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    CriticalAssension got a reaction from The Transcendent Key in Is Anyone Worried That Kingdom Hearts III Won't Release Simultaneously Worldwide?   
    I honestly don't care even if Japan gets it more then a month or two ahead of us. . .I just want the damn game this year and no a delay unless really necessary. As long as we get it this year, then I don't care how much furthur ahead Japan will get it
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    CriticalAssension reacted to Jingilator in Leaked footage of further Toy Story gameplay in KH3 (SPOILERS)   
    See at your own risk.

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    CriticalAssension reacted to corfidbizna in KH Uχ's Recent Changes from a Game Developer's Standpoint (Long Post)   
    I don't post on forums much, so I'll admit I'm not quite experienced with this kind of thing.
    I wanted to try and shed some light on recent updates to Kingdom Hearts Union χ in terms of how a game developer thinks. I do this because I've heard many complaints about the game (a good chunk of which are entirely justified) and I wanted to try and point out how the developers are trying to make things function.
    Easier Attainability of Jewels:
    One of the earliest complaints I'd heard about the game was that in the Japanese version it was easier to earn jewels. For definition's sake (and for those who don't play the game), jewels are a freemium currency in that they provide a means for players to spend money on their otherwise free-to-play game. The in-game functionality of jewels is primarily to obtain attacks, but they can also be used to revive you in a pinch or fill up your Special Attack Gauge. In a recent update, daily login bonuses were increased from awarding 50-50-100-100-200 jewels to 100-100-200-200-300 (from 500 to 900 every five days) and quests that provide up to 300 jewels per day were added.
    This increase was an attempt to provide one of two things. First was to provide a catch-up mechanic for players who are new to the game or haven't played in a while. No one likes feeling left behind for extended periods of time, and people usually enjoy getting stronger very quickly. The second thing was to make sure players were more motivated to spend their jewels on things. If something is rare, people are less inclined to spend it. The dev team doesn't want people sitting on large stashes of jewels, since that means people aren't being encouraged to spend them. If jewels are more plentiful, people are more willing to spend. From a more pessimistic view, the more players get used to spending money, the more likely they'll want to purchase more. From an optimistic view, more jewels means more ability to purchase strong medals when they come out, but I'll get into that in a sec.
    The Shop's [EX] Banners (+ Premium Avatar Boards):
    In a good economy, people regularly spend money. KH Uχ has a fake economy where money can spontaneously erupt, but it's still ideal for these half-existent video game economies to have players who spend. Initially, shop incentives were fairly slim, getting a medal guaranteed within 10 pulls and they would have no special attack slots filled out (henceforth "pips"). Over the time this game has existed, the developers have lowered the number of pulls required or given other incentives like having pips filled out or decreasing the cost with every pull. You could always obtain those super-awesome medals in other pulls, but in most cases the deal that promotes it is the best way to obtain them. With the recent jewel supplement updates, the shop has emphasized the phenomenon of [EX] medals, which are only obtainable through a deal that promotes them. This may seem like a step backwards, though in actuality it isn't.
    Part of the problem with the setup of this game is that it always feels like it wants you to buy everything as soon as it comes available. In the friend medal list, the game will happily show you that Illust. Kairi [EX] medal that's got three abilities and a Special Attack Multiplier of 200%, making many players feel like "gee, I sure wish I could have afforded that medal, thanks for rubbing that in my face." The important thing to consider is that you don't have to buy anything. The store page is the equivalent of the front of a brick-and-mortar store, only instead of being able to walk past it without a second glance it takes up your whole attention.
    The developers give you multiple chances to obtain otherwise unique things, often in cases like the premium avatar boards providing them at a discount the second time 'round. The [EX] deals are to give more incentive to buy from a promotional deal instead of using something like the daily deal (which provides 3 any-rarity medals at 50% discount). The important thing to keep in mind is to not feel pressured into trying to obtain a specific medal if you don't feel you can afford it. I know it hurts if you're a completionist and you want at least one of everything, but it's important to be patient. Sure, you just spend all your jewels on that Illust. Kairi [EX] and now they've got that awesome-looking Dual Wield Roxas [EX] in the store, but you don't have to buy it now. When the promotional deal ends in a few days, that Roxas medal will be inaccessible. But Roxas won't go away forever. He'll come back……… ¬_¬
    Anyway, at a glance, it does look like the developers just want the player's money.
