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    CriticalAssension reacted to KeybladeMasterBalo for a gallery image, Colors Of The Wind Keyblade - TeeFury contest   
    Hi there! So I am submitting my Keyblade design artwork for the contest of TeeFury posted on the main page. The design is based on the not yet featured world of Pocahontas. It contains many of the lead character and her culture characteristics. The name would be pretty obvious
    Hope you guys like it! I put good effort in it. The idea of this world appearing in KH has yet to come true for me since I´ve been asking for it since forever.
    What do you guys think? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments!
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    CriticalAssension reacted to - Existic - for a gallery image, Forgotten, But Not Lost   
    Another render I made with MMD. Makes a great background/wallpaper. Currently using it as my lock screen in Windows 10.
    I view this as a Namine x Sora type of picture. That's one of the reasons I made this, but you can view it however you like.
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    CriticalAssension reacted to Sora96 for a gallery image, 039   
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