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  1. I would like it if it were similar to KHII where you play as one and then swap because of the story. I do not really want to continuously swap around though like in DDD.
  2. My friends and I would do the same. It is so much fun when you have someone on every instrument and you are all singing the song off key and barely passing!
  3. So Rock Band 4 came out today and I have been enjoying it. My shipment didn't get in until yesterday so I have only played for 2 days, but man is it awesome. I was wondering if any other Road Crew members were present here. Most likely not if we look at it statistically, but we can always hope. Anyways any other fans of the Rock Band games?
  4. Didn't know you too long, but you always seems to have your crap together and were very helpful when we needed it. I guess this is not farewell since you will be on the site a lot, but thanks for helping this grow into something that can offer others opportunities like myself. Enjoy retirement. I expect a few post cards from you on Destiny Islands sprawled out in the sand!
  5. What are you talking about. Can't you tell by all of the detail that it is Roxas's hair?
  6. *Stealths and steals your armor, kills all the guards, flees*
  7. I rarely used it. It really depended on the enemy I was fighting.
  8. I still want Kojima to make Silent Hills. I figured MGS would be ran into the ground through countless apps after Phantom Pains, but I am amazed that it is happening so fast.
  9. Oh it worked. We were sorain, flyin, there wasn't a star in heaven that we couldn't reach, we were tryin, so we were breakin free.
  10. On the contrary. Lightning McQueen tended to strike first place multiple times. Ka-chow!
  11. Oh it is. It took me exactly 34.67 hours to complete.
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