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  1. Arguing with anyone who worships IGN like the gospel is so much fun. LOL! Especially when it involves Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts.

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    2. Dio Brando

      Dio Brando

      Cuz Kingdom Hearts is so perfect and uncriticizable anyone who criticize it is an IGN worshipper even if they don't know IGN

    3. Dio Brando

      Dio Brando

      Besides,only like......one or two people among the staff that legit hated it


      And even then some have valid points


      Same goes with Final Fantasy cuz let me tell ya as a fan of the series for over 15 years of my life most entries from 2010 up to 2015 were not 9 out of 10 material heck not even 7 or 5 save for a few titles

    4. Dio Brando

      Dio Brando

      Yeah,for some reason the Square Enix fandom feels so offended if one critic didn't rate their game high and devalue's that critic's entire experience and career just cuz their game didn't get 10\10 from all sites across the board

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