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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from Vèńťúş_wíņđ_⅔ in Kingdom hearts Dark Road Release   
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    Joey_XIII reacted to waytothexdawnx in Sora's new look   
    So many people are bashing it! Why!? This has been a dream of mine to see KH in these types of graphics! 
    Also, I doubt it's permanent. Sora's look changes to fit whatever world he's in. In the trailer, he's in the "real world", so it makes sense he looks like that. People complain about everything, I swear. I feel bad for Nomura because he was probably so excited to put this trailer out thinking fans seeing Sora like this would excite them, and they're bashing him and his storyline again. It just annoys me. I love Sora's look, and I'm excited for this new adventure/story! These bashing articles are ridiculous. 
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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from BBroken in Someone playing Sekiro here?   
    Hey there,
    I was just wondering if there's someone here who is playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice? I've been playing it for some time and I'm really enjoying it! I fought Genichiro today and he gave me a hard time but I managed to get him .
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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from DanartG in Someone playing Sekiro here?   
    Hey there,
    I was just wondering if there's someone here who is playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice? I've been playing it for some time and I'm really enjoying it! I fought Genichiro today and he gave me a hard time but I managed to get him .
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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from KorkaN in What game are you excited to see at E3 2019?   
    I'm excited for The Last of Us Part II! I hope they release more information and an exact release date.
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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from SweetYetSalty in Which Kingdom Hearts Character Would You Most Like To Hang Out With?   
    I'd love to hang out with Aqua and Sora, my most favorite characters in the series.
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    Joey_XIII reacted to JPansullo7 in Callbacks to previous titles and Kairi theory *Spoilers*   
    I love the subtle callbacks in these games and I wanted to start a thread to see if anybody had caught some that I haven't.
    The entire Dive to Heart in the tutorial mimics KH1's opening almost to a T with Sora's gestures.  The only major differences are that Riku (when we see him in front of the wave) is replaced by a bright orb of light, and when Sora reaches the surface of the water, he is encountered by Kairi in KH1, whereas he sees the mysterious water Darkside in her place in KH3 (Kairi's name means water remember).  I think this is Kairi's heart after she is struck down by Xehanort.  Since she cannot produce a heartless, is why it is made of water instead of darkness.  I can't take credit for this theory but I can't recall where I read it before either.
    Also the whole "hunting the lich to retrieve your friend's hearts"  is definitely a callback to the world terminus area of End of the World in KH1.  Same music, same idea.
    KH1 was my first Kingdom Hearts game when I was only 10 years old (25 now) and I've been in love with the series ever since.  I beat it with my best friend who I don't get to see anymore.  I remember when we finally beat Ansem after probably a hundred tries we were so overwhelmed with joy that I'm pretty sure we cried lol. It holds a special place in my heart and is my favorite game in the series, from a narrative standpoint (game play is a little outdated obviously).  So all of the little KH1 callbacks really made this game special to me, and shows that they still care about the OG fans from back in the days of their humble beginnings.
    Sorry for the scatterbrained post, it's my first one on the forum.  I tend to ramble lol.
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    Joey_XIII reacted to Fates Chance XIII in DANG IT! HOW DID I ONLY JUST REALIZE?!   
    Okay, I am so embarrassed that I didnt realize this sooner but you know how the stained glass place is called 'Station of Awakening'?
    And where did Sora go when he used the 'Power of Waking'?!
    Station of Awakening ---- Power of Waking
    How did I not see that sooner?
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    Joey_XIII reacted to GotMilk5101520 in Who is your favorite video game mother?   
    We all the answer to this
    Sora's mom
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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from Movies798 in Whats the best remix in KH3?   
    Tension Rising sounds really good!
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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from Novayon in What is your favorite KH3 Track?   
    That's definitely...
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    Joey_XIII reacted to Allwil13 in When People Compare KH3 To KH2   
    I agree completely. I noticed pretty quickly that a lot of the complaints I've seen about KH3 were also things that people complained about with KH2 when it first came out. Honestly, if you look at the issues people are pointing out, a lot of them are issues that the previous installments had too. 
    And this isn't me saying, "yeah, well Kingdom hearts 2 sucked too, guys!" Kingdom Hearts 2 is a fine game. I don't think it's the best in the series (honestly I think Kingdom Hearts 3 was better), but it is solid. What caused this backlash was one simple thing: Hype. All the hype kind of crippled Kingdom Hearts 3 right out of the gate. It was just sooooo built up and people developed these ludicrously unrealistic expectations for it. 
    I think this problem will be remedied. What will remedy it? Simple. Time. People need time to simmer down and look at the game objectively. Again, this same thing happened with Kingdom hearts 2 when it first came out. It was not seen as a masterpiece upon release. People had major issues with it. I think the same thing will happen with Kingdom Hearts 3. Give it time. People will come around.
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    Joey_XIII reacted to Green Sparrow in When People Compare KH3 To KH2   
    First off, be patient with anyone who says KH3 is the worst game of 2019, because they probably haven't played Jump Force or Crackdown 3 yet

