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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Other than that, Dearly Beloved was also really good.
  2. Although the game was pretty much enjoyable to me and I didn't feel disappointed in any segment, I wanted Kairi to We can't really blame Nomura objectively. He did make a good vanilla KH game with a worthy ending and many fans really enjoyed it, so he wasn't bad at all. And we can't forget he was working on two big projects and it was pretty much difficult for his team to get used with this UE4 for the first time. Either way, I have a feeling that the new scenes will indeed be worthy it, and will make it more enjoyable to those who are unsatisfied about certain characters
  3. The amount of data was drastically reduced...does it prove that some of the game's contents just got cut out indeed? That's what it seems. But reducing it to less than 40GB was too much. I wanted them to talk more about this situation
  4. This doesn't make me sad since all KH non-numbered titles were great anyways! And I'm really curious on this one
  5. I've spent 15000 jewels, got SN Sephiroth, SN Key Art #19 but no trait was Ground/Air Enemy Defense -60%....while the first is my strongest medal now (evolved to SN+), I still feel pretty dumb. I'm really needing this trait to give a lot more damage... Nonetheless, I'm going to continue pulling. I just need to get more jewels in those 5 days until I get this trait. It's not a bad idea right? If there's any medal with the best use for the trait, it's surely the strongest one
  6. While I do understand how you feel, I believe you shouldn't feel that way for multiple reasons. But first, it should be heavily stated that those who hated the game have just bigger mounths than those who didn't: they're in every post wanting to list off their disappointments with the game. Although it isn't entirely healthy when they're being rude (calling the game trash, etc), sometimes it is good since criticism help developers in making good games that pleases the community (but it is harmful if they insult the creators; I totally see no point on doing it). With that being said, when I first played it I really loved it and still do. I got easily frustated with the amount of people criticizing the game and I felt hate for those mindless people telling others to not buy this game. But soon I became able to accept it and I still love this game. Why? Because I was able to understand them and understand the flaws that the game had (and all games does have flaws). The gameplay is easy, the story isn't enjoyable to some people (but to me it was, and it was epic!), some wanted the main plot to advance mid-game and so they call it rushed and the game had little post-game content (kinda reminds me of KH2 vanilla). However, the difference is that no fact can change the enjoyment I had. I didn't notice those flaws at all and I truly enjoyed the game. That was the same case as yours. But I don't know how your love got evolved to hate...perhaps that "hate" you feel is frustation for the game not having good feedback? While I brought good points about the criticism, not all of them are good. Many people out there just list out ALL their wishes that didn't get into KH3. This isn't criticism at all. Good criticism should be looking to the game, analyse its flaws and check out what it needed only. Besides them, there's others who completely put aside the good points and complains about the negative points. I see no reason for it. The game is enjoyable to some extent, the graphics improved and I am yet to see one individual who disliked the soundtrack. Which is why that people shouldn't just focus on their disappointments. And around social networks, a really lot amount of people are doing mindless criticism. Instead of perhaps giving ideas for them to correct the flaws and whatnot, they're just filling the thread with negativity. This is why we shouldn't be influenced by it. You shouldn't too. Those people will see flaws almost everywhere, even if SE actually makes a patch which corrects 80% of the disappointments. People will keep complaining about the 20%. They're never satisfied at all. If you want an advice, I can give you. SE will most certainly release a DLC which *can* fix some points. The difficulty, the lack of certain characters, end-game content, expand the areas of certain worlds...I am confident that there's a good possibility it will be handled on. So, keep neutral (neither negative nor positive since it can lead into disappointment) and wait until we have a word on something. If we don't get DLC, we just gotta wait for the next game so the only predominant feeling should be of excitment
  7. I had trouble with it even on my second run And I didn't manage to find it even knowing where I had to go, but good job on finding it! I had a hunch that was the case
  8. Go to the pause menu and tell us the "Objective", which is above the allies. It might help us a lot in giving you directions.
  9. Well, can't all beings with hearts (specifically strong ones) wield a keyblade?
  10. This collaboration event looks good. I got Supernova Lightning FFRK in two pulls already and she's quite strong
  11. I've tried all the out of bonds and I am deeply curious about why we can only play 5% of the whole Why was all of it unused?? Anyway, jumping into those rocks was the best thing to do on the world. But isn't it a waste of storage space? Big Hero 6's world is like 60% playable at least
  12. I don't this this has been posted here yet, but I found something interesting: http://kiramune.jp/artist/irino/jiyucho/?p=2163&fbclid=IwAR0DbTzwF9W0JbKCM793YfJRaCkWyH3QVqB3pn-HBNWwNVtQz0DpzhiOFO0 This blog belongs to Miyu Irino (Sora Japanese voice actor) and there were some interesting passages: Kingdom Hearts Ⅲ has cleared.I will get involved in the future! ! ! !(...)And, this month, ..., new information will be lifted. various.You should be excited and wait! ! ! ! ! (Credits for translation: Google Translate) It is unknown if the last statement is still about KH or if he's even just talking about the ultimania that will release by the end of the month, but it was still interesting. I highly hope it is about DLC. Either way, at last it confirms he will return as Sora for the next entry
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