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    This might be a good spot to come up with a new recipe!
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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Tada! new profile theme! It's what i'm going to be using on here and on the discord server (in terms of nicknames)

    As to what it will be shortened to...idk, maybe youko? Perhaps.^^

  2. Howdy, y'all. Wanted to give a little bit of a heads up:

    Due to shifting tastes, i'm gonna try and moce away from pokemon aethetic for something else.

    Digimon seems pretty cool, might give that a try in the future, dunno!

  3. Youkomon

    General Chat

    Death Stranding is pretty interesting, i like the main purpose of it of bridging communities together and rebuilding society. how Kojima managed to convince Norman Reedus to be in this game however, is beyond me. No offense
  4. Youkomon

    General Chat

    Oh, for Pokemon British edition, that game. I have been keeping an eye on it, but i'm much more of a gen 3 kinda guy. Gen 3 all the way, baby!
  5. Youkomon

    General Chat

    Yeah, its really great! if my mood continues to improve, i might end my break later today instead of tomorrow, positive thoughts.^^
  6. I really am a fool for letting a game ruin a friendship... *sigh*

    friendships go through a rough patch every now and then, i'm sure things will be fixed.

  7. Youkomon

    General Chat

    Yeah, it can be very stressful, but for my end, my moods been improving tremedously, so theres a good side. I feel pretty confident about today.^^
  8. Youkomon

    General Chat

    Hopefully work hasnt treated you too badly, Esto. You gotta learn to take care of yourself, buddy. My day has been boring for the most part, nothing really major is going on. Just listening to music.
  9. Youkomon

    General Chat

    But yeah, whats everyone up to this afternoon?
  10. Youkomon

    General Chat

    Oh, the big one is releasing tomorrow? I may watch a stream or two, but nothing really looks appealing to me.
  11. I'm feeling pretty good, todaysa good day.^^

  12. Youkomon

    General Chat

    Yeah, just decided to take a short break for a bit, nothing major.^^
  13. Youkomon

    General Chat

    I'm doing alright. HEck, doing much better then when I was on monday.^^
  14. Youkomon

    General Chat

    Good morning, how are we doing today?
  15. Youkomon

    General Chat

    Gamecube graphics are actually pretty good though, and i gotta say that the gamecube has (and always will be) my favorite nintendo console.
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