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  1. Going to be offline from the discord until.after KH3 drops due to leaks.

    No worries ill be back on the 29th.

  2. I consider it amazing how a game plstform can be out for five yea and still cost my left Kidney.

  3. Everything exists just to spite me i swear

  4. So i looked back on my older threads i made, and i have one thing to say.

    Y i k e s

    I really wish i could go back in time and slap myself before i posted those threads, because jesus theyre a cringe festival.

  5. I remember when this site had more then 12 people on it.

    EHh, i have confidence KH13 will explode in activity once KH3 drops.

  6. RIP Hayner


  7. I'm on the kh13 discord, feel free to add me at Xonsveon#1223

  8. I see thr dietmentary supplements are back=w=

  9. Pachirisu

    Last Post Wins!

    Youre a clever one
  10. I think i broke it.


  11. Pachirisu

    Last Post Wins!

    Is that a jojo reference.
  12. Going to be running some tests on my profile to figure out some features.

  13. Pachirisu

    Last Post Wins!

    ill try and find it (aLso i see kh 13 has a discord now!)