    In part, they do.
    The video game industry is actually quite cutthroat, particularly in the case AAA developers. Some companies (who shall not be named) will literally reduce or cut pay of their artists / programmers if the game they worked on doesn't score more than 80 on Metacritic. Mobile games are considered successful if they have a high download count and make a lot of money, and the most consistent way to do that is to be free to play to provide the download count with freemium currency to provide the income. Of all the games I've seen with a freemium system, KH Uχ has one of the least in-your-face approaches and gives a relatively large number of opportunities for players to earn jewels outside of paying money.
    In theory, console video games are supposed to cost [a dollar] for every hour the player spends enjoying the game (plus or minus, depending on how open-ended the game is). While free-to-play games such as this one often work on a different metric, the primary part of the game costs players literally nothing.
    It's important to keep in mind that game developers are human beings. They have a job, they're trying to do their job so they can afford food, and they don't always have control over all the decisions made. All they can do is try to fulfill the requirements put to them while also making a fun game at the same time. KH Uχ's dev team is actually remarkably on top of fixing bugs and even does a lot of back-end fixes to make the game easier on the devices themselves.
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    CriticalAssension reacted to TheFinalPersonaKeyblade in Various Kingdom Hearts Feats (Power, Speed, Durability, etc.)   
    Hello, KH13. I am here to talk about the various feats portrayed throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. Before I begin, however, here is a video explaining how power tiers are handled in fiction, for future reference.

    This is how strength feats from the series will be measured. Considering Kingdom Hearts has some varying feats, I will try my best with what I know from the series and explain how these are measured, and power scaling will be involved. Also, I will be taking gameplay feats into account, such as the Mirage Arena and secret bosses.
    First off, here are the more blatant feats of strength and speed shown here. For this part, I will be talking about the final world and bosses of Kingdom Hearts II. In the first phase of the final battle, Sora is seen cutting through six buildings in the span of one second.
    These buildings are roughly three stories tall and approximately 5 meters in width. With that, we can determine Sora's speed at that point was 30 m/s. The average weight of a one story building is about 80,000 pounds, or 40 tons. With that, we can see that each building shown in that section is most likely three times that size. First we will multiply the amount of tons by 3. So 40 x 3 = 120 (basic math, but bare with me, here). 120 tons would be the amount of weight that each building has. Seeing as there are six of them, the total weight would be 720 tons between the buildings. For the sake of this calculation, we have to convert the mass of the buildings into kilograms to find out the kinetic energy that Sora displays at this point. In case you're wondering, the calculation of kinetic energy is 0.5 x mv^2. Converting the building's weight to kilograms, the total weight would be 653,173 kilograms. Since we know both the mass and the speed, we can calculate the kinetic energy that Sora gives off. KE is determined by joules of force, so that will be how much power the feat will yield. So 0.5 x 653,173kg (30 m/s)^2 = 293,927,850J. This would measure in at Small Building Level. Not a bad feat, but nowhere near Sora's true potential. 
    Next, we go into the second Armored Xemnas battle. At one point, Sora hits one of those same buildings in order to break Xemnas' barrier. Since the total weight from the last feat has gone down significantly, you would think that it is not as strong a feat. You would be wrong, as even though the mass may not be as big, there is a massive speed difference to compensate. By the calculation, it would appear that the building is going at the speed of 1,223.8 m/s. To put into perspective, the speed of sound is 340 m/s, so Sora hit the building at about three and a half times the speed of sound. To save time, the calculation would be KE = 0.5 x 108,862kg (1,223.8 m/s)^2 = 81,517,406,439J. This is equivalent to 19.48 tons of TNT, so Sora is now at Regular Building Level. I will save the final phase of the battle later, due to it having a major speed feat for both Sora and Riku.
