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  1. Hi everybody, it's been a year since I posted here because I said I was going to leave. This is a one-off post I am making here because there are two glaring mistakes that this analysis has made. It is a fantastic analysis regardless of the two mistakes identified. First off, Arendelle is not before Kingdom of Corona. If anything, it seems as though Toy Box/Monstropolis and Kingdom of Corona/Arendelle are the interchangeable Disney worlds, in which you can choose which one of the two that you select first. Makes thematic sense considering that Toy Box and Monstropolis are our Pixar worlds, and Kingdom of Corona and Arendelle are our Disney Princess worlds. Now to go onto the more glaring assumption made. Hero of Light XIV is right, but I want to approach it from a more factual perspective. Riku Replica says that he is made out of data. Not only does this justify Riku Replica being the Seeker of Darkness in San Fransokyo, but it justifies the origins of the Bug Blox coming from him and not Data Riku. Replica Riku and Tadashi's Baymax share the pain of being the carbon copy of the real Riku and Hiro's Baymax respectively. Both Replica Riku and Dark Baymax are empty shells, so they are vulnerable to exposure to anything that can give them comfort and purpose. So yeah, it logically cannot be Data Riku because Data Riku was never directly associated with the Bug Blox to begin with. Replica Riku, on the other hand, could have been revived and modified to have control of the Bug Blox Heartless.
  2. King K. Rool for Super Smash Bros. Switch.
  3. Alpha Baymax

    It's time for me to depart...

    I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I believe that it's the best choice. I've just gotten passive to the point where I'm non-existent with my contributions now. Don't feel sad though, there's going to be plenty other people joining this site with their own thoughts and theories. I'm still going to be reading all the news reports but I'm just not going to log in and comment. Honestly, I respect and appreciate all of the responses and advice that you've provided. It's been fun being involved with KH13 all the way back in 2013 but this is the best choice for me to make. Thanks for the farewell. Yeah, same to you man. Wonder what are you going to do with your account after Kingdom Hearts III is released lol. Never say never, but as of right now, I'm definitive in my decision. I've made some good memories from this website so I'm going to appreciate that. Thank you everybody for the replies.
  4. Alpha Baymax

    It's time for me to depart...

    I can't believe that I'm doing this, but here goes... I'm going to be leaving Honestly, my life is in such a shift that I longer have the interest nor time to commit myself to this website. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be any more excited for Kingdom Hearts III, but my fire to talk it out in Kingdom Hearts forums has really faded because my interests are more diverse now. I'm thankful for all the people that I got to know, the people that I was able to bond with and the way that this website has changed and influenced my outlook and appreciation for this franchise. Kingdom Hearts will always be special to me, and I'm happy that I was able to really talk out what I feel about this series, all its various aspects and the theories that I've created for years. I hope that this site continues to prosper, thanks for all the news reports.
  5. Fire Emblem. She'd definitely give that series a unique flair.
  6. Pretty sure that the Master of Masters is being constructed as the next main antagonist. Besides, we don't know how Lauriam differs from Marluxia so this is really jumping the gun.
  7. Alpha Baymax

    9 years of in the Kingdom Hearts community

    Happy Anniversary KH13. I'd love to see a new re-design for the website soon.
  8. Alpha Baymax

    Brain (just get used to it) could possibly be Braig

    True, but Brain has an air of shadiness that's anything unlike Eraqus, but then again, it's hard to decipher Young Eraqus' personality because we've seen so little of it.
  9. Alpha Baymax

    Brain (just get used to it) could possibly be Braig

    It's funny, I initially believed that Brain was Ienzo because of how his hair was stylized, but then when he got official art of him, I thought that he was Eraqus, but with the shady way that he was talking trash about Master Ava, and his collaborative approach with Lauriam, I too believe that Brain is Braig. We've yet to see Brain and Lauriam summon their Keyblades. We were always under the assumption that every resident on Daybreak Town is immediately a Keyblade Wielder but that not may be the case after all.
  10. Alpha Baymax

    What unused Disney villain should be a boss in KH3?

    The Headless Horseman is perfect secret boss material. I can imaging battling him at night in Radiant Garden.
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles is my favourite game of all time so there's no question as to what I'm most excited for.
  12. Alpha Baymax

    New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer

    As a die-hard Pokemon fan, this does not interest me.
  13. Nope, I don't see that happening for one of two reasons. 1) Some characters would have to be "introduced" in Kingdom Hearts III. This franchise is over-saturated with characters, by having the remaining members appear in Union X, you're placing all of your eggs in one basket. That's poor commercialisation of characters. 2) Any piece of artwork by Tetsuya Nomura is symbolic of key characters. In this case, the new Union leaders are key characters. Killing off Blaine, Skuld and Ephemer one by one is poor development of these characters, judging from the 3rd Anniversary X art, Ephemer and Skuld will have some sort of relevance for Kingdom Hearts III.
  14. Alpha Baymax

    Terra and Young Xehanort.

    Young Xehanort isn't meant to resemble Terra because Young Xehanort is regular Xehanort as a pubescent. For you to make the connection is illogical.
  15. But Ventus is the relation to Sora for this group. Granted, this is before Ventus heart rested in Sora, but he still fits that category. I'd rather not have anybody directly connected to Sora, Riku or Kairi in this game.