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  1. I mean only if they're not posting it in the spoilers area I guess? A mod will come along and confirm this probably. Tbh what's really ticking me off here is that someone actually had the audacity to steal 30 copies and they're getting away with it. That's not on at all, and of course, the leaks are also unfortunate but we should probably stick to the bigger picture here. This guy shouldn't be given any exposure at all imo, then everything will have been in vain for him I have a great solution to that, give a kid your phone/device for approximately 30 minutes and your recommendeds will be filled to the brim with kinder and playdoh videos, can't go wrong.
  2. 2 quid is good

    Quid in KH3 Confirmed

    I can be your angle or yuor devil ^.^
  3. 2 quid is good

    Will Hayner, Pence, and Olette obtain Keyblades?

    No. They've displayed no importance to the overarching plot in anywayother than being character of the week fodder. Don't get me wrong I love this trio but it's probably not gonna happen
  4. 2 quid is good

    How long do you think it will take you to play KH3?

    Taking the middle road is all I meant -.-'
  5. 2 quid is good

    How long do you think it will take you to play KH3?

    A few months I expect, I'm not as free as I once used to be A centrist I see
  6. EUROPE NOT GETTING SCREWED????????????????????????????????????? WTF I LOVE GAME NOW
  7. 2 quid is good

    Last Post Wins!

    Last post wins has now turned into ban the user on top of you game, and my reason for banning venroxas is that hellish picture
  8. Lol!! Hi Discord doesn't work at school!! XD

  9. 2 quid is good

    Last Post Wins!

    NO ALL U
  10. 2 quid is good

    Last Post Wins!

    Tis I, Quid, here to liberate this thread from all of you heathens. Now be liberated posts, and find your own winner
  11. 2 quid is good

    What's your favorite Streaming platform for games?

    How about none? I don't watch any streamers
  12. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh


    What's the point

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    2. ITzDarthLordRevan


      I know the feeling. As stupid as it sounds, It's always been a fear of mine that I can't please everyone with what I say online and in real life. I always think that somebody is going to hate me for the smallest things I say. There's always that voice in your head criticizing everything you say and do just like some of the more judgemental people in real life. Everytime I get notifications for comments made in response to mine, I start to over think things and question myself. It's one of the reasons why I left Twitter. A friend I made on their told me that he was leaving completely because the gaming community was being harsh on him and instead of reaching out to help him, I ran away and deleted my Twitter because I felt that I wasn't equipped to handle the situation. I did the same thing when I learned my best friend tried to kill herself and she acted like it was nothing. I told myself I could do nothing about it, instead of going to her and telling her how guilty I felt about not realizing how miserable she was about living in a body she felt like she didn't belong in. I regret not telling her everyday especially since I don't see her that much nowadays. The next time I see her I want to tell her even though I know I'm not confident enough to. If leaving is what you want, it's fine and it really isn't in my place to convince you to stay. But, I do hope that one day you gain the courage to face your fears and have the confidence to say what you want to say like I want, even if it's a slow process. There's no shame in walking away until your ready to face the world head on. Just do you, girl.

    3. 2 quid is good

      2 quid is good

      Shit my problems are nothing compared to yours. Stay strong man 💪. And dw about me not being strong enough or anything, I have plenty of spunk but this place isn't good for me and vice versa

    4. ITzDarthLordRevan


      Will do and thank you. I wouldn't want anyone to compare each other to how many shitty things that happened in their life. We all have problems that we need to sort out someday whether their tiny or bigger compared to somebody else's and I wouldn't want anybody to tell me that their problems are a lot less important than mine. I had the same mindset when I learned that a lot of people in my group ofmfriends had went through tougher life than me. My life has had few bumps in it compared to others, I'm not going to lie. But, another friend told me that we are all born broken and that nobody's life has less value. If you need anything as well, just tell me, kay? I can't really promise I'll be chatting online a lot consdering texting scares the crap out of me sometimes , but I'll try. If you think this place isn't healthy for you, putting it behind you is fine. The internet can be an overwhelming place sometimes, so I don't blame you.

  13. Okay I gave in and watched the cinematic muted. I don't think the song will bother me too much when I do hear it but even if it does I'll be fine with it. There are some people (not here) who are acting as if EDM has no basis in KH. To those people I say, Bruh.... Did you even listen to simple and clean? Electronic stuff everywhere. To be honest I didn't like simple and clean when I first heard it but I got used to it. That's why I don't mind too much about the music. Generally speaking if it's not mumbly I don't mind it. Now let me put my complaining hat on. Roxas looks...... Off to me somehow. I can't figure out why exactly but Ven looks completely fine to me. I'll rewatch to figure out the problem but I was just wondering if anyone else felt that way. Also the chess pieces! We have more to discuss! Maybe if this was even a few months back I'd be raring to go but I'm kinda tired these days. If I get inspiration while rewatching I'll definitely post though.