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Uhm... hey ^-^,


My name's Daniela, though a lot of people call me Merilly or Meril. I'm from Germany and I am currently studying English and Biology to become a teacher in the future.

I've been a Kingdom Hearts fan for a very long time now but it can hardly be described as being a fan from the very first second. When I first received the game from my parents together with my PS2 (my parents just saw the Disney components and thought it was a good game to give to young, Disney-obsessed me) I was rather young, maybe around 9. I got stuck in Alice in Wonderland and somehow couldn't find my way through it, so I put the game away for awhile. It was about a year or so later that I picked it up again, remembering that I never managed to beat it, and my love for it began there. During that time I matured a lot and since Alice in Wonderland was a pretty early world, I did not get through the story part and had no incentive to play through it before. Good thing I picked it up again, I guess because since then I've played almost every Kingdom Hearts game except for Chi. I am immensely happy about the HD collections since I was finally able to play Re: Chain of Memories and the Final Mix versions of the original games since they were never released in Europe.


Anyway, since then it has been my favorite Franchise and I replay it again and again. I also read the Manga and own the Ultimania books though I cannot read them as of now. Since I am a figure collector, I own quite a bunch of Kingdom Hearts figures.


In my free time I like to draw and I'm also doing archery, cosplay and other things, like playing video games. I'm a big manga and anime fan.

Due to an annoying health condition, I am not able to use computers or tablets, so I am particularly happy now that I can play Unchained X on my phone.

Please feel free to contact me. I'd love to talk to someone about Kingdom Hearts and other things of course. I'd like to exchange theories ad stuff since I am not particularly active in forum threads and tend to comment on polls and news articles more than anything else ^^'

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