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    EchoFox23* reacted to Fates Chance XIII in A Call To Arms To Thank The KH Team   
    Okay, hear me out. I know it's been a rocky couple months post KH3 release and people are divided on it. 
    But...I think it would be a great idea to maybe...flood twitter with a big THANK YOU to the KH team for 17 years(!!) of giving so many people-all of us- such a great and wild ride.
    I've seen and read so many fan KH stories about how the series affected them, how they grew up with it, how it brought them joy or hope or fun or connection or solice or light in the darkness over the years. 
    How they found community, friends, spouses, or passions through the fandom. How they feel now that even though KH is far from done, KH3- the end of the Dark Seeker Saga-felt like a bookend on their childhoods. The joy, the melancholy, the strange feeling they cannot identify from this huge part of their lives that they followed, talked and speculated over for so many years now being over. And how they look to the future, and cant wait to see what happens next.
    There have been ups and downs, highs and lows over the years. Flame wars, hype, discussion and discovery and lining all the pieces up. And now that we stand here at an end that for so long looked like it would never come, and I go back and replay those old games, listen to that music, read those novels so long awaited, I look back at that team who made it all, all those names in the credits and just want to say THANK YOU! I want them all to know and feel how glad and proud of them I and so many others are for their hard work.
    But, I'm only one voice in a see of millions of fans and I know that my voice alone wouldnt reach them. So, KH fandom, if you'd be so kind, would you help me to bring our thanks to the KH team? Through art, or screenshots of your KHUX Chibi, whatever you'd like even if it's just in text will you please help me make this a thing big enough that they would see it and respond?
    We'd need a Hashtag for it so lets go with this,
    Please spread this idea everywhere if you like it!!
    And even if this goes no where, if this is nothing but a shout into the void, I can at least say I tried. 😄
    But I really think this would be such an awesome Fandom wide project/thing to do and follow.
    Thanks for reading this far! He's to the next 17 years! Cheers!
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Raxaimus in Critical Mode is on its way to Kingdom Hearts III   
    In a brief statement to Game Informer during the 2019 Game Developers Conference, Kingdom Hearts series co-director Tai Yasue confirmed that the highly-anticipated Critical Mode would be coming to Kingdom Hearts III very soon. Curiously absent from Kingdom Hearts III at launch, the Critical Mode difficulty setting has been a staple for the series ever since its introduction in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, with its only other absences being Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and the original version of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
    Yasue stated that Critical Mode in Kingdom Hearts III would be more than just a value change, referring to the HP, MP, and damage output of Sora, his allies, and the game's various enemies. He also said that Critical Mode is "more technical and offensive," and will be geared toward those who are "good at action games" and "timing their attacks". He concluded this brief discussion by stating that the skill required will change the way that players will play the game.
    What do you hope to see in this more extensively-adjusted Critical Mode? Will you be giving it a shot once it finally gets added to Kingdom Hearts III? Let us know in the comments below!

    View full article
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    EchoFox23* got a reaction from Zach2 in Potential adventure for Riku and Kairi?   
    This sounds like an amazing fanfiction right here XD I'd love to see them being together more and on an adventure.
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    EchoFox23* reacted to SpottyBlue in Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally confirmed to be released in South Korea   
    Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally coming to South Korea on 23 May 2019, confirmed in the PlayStation Festa event on 9 March.
    The Korean subs version will be using Japanese voices, like the Chinese subs version.
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    EchoFox23* reacted to LunaCatte in A place for Days fans, and a hashtag for a remake   
    Me to SE if they ever did this:

    Days is still by far one of my absolute favorite KH entries in terms of story and content.
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Potato head harvey in What other Disney film should get a live action/CGI remake?   
    Where is the "none of the above" option?
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Hero of Light XIV in What other Disney film should get a live action/CGI remake?   
