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  1. Everyone complains about Alt. Milla so I thought I wouldn't like her, (SPOILERS AHEAD) but I liked her to the end... Also, Elle's ENG voice actress did a FANTASTIC job with those scenes.

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    2. Isaix


      I didn't really like Alt. Milla,I remember her being super arrogant and annoying,regular Milla is much better

    3. Elrandir


      @Isaix: Prime Milla had the same chance of becoming like Alt. Milla if only she had destroyed Exodus before. Jude wouldn't have been born. Alvin would be dead, Isla wouldn't had kidnapped Elize, Leia wouldn't had a reason to leave her home AND Milla would have remained as Maxwell, obvlivious about her true origin and purpose. At least that's what I think. Besides! With all the different dimensions Prime is just another Alternate among the different realities.


    4. Soravids


      Agree so much. I like both Milla's a lot. I wish they both SPOILERS could have survived. Elle's English voice actor is amazing.

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