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  1. didn't mean to I mean I don't eat kfc enough to know
  2. Haven't had kfc in years... Actually my last time was in Paris 😂😂
  3. I dont like mayo that much and coleslaw even less
  4. The wifi here is terrible
  5. Mince meat Onions Green chilli (slightly too much if u ask me tho)
  6. Oof didn't realise Ohh no
  7. ITS NOT READY YET T.T I'm just studying in the mean time tho Urgh so crap MIKAAAAA IT TASTES GREAT KEBAB ROLL REIGNS SUPREME @Mika
  8. Oof I hope so idk how much longer I can wait
  9. @MeowWow that's a shish kebab on the right No fruit in sight 😤 Ohno Quid shadow reveal
  10. Douchiest character ever What's worse is he's not even a good villain
  11. Happy international Weedanort day!
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