough  
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Darkfire1408 in KH 3 Actual Recipes   
    Does anyone know how to actually make one or more of the recipes featured in the game? I cook and bake a little myself and these all look super tasty.
    Anyways, I thought this might be a nice thread to share and try out some of the recipes from the game!
    To start out, I found a recipe for a Tarte aux Fruit that looks pretty close to the one in the game. I'm probably going to try it out sometime next week, and post my results. Anyone else want to try?
    I'm not vegan myself, so I'll probably use dairy products instead of their vegan substitutes.

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    EchoFox23* reacted to Mykaila Shakespeare in What video game characters do you think could appear in Game Central Station?   
    This might be stretching it.....but it would be kinda neat to see Yozora from that Verum Rex game. 
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Yoshirai in New world featuring Wreck-It Ralph is coming to Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]   
    Today's new Kingdom Hearts Union X story update added new quests featuring a whole new world, which brings the player to the Game Central Station from Wreck-it Ralph. The announcement of a new world goes back to Tetsuya Nomura's first tease of a world that both had not appeared in the series yet and whose character appears as summon in Kingdom Hearts III. Although the story update is actually available on Japanese server only, it is expected that it will reach North American and European servers soon.
    Here you can find Everglow's new quests playthrough:
    This in-game screenshot comes directly from the newly featured world:

    What are your expectations for this new world? Let us know in the comments!

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