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  1. You know what I need in my life right now? A closet full of cosplays. XD

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    2. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      Ooh, nice! For me, I'd probably do that in the future when I cosplay more constantly and make it something more common. Because for now, I only cosplay at cons, and I only get cosplays when I can afford em. X3

    3. Iris


      Never been to a con yet, but its pretty exciting to think that'll be in the cosplay community. I bought a Hinata cosplay a week ago and i got it delivered today with some make up too.

    4. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      Ooh snap, that's amazing! You'd make an amazing Hinata! Did you get the pale contacts, too? :o But that's awesome though, I hope you have fun developing your cosplay skills with your new account! That way you can try out different cosplays and experiment with what you like! :D

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