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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Tension Rising sounds really good!
  2. I started playing Apex with my friends. It is the only BR game that I enjoy.
  3. I'm disappointed how Twilight Town only has the Tram Common, Forest and the Mansion areas. I was expecting a lot more... Also I thought Radiant Garden world (playable) will be a thing. But I was wrong...
  4. I'm kinda excited for Sekiro. I liked Dark Souls and Bloodborne. From Software makes good Action RPG games.
  5. I was deciding between Xemnas and Sora but I chose Sora. I'd choose Xemnas for the best villain in the series but I chose Sora like an overall character. Caring for others, strong-hearted and he finally became aware of his situation in KH3 and started making serious decisions.
  6. I really like this theory! I also think that it could be a new KH character or maybe just maybe Luxord/Demyx (if they do not show up in the next KHUX story updates) because their original selves were not revealed yet.
  7. I'm back! After a while... because I didn't want to spoil myself. I'm nearing the end of KH3. Loving it. I'd say that my most favorite world is The Caribbean. The ship and dive system is just great! :D.  AND those graphics look insane. It's like watching a normal movie. I think I still won't be visiting the site daily because of spoilers of the end. :)

    1. PrinceNoctis


      Not done either, getting close though. And I agree, the Caribbean was an absolutely stunning world. My favorite right now.

  8. Only 35,81GB? Well, I was expecting a lot more. Waiting when PS Store will reveal the size.
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