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  1. Agreed I feel like that was the original plan And then Nomuralogic struck
  2. Yeah, make it a role channel Oh, oof
  3. It's difficult to not go off topic in either channel
  4. Maybe there should be a khux spoiler chat 🤔 The two are inextricably linked
  5. Indid We should probably go to KH3
  6. Well I guess you're right, KH3 turned everyone who wasn't sora into a jobber so equality I guess
  7. Damn just thinking about the foretellers, makes me realise just how much better KH would have been without ux Seeing these five random people turn up and you're like yo wtf
  8. And Idk about you guys, but I don't think nomura has the chops necessary to pull off this timelines business
  9. Doesn't make it any better, but anyway
  10. It's something like 3-4 So he's 11/10
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