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  1. Why include a demo for a game that's already out? Unless this is a demo for the DLC instead of the main game.
  2. Thor 4 and Doctor Strange 2 are exciting to me. Can't wait to see where else these characters go
  3. Am I the only one disappointed? Sure it's a teaser, but even then it doesn't really show just what the DLC is about. I guess they're adding onto the keyblade graveyard?? It was also so awkward to see the cutscenes with no dialogue. Guess they haven't recorded anything yet.
  4. Personally speaking, Professor Hulk's introduction in Endgame was jarring, and despite being the logical conclusion of Hulk's three-movie arc, the way it was handled in the film was so poor, it turned me off at first.
  5. The orbitars were ready, the throwers were set, nothing was holding them back... It was time to begin operation: Invisible Cross! Maybe that needed a better name.. "Alright! anyone who wants to cross first, step right up!"
  6. ”Great! Who wants to go first?” Pit asked again, preparing his orbitars.
  7. Do we even need anything more after the onslaught of trailers these past few months?
  8. Looking at his command menu, I've got a feeling he'll be like Mickey in KH2, i.e only playable during certain boss fights or sections. I hope it's not the case, though.
  9. The angel brightened at the two raised hands. "Great! Here's the plan: Link and Tiki, you go pick up the others and throw them up in the air as hard as you can- You can use your magic too, Lute- and then I'll use the shields of my Orbitars to push them to the other side. Like this for example." Setting the rest of his bunched up stones down and grabbing one from the pile, Pit threw the rock upwards and summoned his Guardian Orbitars, replacing his bow at the moment. When the stone began to fall down, he willed an Orbitar to move up, and in one motion he pulled up its shield and flicked it with enough force to push the stone and launch it towards the other platform. The stone landed with no problems on the other platform. "What do you guys think?" He asked, putting his closed hands on his waist.
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