    For now, we will be moving on to Birth by Sleep feats, specifically during the trio's visit to the Keyblade Graveyard, as one of BbS' best feats reside here. I will be ignoring the power of the X-blade and the true Kingdom Hearts showcased here, as we don't truly know how powerful the actual Kingdom Hearts is, as it sits anywhere between Solar System Level to potentially Universe Level. At one point, Master Xehanort creates several large pillars of earth throughout his battle with Terra, Ven, and Aqua.
    Keep in mind, the area was mostly flat before Xehanort had done this. Not to mention Xehanort is way past his prime by this point, so this scales to basically anyone who has fought any version of him. At one point in the video, there are eleven pillars shown from this battle (6:35). The one where Terra is smacked by one of those pillars clocks in at around 3 gigatons worth of force, and the rest of the pillars are at a similar size, except the one where Terra fought Vanitas and Xehanort, which is the biggest one.Considering how much terrain has been shifted from this fight,Xehanort has done it rather casually, and how high up the terrain has been lifted, the total amount of force exerted by Xehanort would be at least 35 gigatons worth of force, meaning that Xehanort is at least Island Level. Considering that Terra essentially tanked one of the pillars from Xehanort and defeated him, that would make his strength and durability definitively Island Level. Ventus and Aqua naturally scale to this as well. Moreso Aqua, due to the Final Episode. 
    Now we will be moving on to the series' best feats. The next major feat in BbS, specifically in Final Mix, is TAV fighting Monstro. Normally, this wouldn't be that much of a feat, since giant enemies are nothing new to Kingdom Hearts. However, Monstro is an exception. In the original Kingdom Hearts, Monstro was seen outpacing the Gummi Ship as Sora, Donald, and Goofy try to get to Atlantica/ Halloween Town.
    Considering the high possibility that the worlds in Kingdom Hearts are in different solar systems, as a lot of them take place on some version of Earth, and it takes the Gummi Ship an average of 130 seconds to get from world to world, this would mean that Monstro's casual speed is at least 1 million times the speed of light (far higher if Multiverse Theory is applied). With TAV taking on a pissed off (read: serious) Monstro in the Mirage Arena, that would make TAV far beyond the speed of light, as well. 
    Next, we return to Kingdom Hearts II with the Fake Kingdom Hearts created from the Heartless. At the end of the game, Xemnas becomes one with the Fake Kingdom Hearts. At first, it does not seem like much. However, this leads into what is essentially a duplicate World That Never Was. This feat was listed at about 1.374 Foe worth of force, as it is comparable to the Kingdom Hearts in the first game, which had restored several planets at the end of the first game. As Xemnas has absorbed the still extremely powerful Fake Kingdom Hearts, he has become Star Level. This culminates into Xemnas' final form: Twilight Xemnas. This is where Sora and Riku's major speed feat comes into play. As Xemnas covers the screen in darkness, he summons hundreds, if not, thousands of lasers at Sora and Riku. Since lasers are essentially condensed segments of light, that would mean both Sora and Riku are both faster than light due to these lasers, and Star Level via scaling to Twilight Xemnas. However, this is not their current max potential, as they all scale to what is the series' best feat displayed by this point in Kingdom Hearts.
    Who here remembers Zeus from Hercules?
    Yeah, Zeus did that. Zeus has created constellations based off of Sora, Donald, and Goofy as a sign that they are true heroes. Since the first Kingdom Hearts, worlds have been in potentially different solar systems, and have been represented as stars. There are 614 stars total that are combined to make the constellation, and each star is moving faster than light.Since these are fairly far apart, and Zeus has done this casually, it would appear that the amount of force used to make this was 4.22 Foe, meaning it would be just below Solar System Level. However, since this many stars are here, and remembering that worlds are represented with stars, and most of these worlds have suns and moons, it is very likely that this is indeed a Solar System Level feat, potentially Multi-Solar System Level. Now, you may be asking, "How does anyone scale to this?" Simple. The Kingdom Hearts in KH1 is fully capable of restoring worlds, and the Kingdom Hearts in KHII has a similar power output, meaning that Zeus' constellation feat is not an outlier. 
    Also, one last tidbit: Sora scales to Monstro's speed via the Lingering Will, a more powerful version of Terra who was already capable of defeating Monstro, who Sora stalemated.