    Honestly, I kind of want the live action remakes to stop. It's stifling a lot of creativity in terms of western Hollywood cinema, not to mention it's just outright rehashing the same stories without taking any kind of creative risks with them, and the few times they do take risks, they're the wrong ones. The only cases where making live action remakes would be more acceptable, in my eyes, would be if they applied them to slightly more obscure or underrated titles, like they did with Pete's Dragon. So in that case, Atlantis and Treasure Planet might be the more fitting options to pick from here, but as a fan of the originals, I'd almost rather not see how they might muck those two up, I'd rather just see the originals get more and more recognized and appreciated.
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Dave in Kingdom Hearts III...more mature?   
    "Darker" does not equal "Mature."
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    EchoFox23* reacted to WakelessDream in Kingdom Hearts III...more mature?   
    Not really spoilers but just in case.  
    I feel like Kingdom Hearts is always going to have that innocent/childish aspect to it though. Maturity-wise I'm not surprised with the game we ended up getting and wouldn't be surprised if future titles went the same route. Where I thought the game could have used some improvement was in how they chose to tie up certain loose ends and answer certain questions, and I'm not sure taking on a darker tone would have helped with that. 
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    EchoFox23* reacted to 7thKingdom in Guys, I need your opinion for a KH-related school assignment...   
    Hey everyone, so, a friend and me have been tasked with creating a product for a class (that we don;t really like tbh cx), and since we are fresh out of KH3 we decided to do a parody version of the game of lottery themed after known KH memes and jokes, because, let's be honest, KH is a gold mine when it comes to that 😂. (We love the series and it means so much to us, please don't kill us....) You know lottery? I mean, this game?  *See image below
    Yeah, we are Mexican x)
    Anyway, what we need to know is if you guys would be interested in playing this game but instead filled with jokes towards the names of characters and elemts in the series. Like how many Soras, Rikus, Xehanorts and Ansems there are in the game. Mansex jokes and that one time Xion had Sora's face (but still was Xion's body :v). Master Xehanort's HD wrinkles and veins xD. Things like that.
    Well, I await your answers. Thank you so much

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    EchoFox23* reacted to charrylord in What is your favorite MCU movie?   
    I liked Thor Ragnarok, it was super funny, super epic and most important of all, super memeable
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    EchoFox23* reacted to littleTSUBAME in Side Game Before KH4??   
    I have some ideas, but they could all be wrong. : D
    At first I thought maybe they'll remake Union Cross, since it seems to be pretty relevant to the next saga (could be called Re: Union lmao). But Union Cross doesn't seem to be ending any time soon, so maybe not? Seems a bit weird to have important plot details in a mobile game, although that's nothing new. I would really like to have a proper console version of Union Cross someday, though. I'm actually weirdly invested in the story and the characters, but as a game I just don't enjoy it at all.
    (Just as a sidenote; now that I'm thinking about it, it could also be something that's not exactly Union Cross, but heavily tied to it. Idk how though.)
    One thing I'd really like to see is a Xehanort-centric game, where they properly explain his backstory, and what's the deal with Scala and how it connects to the overall lore... but I'm not sure how Nomura would feel about that, since Xehanort saga has already ended. Maybe he just wants to move forward already. Which is a shame, since KH3 left me with SO MANY unanswered questions.
    But honestly who knows. It's Kingdom Hearts, anything could happen. : DD
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    EchoFox23* reacted to TrinityXaos# in Hello guys!   
    Thank you, EchoFox23*. 🙂
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Kittenz in What Kingdom Hearts game was your first?   
    KH2 back in 2006. My brother barely beat sephiroth lol
    I actually still have the save files on an old memory card! I had to replace the PS2, but I still boot up the og kh games on it sometimes. I'm thinking of buying an old tv for my old consoles, so I can relive nostalgia in full. And also because they don't look too great on a modern TV, lol
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Mkucherina in What do you like to do on Spring Break?   
    I want to build a raft and sail to another world with my two friends. Oh wait
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    EchoFox23* reacted to ocean's rage in What is your favorite KH3 Track?   
    all of it, yoko shimomura is the best
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Cloaked Assassin in If 358/2 Days got a Final Mix, what extras would you want?   
