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    dont run from the dark the light iside will lead the way
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This is soooo true.





how's it going guys the names sora473 i love kingdom hearts and today I would like to get 1.5 and dreams drop I am almost

have done every thing i beaten all the data fights I have 3 fat cats and 3 sisters

and that somes it mostly


and it you have a question just let me know

and i hope to get to know you all :)



oh and this is my list of top 10 games


1. kingdom hearts (all games)


2. final fantasy3


3. legend of zelda a link to the past


4. legend of zelda twlight princes


5. super meorid


6. sonic unleshed


7. sonic riders


8. terraia


9. minecraft


10. krbeys epic yarn





and my favortie animas are


death note


fruits basckits


angle beats




attack on titan


and madoka magica (and movies)


p.s sorry if I spelled some things wrong I have had my pc for some time and its starting to die down.

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