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  1. When playing games, do you more often refer to the playable character as yourself (i.e. "did you see that attack I just performed?") or by their name (i.e. "did you see that attack Sora just performed?")?

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    2. Soofi


      @Shinobi Palace same here, haha. I'm usually the first option. For RPGs especially (excluding cutscenes).

      @Xamtehwt MC (Trece) xD I usually use my messing up as an excuse to blame the character too. xD Even if I am controlling them. I hate taking blame lol.

    3. Soofi


      @Prower Power me too! I really love to immerse myself in the games I play, which is why I love story-heavy games. So I get really into the character I'm playing's head, and eventually start referring to them as myself haha.

      @Steven Drake (SteVentus) Oh, I didn't even think about games like Pokemon! That makes sense though. Now I'm curious about your view on the matter regarding Digimon~

    4. Soofi


      @Moochieh32 what types of games do you most often use each?

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