    TL;DR: Kingdom Hearts, as a series, is Solar System Level, with the potential of Universe Level if Xehanort wanting to recreate the universe in darkness is believed, and Massively Faster Than Light. Sora, via scaling, can solo the HST (Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece), would make it far into Dragon Ball Z, and solos just about every Square Enix IP that isn't Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.
    I'll update this thread if more feats that catch my eye pop up, and it will definitely be updated when Kingdom Hearts III comes out.
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    CriticalAssension got a reaction from Tails in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Announced   
    Is Final Fantasy XV gonna become the next FF13 where they milk it to the absolute extreme max for more years to come?
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    CriticalAssension reacted to Trey Wickesser in were the kh1 hd cut-scenes recreated   
    this is a question i have had for a good while and i have heard no discussion even surrounding it. what i am asking is when the kh 1.5 collection was made did square enix recreate all of kh1 cut-scenes(aside from cgi beginning and ending). if you are unfamiliar why something like this would even happen and it does not concern the later games it is because mentioned in some interviews square had lost the original file or disk or whatever you want to call the Original kingdom hearts.they had to use a retail copy from what i understand and remake the games from there. so what i am asking is if anyone can conform or deny this as if you compare footage from the ps2 and (ps3,ps4) some camera angles in cut-scenes look slightly and i mean slightly different and on the first scene on destiny islands there is a cut that was completely skipped in the remaster. so please if anyone can give me a yes or no and i would like some feedback or your opinion on this situation
    here 2 videos to compare the cut-scenes
    for a good example look at the first cut-scene at destiny islands
    also can someone tell me how i put the video on the page
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    CriticalAssension reacted to The Transcendent Key in Your Life Matters!   
    Hey there everyone, I hope that all of you are doing okay!
    So then, in light of how harsh the world is becoming day by day, and in light of many people losing hope and ending their lives, I wanted to relay this message that well, there is always hope. For all those people who have suicidal thoughts, know that you have someone looking after you, someone who wants to know why you're hurting. Don't throw away your life, and keep on fighting!

    I hope this can be able to change a man or woman's mind about taking away their own lives. Know that your life matters, and that you have a limitless amount of possibilities for the future! You just have to fight!
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    CriticalAssension reacted to AwesomeKHfan in Goodbye Christopher Robin Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers   
    Damn the feels lol I feel so bad for the kid
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    CriticalAssension reacted to LostArtis in KH3 Toy Story outside comparison   
    What’s up KH13! For the past two days I’ve been carefully watching scenes from Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 to see just how accurate the Toy Story world is in Kh3, and let me say I am impressed! Yesterday, I posted on Reddit some comparison images of Andy’s room, which you could view here if you haven’t seen  them: http://imgur.com/a/5k0US
    Today I would like to compare the outside area of the Toy Story world!      These first few comparisons of the house outside are with Toy Story 2 (bottom image). While there are a few minor differences like the landscaping around the door, they are basically the same! In fact I’d say Kh3’s house looks better than Toy Story 2’s house.      The next couple of house comparisons are with Toy Story 3 (bottom image). The game stacks up pretty well! One interesting difference, which is seen when compared with both Toy Story 2 and 3, is that the movie versions of the house has no rail/fence in the front lawn, whereas Kh3 seems to have the front lawn surrounded by one. You can see this difference very well in the next couple of shots.      The first comparison is with Toy Story 3 while the next two after that are with Toy Story 2. As you can see, neither movies have the fence, while Kh3 does. The mailbox, trashcan, and recycle bin are are perfectly replicated from Toy Story 3. Interestingly Toy Story 2 has rail fences across the street, and also the bush to the left of the mail box, which can be seen in the game world but not Toy Story 3.    The rest of the comparisons are with Toy Story 3.      You can see in this comparison that the houses across the street match. The lampposts also match, and if you look closely, that includes the red fire hydrant right next to the closest pole.     In this comparison, the red house in the movie is the same as the one squared in the game. You can tell this by the tree covering the house and the lamppost right next to the house.      These are beautiful comparisons showing how similar looking the game and movie are, with the yellow house next door, the street, the trees, and sky.      This next comparison is insane! The whole street pretty much matches the movie! Both have a car on the street, mailbox/garbage/recycling bin, a red fire hydrant, a car parked on a driveway, and another car on the street in the distance, all in the same order!   The last few comparisons are of houses in the neighborhood.      These two comparisons are of the same house. Although there are differences (I’ll let you spot those yourself ) the two versions match extremely well with the car parked, the fencing and fire hydrant, and the mailbox/trash to the right of it.      These two comparisons are of the yellow house beside Andy’s house. They again match pretty well.      The next two are of a blue house across the street. They match pretty well, although the game again adds fencing that isn’t there in the movie.    Like I said before, the blue house across the street in Toy Story 2 actually had fencing. But this house does not match either the game or the Toy Story 3 version, which I find interesting.     And Finally, this last comparison is of a white house across the street. It matches with the lamppost and mailbox/trash/recycle bin.    The houses in this neighborhood are pretty much the same ones from the 3rd movie! I have noticed from watching these clips over and over again that there is less space in between the houses in the game version compared to the movie version. Other than that it's all practically the same! I am amazed at how accurate the world represents the movie! I have a greater appreciation for the people involved in making this game now!    What are your thoughts?     