    I would like two things in particular, more unique moves bar Limit/Final Limit for each Organization Members and the original idea that was not realized which is each member having their respective Subordinate Nobodies under their commands in battles (as party members?).
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Fates Chance XIII in If 358/2 Days got a Final Mix, what extras would you want?   
    And i dont mean a KH3 style remake, maybe bring it up to look like KH2 or BBS and put it on the switch or something. The game structure is unchanged just like in other FMs- we're just adding stuff.
    So, what would you want?
    I'd like extra cutscenes between Axel and Saix, mayhe flashbacks to when they first joined or their time before being a nobody and encoutering X. Maybe even have more time with Axel, or more reports be unlockable from what he was thinking at the time with Roxas looking like Ven and ect.
    I'd also like Roxas and Xion to have more missions together and more dialogue between the two. Like have missions to some worlds where he originally went alone be with her and they have more conversations or something. Same with other Org members. Now that we know what they are, I'd like hints of it in their dialogue in these interactions. Or at least have us get to know them and flesh them out a little better. 
     Maybe even have a new world or two like with Pinocchio. There were plans to have that included. 
    Secret bosses!
    And how cool would it be to give it a secret movie? One that gave us a hint at Xigbars identity, or the KHUX connections between Axel and Saix or Xemnas plan with the ancient keybares or something?
    What would you want to see?
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Karxrida in What battle royale games do you play?   
    No Tetris 99 option?
    Regardless, I do not. I just fail to see the appeal.
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Allwil13 in When People Compare KH3 To KH2   
    I agree completely. I noticed pretty quickly that a lot of the complaints I've seen about KH3 were also things that people complained about with KH2 when it first came out. Honestly, if you look at the issues people are pointing out, a lot of them are issues that the previous installments had too. 
    And this isn't me saying, "yeah, well Kingdom hearts 2 sucked too, guys!" Kingdom Hearts 2 is a fine game. I don't think it's the best in the series (honestly I think Kingdom Hearts 3 was better), but it is solid. What caused this backlash was one simple thing: Hype. All the hype kind of crippled Kingdom Hearts 3 right out of the gate. It was just sooooo built up and people developed these ludicrously unrealistic expectations for it. 
    I think this problem will be remedied. What will remedy it? Simple. Time. People need time to simmer down and look at the game objectively. Again, this same thing happened with Kingdom hearts 2 when it first came out. It was not seen as a masterpiece upon release. People had major issues with it. I think the same thing will happen with Kingdom Hearts 3. Give it time. People will come around.
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Green Sparrow in When People Compare KH3 To KH2   
    First off, be patient with anyone who says KH3 is the worst game of 2019, because they probably haven't played Jump Force or Crackdown 3 yet

    Secondly, I don't think there's anything wrong with comparing KH3 to KH2 at all (vanilla or FM). KH1 gets a pass since it was the first one, but KHFM built off of KH, KH2 built off of KHFM, KH2FM built off of KH2, so it's only natural that people would expect KH3 to build off of KH2FM. The same guy has been directing the entire series, so you would think every entry (or at least every main entry) would improve upon the last. I hope the Final Mix DLC makes it the best in the series, but yes, "vanilla" KH3 SHOULD have been better than KH2.

    KH2FM is great, but it's not perfect. A lot of the new scenes they added flat out ruin some of the pacing. Remember when they added a new 10 minute cutscene right before the final Demyx fight? The Roxas/Axel/Purgatory scene is also nice, but it's just kind of... there lol

    Finally, you're not completely off base. Fans tend to not like the newest entry in a series. Right now, Final Fantasy 15 is the worst in the series... until Final Fantasy 16 comes out, and then FF15 will be considered a "classic" lol
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    EchoFox23* reacted to ocean's rage in When People Compare KH3 To KH2   
    im a firm believer in the philosophy fans are never happy, even things they love they turn against after a while
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    EchoFox23* reacted to kristi-swat in *Spoilers* The big Tetsuya Nomura interview from Kingdom Hearts III Ultimania has been translated in full   
    at this point a KH title having a number or not makes little to no relevance as every KH game is linked to the plot
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    EchoFox23* got a reaction from Mkucherina in *Spoilers* The big Tetsuya Nomura interview from Kingdom Hearts III Ultimania has been translated in full   
    Same, I don't want to wait another 5+ years for the next numbered installment...
