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  1. Everyone complains about Alt. Milla so I thought I wouldn't like her, (SPOILERS AHEAD) but I liked her to the end... Also, Elle's ENG voice actress did a FANTASTIC job with those scenes.

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    2. Soravids


      SPOILERS It also really sucks that Milla couldn't stay with Jude in the end.

    3. Isaix


      I haven't played Xillia 2 in a long time so maybe I forgot some details,but the rules of the fractured dimensions were inconsistent thoughout the game.SPOILERS: Milla couldn't go back to the prime dimension because other Milla was is the prime dimension and two of the same person cannot exist in the same dimension right,but what about Ludger,he was able to go in the same dimension as Victor,Alvin also encounter himself in a fractured dimension shouldn't they have been blocked off...

    4. Isaix


      ...as well?And when the two Rolos met the other Rolo vanished.If Ludger could have dinner and fight against himself its weird that both Milla couldn't coexist in the same dimension

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