    Edit: The images are so big!!! how do I reduce their size?
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    CriticalAssension reacted to Dengojin in (Confirmed Fake) New Kingdom Hearts 3 renders for Sora, Donald and Goofy appears at Gamestop   
    Shortly before the D23 event occurring, Gamestop started showing the promotion material for Kingdom Hearts 3 by showing new renders in the pre-order marketing. Thanks to fluttershyjac on Instagaram for sharing a picture of the promotion piece.

    Don't forget to tune into our live coverage of Level Up! starting on Today at 12:00 PM PDT. Also, the livestream will begin today on Saturday, July 15th at 1:00 PM PDT and will stream on Facebook (This is Polaris) and on Twitch (jacksepticeye).
    UPDATE: The promotional art is indeed fake. 
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    CriticalAssension reacted to The Transcendent Key in What's Inside Sora's Shoes?   
    It is a question that many have asked in Cynical's many videos at his channel, TheGamersJoint, so I, The Friendly Neighborhood Webhead, aim to answer that question!

    Beautiful, isn't it?
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    CriticalAssension reacted to catmaster0116 in Curaga Animation and Modelling   
    Everything you see in the animation below was modelled by me except for the orange-haired and black haired character.
    Yes I even modelled the Daybreak town stage, the flow/vines/leaf effect. Took me a while to line the lighting and textures together but it turned out acceptable!




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    CriticalAssension reacted to StormDriver in You ever heard of the Data Theory?   
    This theory was originally developed by derekscorner and revised last night. I delve into the theory a little bit myself and came up with something pretty incredible. Again, most of this theory is in credit to derekscorner. All I’ve done is branch it out a little more. You can read the original post along with what I came up with here.
    Kingdom Hearts is never entirely clear on how it’s universe works. The only trustworthy information you can get is spoken by characters in cut scenes, usually rather vague and said with symbolism, or it’s hidden somewhere in the “Reports” you recover throughout all of the games.
    Because of this, the game can constantly flex it’s rules to bring about more scenarios and fix discrepancies it might have had in the past. But assuming, with the release 1.5+2.5 for the PS4, all of those discrepancies were fixed and the game is official, theories about this game will now become all the more relevant. And sensible.
    Most things in Kingdom Hearts can be explained away in a rather convoluted essay. However, there are still select few scenarios that fans can’t seem to tackle because it wouldn’t make sense for how the game’s universe operates. One of these leading scenarios is the issue of bringing the lost Nobodies back into existence. I’m talking about Roxas, Naminé, and Xion.
    “But it’s easy!” You say with excitement. “Sora just needs to release their hearts and they’ll be here!”
    Well, in a sense, you’re right. But it also wouldn’t make sense regarding how the game works. Not many people remember them because they weren’t really relevant until now, but the Secret Ansem reports obtained in Kingdom Hearts II describe how an individual being works:
    Secret Ansem Report #4Three elements combine to create a life: a heart, a soul, and a body.
    But what of the soul and body left behind when the heart is lost?
    When the soul leaves the body, its vessel, life gives way to death, but what about when the heart leaves?
