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  1. So, I was it's not very often that I am pleased with my work xD  I am very critical about my art lol.  But I was so happy about how this turned out that I thought I would share it with you all.  It's a just a little doodle of one of my characters from my story I am writing.  His name is Derek.  :P




    Also, I know that I didn't get a drawing in of 2.8 for December.  It was a pretty busy month for me.  I am, however, working on one final piece for this month (despite the game literally coming out tomorrow xD).  So as Hashimoto-san would say "Please be excited!"  Lol jk.


  2. I actually beat MF with Terra for the first time a week ago. It took me an entire 8 hrs to do it too lol. He just moves so slow compared to the others, and I found that some of his (MF) attacks are impossible to dodge unless you spam thunder surge or curaga. The stupid sphere laser things and the countdown attack got me constantly. It got to the point where I had to just attack rapidly and hope he didn't get a chance to use those attacks. That bad thing is I won completely by accident. I was a nervous wreck and he was invisible, I kept spamming thunder surge and he finally lost xD.


    I did notice that apparently certain commands cause him to have different attack patterns. For instance, I had Ice slide attatched (just because), and when I did, he spammed the move where you have to mash the "x" button before time runs out. However, when I replaced ice slide with regular slide, he did the move where he jumps up and makes a flaming "x" more often.

  3. It's great! Show us more once it's totally finished (colored, etc.) :D

    I certainly will! ^^. Thank you!


    Ooh, this looks nice! I heard tell of these Foreteller guys! They're a bunch of goody-two shoes that got iced due to internal conflict between them, eh? Ha, serves them right! Besides, the world's got enough good guys! I'm glad these animal hood wearing bozos got what was coming to them!


    But back to the important things, this drawing looks great, human! Can't wait to see the whole thing! Cipher approves! :D




    Oh no! Bill Cipher! Lol, thanks! You'll be pleased to know that the final product is "Now in Development!"

  4. You're welcome! Your drawing was definitely awesome! :3


    Ooh, and okay, sounds great! Okay, then let's see, what other idea could I suggest to you for your November piece...?  Hmm, oh, I got it!  How about a piece featuring the Foretellers?  Or maybe something related to Dream Drop Distance?

    I definitely would like to do something with the foretellers. I will probably do that for next month!

  5. As someone who both loves and appreciates Venitas and Terranort (and has them from the 2.8 trailer as the Facebook Cover Photo) can I just say.Asdfghjkl; this is SO GREAT. I agree with the above about the eyes but otherwise I think you've done a fantastic job of depth and light!

    Thank you so much! ^^


    Ooh, Venitas and Terranort look so sinister and threatening!  Great job with this piece!  It definitely gives off the vibe of intensity! And well, I agree with everyone else on the eyes, but really, other than that, everything else is spot on, including those waves of darkness you drew on the background! That was a nice touch! Great drawing! :D


    Hmm, and as for the November piece...how about it being Aqua falling into the darkness, just before Mickey reaches out to her? :3

    Thank you! I'm glad that you got that vibe! I was shooting for that. As for your idea, I do like it. I'll definitely take it into consideration! Although I may hold that off for January since I did Aqua last month.

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