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-Justin- last won the day on February 12 2018

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    Discord Mod | Project Helper: Archives
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  1. -Justin-

    General Chat

    Oh nice, now I'm not alone up there
  2. -Justin-

    General Chat

    christmas hat avatars are best avatars
  3. -Justin-

    General Chat

    @2 quid is good DO IT study first tho
  4. -Justin-

    General Chat

    @teh lazy prince Xylek sly cooper
  5. -Justin-

    General Chat

    tbh I don't mind the high post count I have
  6. no it's really buff riku singing face my fears
  7. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/493927028920156161/568235478621487114/buff_riku_sings_face_my_fears.mp3
  8. -Justin-

    General Chat

    SAME guys go look in Memes Chat
  9. -Justin-

    General Chat

    breath, should i take a d e e p
  10. -Justin-

    General Chat

    again with the gifs. stop the spam @callofdutymlg2
  11. -Justin-

    General Chat

    I've got my eye in speech bubble on u
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