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    wee will go to teh baynk een too cars
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  1. Present Day Maleficent: *shows up in X, no one treats it negatively* Marluxia: *shows up in Ux, everyone treats it like the worst thing ever* Anyone not named Strelitzia: *dies, no one cares that much* Strelitzia: *dies, everyone gets mad*

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    2. MythrilMagician


      It's because she had potential for being a great female character. Something there is very little of in KH.

    3. Xiro


      Wait Maleficent has shown up? And people are okay with her and Ventus being there? (As you can tell I don't know a lot of the story but still, when is having present characters in the past a good plot point to have lol)

    4. MythrilMagician


      We can't really judge when we still don't know how it's all even possible

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