    A being does not perish when its heart leaves its body. The heart alone disappears into the darkness.
    The body is quite obviously the body of a person, which is just their vessel. Their heart is basically their personality and memories, as well as “power”, which is stored inside their body. And the soul is not really their spirit, but rather just the life-force or energy used to make a body living.
    This is where things start to get confusing. Regarding Sora releasing the hearts of Roxas, Naminé, and Xion, it could only POTENTIALLY work for Roxas. It’s best if we explain what each character’s scenario is.
    Roxas, even though he doesn’t look like Sora, nor even has his voice or personality, is still Sora’s Nobody. His creation was brought about by Sora’s sacrifice. Sora’s heart was cast into the darkness, reforming as a Heartless, whilst his body and soul reformed in the Realm Between as Roxas. Roxas had Ventus’ heart within him because Ven’s heart didn’t leave Sora’s body upon him stabbing himself with the Keyblade. Because of this, his body reformed to somewhat compare to Ventus. Though there still isn’t an explanation as to why his clothing isn’t identical. Maybe we’ll never know.
    So Roxas was created from Sora’s body and soul and could only be recreated if Sora became a Heartless again, giving up his body and soul for Roxas’ possession.
    Naminé is something different altogether, but somewhat similar in how she exists. She was created when Sora released Kairi’s heart from within him, but she doesn’t actually have the qualities of a Nobody that normally others do. Because Kairi has a heart of pure light, she literally can’t create a Heartless. When her heart was stolen, her body kinda just slumped over like a sleeping puppet, kinda like what happened to Ventus. But it’s the fact that her body DIDN’T reform as a Nobody, but stayed in the Realm of Light. What ACTUALLY created Naminé was Sora releasing her heart from within his body. This leads me and some others to believe a fraction of him went off to form Roxas while another to form Naminé. It also kinda adds up as to why Naminé has blonde hair, because Ventus’ heart influenced her appearance slightly. And why her appearance is so basic, because it’s not a real body whatsoever.
    So Naminé doesn’t have any body or soul, but she was created from borrowed fragments of Sora’s and influenced by Sora and Ventus’ hearts.
    Xion is a pretty straightforward one. She isn’t an actual Nobody, but a puppet that had a soul stuffed inside it. She also has memories of Kairi from when Vexen “tested” Sora in Chain of Memories. But because Sora’s memories of Kairi were being shadowed by Naminé, she appeared like a shadow of Kairi. Her entire existence is dependent on these memories remaining inside her body. But because she decided that Sora needs to awaken, she willingly gave them up to Roxas and her body perished without its fundamental core. And without that core, all memories built on top of it crashed down and the chain was destroyed, leading everyone to forget Xion ever existed. The links of her memories were buried in Sora’s heart.
    So Xion’s entire existence was dependent on Sora’s memories of Kairi and without them, her body couldn’t stand. And because all of her memories are broken in Sora’s heart, she is woven into his being.
    “But wait!” You say with confidence. “Sora returned to the Realm of Light without his body and soul when Kairi brought him back!”
    And there you are, calling out the holes in the theory. Hate it when people do that. This is best explained by looking somewhere completely different in the series: the creation of Vanitas.
    Oh yeah, our mean bean who wants to murder everyone and gave Haley Joel Osment the time of his life getting to laugh so deviously. Vanitas’ creation isn’t too hard to understand: when the darkness of Ventus’ heart got ripped out of his body, it reformed as a being of darkness, Vanitas. And this is the cool part: Vanitas DIDN’T use Ventus’ body to form himself, but rather the power of darkness itself. He created his body through sheer force of manipulating the darkness within him, or perhaps Xehanort did it. My point still stands either way: if a being of pure darkness is capable of creating a body of pure darkness, could a being of pure light create a body of pure light?
    Yes, you heard me. Kairi didn’t bring Sora’s body back from the Realm Between, but rather made him a new one out of the light within her heart. This did, however, make Sora an incomplete person. Because he no longer had a real body, I would think his life would be more on the line than ever. He is literally a floating heart surrounded by light at this point, making Darkness all the more lethal to the boy. But that’s not too important right now.
