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  1. Chozé Freedom Svoboda

    Xbox store reveals approximate filesize for Kingdom Hearts III

    Only 35,81GB? Well, I was expecting a lot more. Waiting when PS Store will reveal the size.
  2. Chozé Freedom Svoboda

    Which FFXV character would you want most in KH3?

    Noctis and the gang, maybe.
  3. Yes, they really should. It starts to annoy me. Soon they are going to show almost everything
  4. Chozé Freedom Svoboda

    What Black Friday deals did you score?

    Found nothing interesting during the sales.
  5. Chozé Freedom Svoboda

    What was your favorite part of the X018 KH3 trailer?

    Wow... that probably last battle with all types of enemies in there... that's going to be EPIC. I'm not sure if I want to watch more trailers that are yet to come... I think they are showing too much, but that's just my opinion
  6. Looks great! Loving the trailer and the Marluxia's nobodies!
  7. Chozé Freedom Svoboda

    ESRB rating released on Kingdom Hearts III's official website

    Alcohol reference? Definitely Pirates of the Caribbean world :D
  8. Chozé Freedom Svoboda

    What are your gaming plans leading up to KH3?

    Well, I'll be playing Red Dead Redemption 2, Spyro and some co-op games with my friends :). Might replay some older game, but I'll see...
  9. Looks beautiful! Can't wait to see Radiant Garden. If they decide to show it.
  10. Chozé Freedom Svoboda

    KH13 v4 - Discussion, bugs & features

    I like the look of the page! Will take time to get used to it . Also, I will miss the signatures .
  11. Wow... look at the new KH13's website! Looking good! :D Will take some time to get used to it.

  12. Chozé Freedom Svoboda

    Which Character are you most curious to see in the new Aladdin?

    I want to see how Will will handle Genie
  13. Chozé Freedom Svoboda

    How much are you following KHUX now?

    I play every day. To complete daily missions, Union X event boards and PvP.