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  1. Jason Griffith was the perfect amount of edgy, especially in games like Sonic 06 and Black Knight

    meaning not too edgy xD

    But yeah, Shadow was in both X and Boom

  2. I just bought the movie novel btw @Silent Multiverse

    ”Sonic could see who had fired the arrows: echidnas! They were coarse, vicious cousins of hedgehogs. And the hoods these ones wore showed their allegiance to the powerful warlords who had chased Sonic his whole life. They wanted to unleash the chaos energy inside him and overtake the world.”

    You can tell they were playing it safe with the story, but I wish they would have explained things better xD there’s always next movie tho!

  3. OH, this is from the movie’s novelization!

    "Longclaw was the last of her kind, a noble line of warrior owls dedicated to maintaining balance for all living creatures. Outfitted in blades and battle armor, Longclaw's order had fought for years to protect their world—a world where the animals of the forest and the fields had evolved to be the dominant species; a world ruled by claw and fang."


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