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  1. Really because he clearly didn't lie about TWEWY on Switch or the Frozen E3 reveal those are two things that interest me and the part about FFXV Part 1 that is pretty interesting.
  2. I'm guessing things got changed around huh. This will be interesting to come back to now that KH3 is coming out very soon
  3. Honestly if the base game and story are amazing then I'm fine with little to no side content just put a lot of effort to the main game and I'll keep coming back to play it.
  4. Casper Formadi

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    Aw ok but man apparently he has 30 copies goddamn gotta get one quick lol
  5. Casper Formadi

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    Like an insider at Square Enix? Damn this nigga hustling hard. Dealing KH3 like crack and cocaine but apparently he doxxed himself I mean damn really. I bet he could be selling those copies 100 a piece
  6. Casper Formadi

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    It could land him in jail but it honestly shouldn't but seriously though someone gonna leak that stuff online and I don't mean videos like a full leak isos and everything. I personally can't wait to see what people datamine out of it maybe find some cut stuff.
  7. Casper Formadi

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    I understand this is serious but jail time no i'd rather not be putting taxpayer dollars into someone who leaked a video game. Dangerous criminals would kill me sure but a KH3 leak nah. Just give em a fine. Any way I've seen the leaks nothing really much there all I want to know is if Noct is in the game. But lowkey though if I met this guy I mean damn I'd play KH3 with him I mean I'd tell him not to leak it, I wouldn't say nothing but damn a fully playable start to finish KH3 I mean if he got an Xbox One X then I'd say let's do this.
  8. Casper Formadi

    [URGENT] Kingdom Hearts III has Leaked! Be Wary

    No someone leaking a game isn't dangerous enough for prison a fine sure but prison hell no it's a video game not nuclear launch codes.
  9. Casper Formadi

    Final Fantasy Versus XV Fan Trailer

    Brought to you by the Reboot Final Fantasy Versus Group
  10. Ah Kingdom Hearts III on Xbox One I'm very happy about this hopefully this could mean more people get to play Kingdom Hearts III especially with services like the xCloud bringing the games to where the people are. I don't see any negatives in this yet someone will.
  11. Yeah I'm personally interested in the ability of being able to buy a game, stream it on any piece of hardware I've got I mean as a service it's actually just very interesting. This is why I'm glad Kingdom Hearts III is on Xbox One
  12. I plan on getting it using the xCloud streaming service it will be the first title I try on it and hope they release it on PC .
  13. Casper Formadi

    Kingdom Hearts III On PC Possibility?

    Like Smash I don't understand what you mean or do you mean modding KH3 to include things other than heartless or something like GTA well we can already do that ignoring an entire market segment for something like that would be incredibly stupid for Disney
  14. Casper Formadi

    Kingdom Hearts III On PC Possibility?

    Disney already has published games on Steam. They don't give a flying f**k they just want money Square prioritizes the PC before those two platforms The Switch will take longer to get running due to it being a weaker system The Xbox will happen after That's why FFX appeared on PC before the Xbox and Switch. And it's why Nier appeared on PC before Xbox
  15. Casper Formadi

    Will you play Kingdom Hearts game after KH3?

    For me it's likely I'll end with the Xehanort Saga I feel that Kingdom Hearts would have been a good culmination for me as it will be the end of some of my favorite concepts like the organization and will be the end of Sora's KH1 story like the end of a journey that can start a new but no cliffhangers