    Because it’s dangerous for Sora to just be a heart surrounded by light, especially with Xehanort still trying to turn him into a vessel, him just giving up his body for Roxas would be rather dangerous. Even if Kairi pulled him back from the darkness, there’s no guarantee the same thing would happen again. And you can’t repeat the actions for Naminé without somehow hurting Kairi in the process.
    So our issue here is lack of body and soul. Roxas can’t just take Sora’s body again, it would leave Sora in harm’s way. Naminé being created out of fragments of a body, or even just sheer nothingness, won’t work again. And recreating Xion would require that they know where this puppet lab is and how everything there works.
    Each of these situations, each person is under special circumstances. But there has always been one definite and constant thing that has been able to manifest itself in the real world without harm: the data used in Ansem’s computer.
    Yeah. Data. Just the 1’s and 0’s. Need an example?
    1) The munny pouch that belonged to data-Olette in Twilight Town. Riku was able to retrieve it from within the data-world and BRING IT INTO THE REAL WORLD. He handed it off to Mickey, who gave it to Sora for them to buy train tickets.
    See, that always bugged me. Really badly. That train we just took is a MAGIC TRAIN that’s ONLY HERE FOR US. Why in the world would we need to pay for tickets to go on this train that Yen Sid sent for US? There’s no one on the train checking for tickets! YOU CAN TELL BECAUSE THEY JUST WALK RIGHT ON WITHOUT ARGUMENT. There wasn’t any reason for that munny pouch to be handed off to Sora unless they wanted to make it BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that DATA CAN BE BROUGHT INTO THE REAL WORLD.
    2) The Heartless invasion by the MCP. This one is the less obvious, but complete giveaway.  Those Heartless used during the invasion were, quite obviously, not meant to be in Radiant Garden. The MCP was spawning them there using data.
    Yes! He used data to spawn the Heartless. Their models and code already existed in the computer, so he just turned on the Heartless Manufactory and went to work. And also, THE HEARTLESS MANUFACTORY! It literally CREATES BEINGS FROM DATA! This is a dead giveaway that data can be used to CREATE REAL LIFE THINGS!
    And in Dream Drop Distance on the Grid, it’s constantly hinted at the fact that the device used to bring Sora and company in and out of Space Paranoids can work BOTH WAYS! In the actual movie, IT HAPPENED! A data person was brought out of the Grid and into the real world!
    Data can be made into real, physical objects. And evidenced by the ending to Tron:Legacy, they can be alive, as well.
    Now, how can I truly persuade you that this theory is correct? I was pondering this for a long time. While I first read about it, I was thinking to myself that this is completely bizarre and there’s no way the games would go this route. But as I looked into things myself and stared at the wall of Kingdom Hearts theories I’ve had over the years, it clicked. This was meant to happen. Allow me to explain.
    The data version of Ansem and his research that was discovered inside Sora’s heart. This is huge. It seemed like a random thing that Nomura and crew threw into the game because… reasons. But it’s not. What if I told you that this data Riku found was actually research about how data can be brought into the real world and, in turn, can be used to recreate a person?
    Ansem was researching the Nobodies and must’ve discovered something about using the data to make bodies for them. He must’ve told Naminé to some degree about this, giving her hope that she and Roxas wouldn’t actually disappear. This is what leads to Coded (Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded).
    “WHAT?! CODED?!” Yeah, I know! Coded is ACTUALLY RELEVANT? Incredible! Anyways, it starts like this:
    Naminé placed a data version of herself, as well as the memories inside Sora’s heart, in the journal. Because these weren’t supposed to be here, the journal got all messed up. After repairing it, Data-Riku was able to find this hidden data and Data-Sora was sent to investigate. He found the hidden memories as well as Naminé telling him that Sora needs to call these memories to the surface in order to awaken their hearts. From their, the Keyblade to Return Hearts, as mentioned in previous games, would be used to extract their hearts from within Sora and return them to existence. 

    “Okay, cool. So Coded is hardly relevant.” OH, BUT I’M NOT DONE! Coded gets way more important. It’s actually the fundamental base for this part of the theory. And it’s mind-blowing how well this fits into place!
