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My name is Alison! I mainly play Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Uncharted. I love Yu-Gi-Oh, specifically Arc-V, both the tv series and the card game. I like to play the piano, write, and bake. I love animals. I like to proofread, and I'm good with grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and the likes; I want to be an editor when I'm older, specifically a book editor.


I'm reserved and pretty quiet, but very kind and respectful when spoken to. I can speak my mind well when I need to. I'm calm, friendly, and loving toward others. I can be happy, hyper, and talkative when with friends. I'm always optimistic for others, but it's harder being so for myself. My greatest strength is that I'm intuitive with the emotions of others, and I love talking through a person's problems with them. For terms you'll understand, I am like Sora in the sense that I'm emotionally strong with a loving heart, yet I am often on guard and reserved like Riku. 




If you want to learn more about me and hear my KH story, see my introduction post here. http://kh13.com/forum/topic/87789-introducing-myself/


I'm always up for a good chat, so please message me if you'd like!  <3



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