    Secondly, I don't think there's anything wrong with comparing KH3 to KH2 at all (vanilla or FM). KH1 gets a pass since it was the first one, but KHFM built off of KH, KH2 built off of KHFM, KH2FM built off of KH2, so it's only natural that people would expect KH3 to build off of KH2FM. The same guy has been directing the entire series, so you would think every entry (or at least every main entry) would improve upon the last. I hope the Final Mix DLC makes it the best in the series, but yes, "vanilla" KH3 SHOULD have been better than KH2.

    KH2FM is great, but it's not perfect. A lot of the new scenes they added flat out ruin some of the pacing. Remember when they added a new 10 minute cutscene right before the final Demyx fight? The Roxas/Axel/Purgatory scene is also nice, but it's just kind of... there lol

    Finally, you're not completely off base. Fans tend to not like the newest entry in a series. Right now, Final Fantasy 15 is the worst in the series... until Final Fantasy 16 comes out, and then FF15 will be considered a "classic" lol
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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from joku760 in What is your most anticipated game of March 2019?   
    I'm kinda excited for Sekiro. I liked Dark Souls and Bloodborne. From Software makes good Action RPG games.
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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from teh lazy prince Xylek in Which Xehanort has the best hair?   
    Xemnas of course!
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    Joey_XIII reacted to corfidbizna in Who could the Master of Masters possibly be?   
    In addition, the Master of Masters shares Noctis' voice actor in both English and Japanese. If true, it's an additional example of a Final Fantasy character having a Kingdom Hearts-ish instance (Reno / Axel).
    If Noctis is a more polished version of the Final Fantasy XIII-Versus protagonist, then Yozora is something similar. Plus, there's that interview from 2013 where Nomura said the following: "Do you know the name Sora mean the “sky”, in japanese and Noctis, his family name is Caelum which mean sky as well so basically, Noctis mean “night sky”, so they are kind of complete opposites to each other. There is a reason why I named these characters as opposites."
    Plus, there's that KH easter egg in FFXV where Prompto mentions a video game featuring magical key that can unlock any door. And in the Toy Story world, Sora (or rather Yozora) is from a video game. Basically, too many coincidences for me. But mostly its the voice actor thing.
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    Joey_XIII reacted to Keyblade Master XIII in Who could the Master of Masters possibly be?   
    It would be interesting if it was Yozora, seeing as he has one blue eye and one red eye; maybe a result of putting an Eye in No Name? If the Master of Masters is indeed the next antagonist, Yozora would fit the bill: his name means "Night Sky", which is the opposite of Sora ("Sky"), and the game character exists in a copy of Toy Box created by Young Xehanort. Coincidence? 
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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from The Transcendent Key in Who's the best girl of the KH franchise?   
    My bae Aqua ofcourse!
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    Joey_XIII reacted to PrinceNoctis in Who's the best girl of the KH franchise?   
    Aqua is the boss! I do like Ava and Invi a lot though.
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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from RuddnioJib in KH13 v4 - Discussion, bugs & features   
    I like the look of the page! Will take time to get used to it . Also, I will miss the signatures .
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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from Doksap37 in What Black Friday deals did you score?   
    Found nothing interesting during the sales.
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    Joey_XIII reacted to ienzo628 in What was your favorite part of the X018 KH3 trailer?   
    Hey the more the merrier, right?
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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from Scottler in What was your favorite part of the X018 KH3 trailer?   
    Wow... that probably last battle with all types of enemies in there... that's going to be EPIC. I'm not sure if I want to watch more trailers that are yet to come... I think they are showing too much, but that's just my opinion
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    Joey_XIII got a reaction from setsugekka in New Kingdom Hearts III Tangled trailer debuted at Lucca Comics and Games 2018   
    Looks great! Loving the trailer and the Marluxia's nobodies!
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