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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. Huh, a new TWEWY game. I guess 2020 has some good mews after all!
  2. Morning yall, hows life going?
  3. Evening yall. How are we?
  4. From what my kinda unhealthy social media habit has taught me, people are stubborn. So, a plan can be made, but how many people will follow it, im not aure.
  5. Yeah, just gonna be the same ol same ol every 4 years. (Although sometimes midterms can be just as fiesty)
  6. Yeah, irl stuff and burdons arent gonna go away regardless of what happens, but now i can divert my full attention towards fixing those problems and maybe have some rest and relaxation
  7. This is why i try my best to stay out of politics tbh either way, at least idont have to have political ads shoved in my face when jamming to tunes on youtube, so i guess the real winner is me
  8. Oh man, thats some nostalgia right there.
  9. Yep, and they have won big time. I am so relieved this is over.
  10. I pretty much embraced a "whatever happens is what happens" Either way, this charade is over and i can go bzck to focusing on stuff i enjoy doing.^^
  11. Im not brave enough for politics, but at this point im just happy its over. This election took longer then frieza fight on namek.
  12. Mhm, even the world feels like its falling apart. But luckilly, i have my friends and family there, because they are awesome
  13. Yeah, theres been a few positives, and im focused on remaining positive, even in these trying times.
  14. Well dispite 2020 being 2020, managing stuff better than i was yesterday. Hoo boy, gonna be a long weekend!
  15. I'm not really sure if staff take emote suggestions but please dont quote me on that, my memory hasnt been serving me well the past year or so Edit: Nevermind, i am illiterate. Yeah, there might be a way to get the image sources
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