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    Rowbe reacted to Dustin Lübbers in Which Kingdom Hearts character should only use one phrase like Groot?   
    I was using every voice of every character in my head an i decided xehanort. Imagine if someone buys kh3 and he is being told about this uberbad guy the whole time only to discover that he can only say his own name like a pokemon
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    Rowbe reacted to Master Eraqus in Cars 3 - Official US Trailer   
    I'm really excited for Cars 3. I really enjoyed the previous two Cars films (yes, even Cars 2 and till this day I still have no clue why people hate it so much) and this looks like it's gonna be a really emotional film, but obviously not completely, with comedy like a lot of Pixar films.
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    Rowbe reacted to Felixx in Which is your favorite creation-system in Kingdom Hearts?   
    None... they kinda all sucked Though the BBS one wasn't too bad... I guess.
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    Rowbe reacted to Felixx in Hello fellow Kingdom Hearts Fans ! ✌??   
    Welcome to KH13 Adam! Hope you enjoy it here
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    Rowbe reacted to The Transcendent Key in What's your favorite moment with the Kingdom Hearts heroines?   
    This was a tough pick for me, for there's lots of memorable moments with the ladies of this franchise! But one that definitely ranks as my number one top favorite has to be with Aqua in 0.2!
    "If anyone finds themselves in the Realm Of Darkness, I'll be here.  A light to cut through the long shadows. I'll be their Wayfinder!  And one day...I'll return to my friends. My name is Aqua, and that's a promise!"
    That deliciously goosebump inducing monologue right there made me smile like a buffoon the first time I played through 0.2! Aqua was already an amazing character, and her development really shined in this moment! Gosh dang it, SHE'LL BE OUR WAYFINDER! :')
    Very powerful words, Master Aqua! Powerful words indeed!
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    Rowbe reacted to ct_thadeu@yahoo.com.br in What's your favorite moment with the Kingdom Hearts heroines?   
    Aqua against Terranort in BBS, just the first cutscene and she calling herself ''Master Aqua'', sent chills down my spine
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    Rowbe reacted to AngelTheWeirdStranger in ( SPOILERS) Which was your favorite scene in Kingdom Hearts 0.2?   
    Mickey losing his shirt because, when you think about it...That's what the entire game was about. 
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    Rowbe reacted to Felixx in If any, what type of free DLC do you think Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will receive?   
    Use your mod powers 
    None, hopefully. But if, then I's say the extra costumes. Wouldn't pay for that though
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    Rowbe reacted to KHUndertaleFan25 in What excites you about Disney's upcoming Moana?   
    Freaking Moana! She looks so boss .
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    Rowbe reacted to AngelTheWeirdStranger in What excites you about Disney's upcoming Moana?   
    It's Disney...That just basically translates to "All of the above"
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    Rowbe reacted to Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) in Which Foreteller would you side with?   
    Gula all the way.
    If by the time the next PotD is posted Gula is still on top, I shall consider you all traitors. Felixx and Shun won't be the only ones!
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    Rowbe reacted to Joker in Which Foreteller would you side with?   
    Gula! If I was able to play UX that's who'd Id pick
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    Rowbe reacted to Felixx in Which Foreteller would you side with?   
    Gula. Together we can beat Aced Also he's the foreteller I like the most.
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    Rowbe reacted to Felixx in Chain of Memories - Cardception   
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    Rowbe reacted to IwasBornAsVentus in New Art from Me   
    We all miss him (hug) but as long as we don't forget about him he'll never disappear. Thank you man glad to know you like it cause there's more coming
    Thank you very much. Yeah it's exciting and I bet it's gonna be a blast. Once again thanks
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    Rowbe got a reaction from IwasBornAsVentus in New Art from Me   
    Those are amazing! Great job! That sounds like a fun class too, I wish you luck with that.
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    Rowbe reacted to Felixx in New Art from Me   
    Still sad about Tadashi
    Those look awesome man! Really great
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    Rowbe reacted to IwasBornAsVentus in New Art from Me   
    I finally got the time to upload some new art from my work. I'm going to study 3D Animation & Visual Effects this autumn, so by preparing myself I'm practicing my skills and testing new styles. This time around I decided to draw human characters to practice on facial expression and learn to draw body and face structure. 
    I started with Tadashi and then later continued with Shang.

    More art is on the way
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    Rowbe reacted to The 13th Kenpachi in The Promised Neverland (Manga)   
    So there's this new horror manga out called the promised Neverland. The first chapter came out on August 8th, there are only 2 chapters out so far. I can't say much without spoiling it but this manga will blow up more than likely in the next year or so.
    To keep it short, there are a bunch of kids who live in an orphanage and everything is so perfect until the 3 protagonists make a huge discovery that changes everything. Never heard that one before
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    Rowbe reacted to Musicfreekx in Hey Everybody!   
    I have followed news and updates on KH13 for a while now, but I just created an account of my own. I'm excited to be able to post and share with you all! I have loved the Kingdom Hearts series since I was young and it's been a big part of my life! I thought I would introduce myself a bit:
    Some things about me~
    -I'm Canadian
    -I'm 20 years old
    -My friends would say I'm the guy that really likes Kingdom Hearts and music to new people
    -I study history in post-secondary school
    I don't really know what else to say...
    I am looking forward to getting to know you!  :biggrin:
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    Rowbe reacted to The Transcendent Key in An Awesome Kingdom Hearts AMV I Found! :D   
    Hey there everyone, how's it going!?  So then, I was just browsing around on Youtube, when I suddenly stumbled upon this video, which I want to share with you all!  Enjoy!
    This was a pretty cool vid, and I loved every second of it! I enjoyed watching it!
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    Rowbe reacted to AndrewHankinson in We're looking for people to join the KH13 Social Media team!   
    We're looking to expand the KH13 SOCIAL MEDIA team! If you're passionate about Kingdom Hearts and would enjoy helping us find and post regular content, organise contests or come up with new ideas, then please contact me by sending me a PM.
    Disclaimer: This is not for a position in the NEWS team, who write the main news articles on KH13!
    What we're looking for:
    A big interest in the Kingdom Hearts series. Active enough to regularly post on the KH13 Community Twitter, KH13 Tumblr & KH13 Facebook pages. Creativity Reasonable writing skills.  
    Typical tasks:
    Posting KH13 fan-content (art, videos, discussions, fictions) daily Helping to create the Poll of the Day each day. Scheduling monthly posts: Kingdom Hearts anniversaries, Disney film/SE game anniversaries, birthdays, music (fan-made and original) & holiday posts. Looking for ‘other news’ to retweet on the Twitter page (t-shirts designs, music album/manga/novel releases, podcasts, etc). Coming up with ideas for new features or expanding on current ones.  
    If interested, please apply by sending me a PM, letting us know why you think you'd be a good addition to our team. Please apply even if you're unsure! Good luck!
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    Rowbe reacted to Kats Seventh in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X The Foretellers Fanart   
    Hey so i just finish my fan art of the foretellers from KH unchained x (chi) and i like to share it with you guys

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    Rowbe reacted to The Transcendent Key in Unused World/Map in KH3D   
    Good God, if this is anything to go by, then that means that Treasure Planet was being considered for the Kingdom Hearts series!  Hope is not lost!  This means that there could still be a chance that Treasure Planet makes its way into Kingdom Hearts III!  I hope this is the case!!!! X_X
    Edit: Thank you for this amazing find!
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    Rowbe got a reaction from Veemon in BEST LAUGH EVER   
    If only I could add my laugh because it's pretty obnoxiously great
    My contribution just because his laugh makes me laugh:

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