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  1. Afternoon folks, how are we doing?
  2. Howdy quiddy, you good today?
  3. Idk who bobby is, but i'm pretty okay. How about you?
  4. Morning everyone, how are we?
  5. Id like to thank my friends on here for constantly dealing with my nonsense on here.

    believe me, socially isolating myself constantly infuriates me as well, and me not knowing what the problem is doesnt exactly make my headaches any better.

    Maybe the cards are just stacked against me. :P

  6. Please for the love of god let 2021 be boring, ive had enough headaches this year.

  7. Ehh, given the current state of my setup and whatnot, not really. maybe later when i can get slmething thats a little more beefier and stable. my current device iz starting to show its age, metaphorically speaking of course
  8. So, a new pokemon direct came about today, and I just wanted to share my thoughts on it. spoiler tag below.


    Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that it was being developed and published by Tencent, i'd be willing to give it a try.


  9. I dont feel like i'm particularly well liked on here. I mean i did do some bas stuff at ive been trying to improve on, but i dont reallyfeel like i'm on good terms with people here, like i've not been the person i aspire to be.

    i don't know, maybe i'm just overthinking it, probably the latter.

    1. WakelessDream


      For what it's worth, I don't think any of that about you. I think you're overthinking it. xD 

      There are so many new faces here now too I think it's impossible to be on bad terms with everyone. 

    2. Youkomon


      Yeah, i'm probably ovsrthinking it.

      Ive just been concerned ive been pushing my luck with some of the atuff I do on discord that im trying to handle.

  10. So, two things i see happened or are happening.

    1. Awesome discord widget, looks good, doesnt take up too much space either.

    2. Dark road dropped. I was not told dark road dropped, but since im not in any kh servers, i dont think anyone couldve told me if they wanted to. Oh well

    1. Youkomon




  11. Wow, thats an impressive story, I hope he goes on to do great things^^
  12. Devils advocate: Dont most games have that same idea though? Afaik games like outer worlds had first person mode and customized characters.
  13. Well too be fair, id like to imagine with all the nonsense going on must be an absolute nightmare to deal with, so theymight be pushing it back until things calm down. Eitrher that or i'm just blowing smoke out of my behind.
  14. How about instead of announcing release dates, just dont announce one at all? I dont think most people are gonna have any problems with saying "hey, we know cyberpunk is gonna be great, however we need time, which we cant guarentee the release on a specific date, so we'll release it when were 100% sure the game is finished."
  15. I suppose thats a Fair point esto
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