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About Me

Sup everyone. Im CriticalAsscension aka RealMenSmellStrongCheese (My Old Username) and I welcome you to me profile! :)

Now, about me. I live in Western Australia and I have been a giant fan of the KH series since I was around 7 years old. I'm Christian and I love playing JRPGs and watching anime in my spare time. I am a active member to this forum. While I have only been a member for around 2 years, I use to browse as a guest on here all the time for 3-4 years. I also as late started to play around on Unchained X so if you want to talk, we can chat up then otherwise im generally free in chat.


Honestly just your regular average guy to be honest I guess; I mean I can be quite nerdy, weeby or blunt (which is not a good thing in my opinion) but besides that I don't any kinds of specialised talents. I don't really take part in much sports besides Basketball and Ping Pong cause not athletic enough or just plain lazy. 


Kingdom Hearts Unchained Stuffz

Username: Chimera

Union: Anguis

Party: Path to Twilight (PLEASE JOIN, WE NEED MEMBERS ASAP xD)


Top 5 Fav Games:

1.Kingdom Hearts 2 FM
3.Disgaea 4
4.Tales of Xillia 2
5.Starcraft 2

Top 5 Fav Animes:
1.Re: Zero
2.Steins Gate

4.Spice and Wolf

5.No Game No Life


Favourite Yugioh Deck:

Anything that really spams Synchros lol :P


Steam Id: NeoBahamut

Psn: UltimaXD3


Origin: UltimaXD3

BattleNet: NeoBahamut

DevPro: NeoBahamut

Dueling Network: CrystalisDragon

                            (Clanhunter) Bahamut




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