    I’m gonna break away and give you guys a little lesson on 3D printing. In order to actually 3D print you need something that can fabricate what you’re trying to print. Once you have the device, you need a model. A good example of a model is like a ring. That ring was initially created or scanned into a model file so that the printer would be able to create it. You essentially make something out of data. So I’ve been thinking…
    The transfer device in Ansem’s lab is basically a 3D printer, but it works both ways. It’s for someone to enter or exit the data-world. It’s MEANT to transfer atoms to data and data to atoms. It’s how they’re going to fabricate the bodies of data for Roxas, Naminé and Xion. It doesn’t even matter if you’re thinking of the lab in Twilight Town or the lab in Radiant Garden, because BOTH were built by Ansem!
    But then comes the issue of the model they must “print” out. We need to create models of each of our little Nobodies from scratch. Huh? “Use Ventus as a model for Roxas?” Haha, well, you’re onto something. I’d completely agree with you to use Ventus as a basic model for Roxas were it not for the fact that we already HAVE a model of Roxas that’s already been created. The same can be said for Xion and Naminé. We have them already.
    The models are already present in the journal in Coded.
    Don’t believe me? Well, take a second glance at the Re:Coded HD Remaster from 2.5! 
    HE’S THERE! Roxas already has a FULL MODEL of his body in the journal, complete with voice and body build, as well as his face and his hair, as seen underneath the hood. All you need to do is drop his heart into it and export the data using the terminal in Ansem’s lab!
    Naminé PLACED all of this data inside the journal, not just for Mickey and company to find it and inform Sora about the memories inside him, but so they could USE the data to CREATE BODIES FOR OUR LOST FRIENDS.
    “Wait a second! This is really cool and all, but wouldn’t Ansem’s computer already have some of this data then, effectively making Coded useless again?”
    Man, we all really hate Coded, don’t we? My answer to that is: no, Ansem’s computer wouldn’t have this information on it nor would the models exist there. Why? Because, as BLATANTLY SPOKEN by Ansem and Riku themselves, and clearly evidenced multiple times throughout the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, their data-Twilight Town has been completely compromised. Nobodies are everywhere and searching for Roxas. If the Organization found any of this information that Ansem and Naminé had discovered, everything would be over. So, in a panic, Ansem wiped his computer of anything having to do with data in correlation to Nobodies and hid it inside Sora, hoping they would find it. Naminé would hide the information about Sora’s hidden memories and the models that could be used inside the journal to be discovered later. Because Naminé was taken somewhere safe by Axel, she never got the chance to tell Sora about it. And seeing how Ansem immediately felt the need to begin his revenge scheme against Xehanort, he just left the boy to his own devices.
    Seeing the main plot of Coded be revealed with Castle Oblivion in the end, I have no doubts that this theory is correct. The focus of the game is to figure out what Naminé hid in the journal. I feel like data-Roxas’ role in the journal is important here. He was meant to get Sora to understand the painful memories inside him and that it was Sora’s role to wake them up and return them to existence. I’m still not entirely sure how he can tie into this theory, but I know he’s a strong point of it.
    But in short, here’s what we came up with:
    Data can be used to recreate bodies for the Nobodies who disappeared.
    The data transfer device in Ansem’s lab can be used to fabricate these bodies.
    The journal informs Sora on how to wake up the hearts inside him. 
    The journal holds the models required to fabricate the bodies.
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    Anybody remember these?
    I managed to make 3D models of them. I also added 'sliders' (Essentially Dials) on MMD which let you toggle how brightly they shine.
    There are also sliders on MMD to make them appear and disappear like they do in game
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    So I was fooling around with MMD and sliders and this is what I made

    Its not perfect and its part due to my crappy cloud modelling skills. But the textures originally came from the game.
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    Not my art, but somebody on Deviant art by the name of 'Burning Artist' decided to draw the face of each of the foretellers.
    Thought I'd share.





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    Since my name is 'Catmaster' its only fitting that I make a foreteller keyblade for the Cat.
    Here is my design for Felis

    Compare it to my model of Luxu/Xehanort's Keyblade (No Name) which I made late last year

    And btw, I'm making another Foreteller Keyblade. The name is called 'Lepus' (based off the Rabbit)
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