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  1. Thats good Golden, I hoped your run went okay.^^
  2. Good evening, how is everyone?
  3. Howdy yall, how is the evening going?
  4. I was bored as heck, so I decided to compile a lift of all Final Fantasy Characters in Kingdom Hearts via their game, let me know if I missed something. Wpoiler tag to prevent post stretching I guess


    FF5: (References: Weapons Master, Aka Gilgamesh)

    Ff6: Fuu, Setzer (References: Mysterious Sir aka Kefka)

    FF7: Aerith, Cloud, Zack, Tifa, Sephiroth, Cid, Yuffie. (References: biggs, wedge, Jessie, and Wallace.)

    FF8: Seifer, Leon, Rai, Selphie.

    FF9: Vivi.

    Ff10: Tidus, Auron, Wakka

    FFX-12: Gullwings 

    References are characters that while they arent direct inspirations, either their design or name eis a reference to a specific character

    Thats roughly it. While i'm not suprised FF7 had the largest representation, I realky wouldn't mind having ff characters from other games. :P

    Like Lightning, wouldnt mind a Lightning bossfight but hey what do I know?

  5. I think in 2021 im gonna revamp my profile to be more original so I can have my oqn unique identity^^

    Merry christmas yall.

  6. Good evening, hope yall had an awesome christmas!
  7. For christmas, I kinda want that chessboard from KH3.

    Yes i'm still here :P


  8. Huh, a new TWEWY game. I guess 2020 has some good mews after all!
  9. Morning yall, hows life going?
  10. From what my kinda unhealthy social media habit has taught me, people are stubborn. So, a plan can be made, but how many people will follow it, im not aure.
  11. Yeah, just gonna be the same ol same ol every 4 years. (Although sometimes midterms can be just as fiesty)
  12. Yeah, irl stuff and burdons arent gonna go away regardless of what happens, but now i can divert my full attention towards fixing those problems and maybe have some rest and relaxation
  13. This is why i try my best to stay out of politics tbh either way, at least idont have to have political ads shoved in my face when jamming to tunes on youtube, so i guess the real winner is me
  14. Oh man, thats some nostalgia right there.
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