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  1. Ohhh We're not as normie or weeb as Joshua 😩
  2. 👀 I don't get it either
  3. The compilation VAs aren't shit at all, in fact Rachel leigh cook is brilliant as tifa in a lot of things and I found britt baron to not hit those highs as much
  4. I obviously haven't played the game but I've watched all the trailers and played the demo The only thing I can see as an improvement is voice direction
  5. You did squats didn't you
  6. I dont expect ff games to be 20 hours... Wth
  7. :axelbehold: :axelbehold: :axelbehold:
  8. > As long as it's not garbo like 15, I'm good It takes a special kind of special to be purposefully like ffxv
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