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    EchoFox23* reacted to Tails in When People Compare KH3 To KH2   
    OK I have seen so many people in the Kingdom Hearts community compare Kingdom Hearts 3 to Kingdom Hearts 2 and it's seriously annoying. When people are comparing Kingdom Hearts 3 to Kingdom Hearts 2 they are mainly comparing the final mix version of Kingdom Hearts 2 instead of the original Kingdom Hearts 2. Like, I get it, everyone wanted Kingdom Hearts 3 to be the next KH2FM in terms of gameplay, story telling, and game content. Like, every video I go to about KH3 people are all like "Kingdom Hearts 3 was a disappointment. It's the worst game of 2019!" Or "It's sad how a PS4 game that took 5 years to be developed not surpass KH2". But everyone had these SAME exact complaints about the original Kingdom Hearts 2 when it came out saying how the KH2 is too easy compared to Kingdom Hearts 1 because of reaction commands, drive forms, limits, ect. And also the fact that you had to do a finisher just to beat a boss.  Now ever since KH3 came out everyone pretty much forgot vanilla KH2 exists and how everyone complained about the things I've mentioned. And another thing, people are complaining about how KH3's optional boss is super easy and that Sephiroth in KH2 was "much harder" when, if I recall correctly, everyone said the exact same thing about KH2 Sephiroth. Yeah, remember how everyone kept comparing KH2 Sephiroth to KH1 Sephiroth? Yup this is that exact same situation all over again. Also, I feel like everyone in the Kingdom Hearts community got so spoiled with Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix ever since it became available via Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix on PS3/PS4. Like, everyone just now expects every KH game in the future to be EXACTLY like KH2FM in terms of gameplay mechanics and whatnot. As well as post game content. Like, don't get me wrong, I don't blame fans for wanting that kind of stuff for Kingdom Hearts 3 since it has been really anticipated for a long time in the KH community. But, because of everyone's high expectations, KH3 is being considered "bad" or "the worst game of 2019" just because it didn't surpass KH2FM with all of it's crazy content. Heck people are pretty much begging KH3's DLC to include some form of "Data Organization XIII battles" of the Organization members you fight towards the end of the game. That's how big of an impact KH2FM has had on the KH community ever since it became available worldwide. Like, I'll admit that I, myself" had these expectations as well. Yeah I'm not gonna lie. But was I disappointed in KH3 because it simply isn't KH2FM or at least didn't live up to that game? Well, not really? I mean yeah I'll agree that the pacing in the game is awful and the story telling with saving all the other KH protagonists could have been done better but still. I still enjoyed the game for what it was instead of just whining about it not being up to par with KH2FM. Like I did with Final Fantasy XV when that came out. Yes, I was disappointed in its story and pacing but it's not an terrible. Ohoho no. It's certainly not a Sonic 06. Just like with KH3. It's an alright game I will admit (although that may change depending on what's to come with the upcoming DLC) but it's no Sonic 06 like everybody's making it out to be.
    All I'm saying is...well...it's just kind of annoying that KH3 gets compared to KH2 (mainly the final mix version) in the most unfair way. Like, KH2FM has pretty much blinded most people in the fanbase with their judgement toward KH3. Because if KH2FM never became a thing I bet you that KH3 wouldn't get this much hate and now get compared to it. So yeah, just my two cents. What are your thoughts on these negative criticisms towards KH3?
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