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  1. Yessie Maltese

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    ~Xing, Eden~ "ahh i see.. Same thing happened to me too." He replied. "From what i remembered is when i was training with my Sister. After she decided to take a nap, i went to get something to eat for us, then i noticed the sun was getting brighter, i covered my eyes and then, some light flashes at me, i felt dizzy as i passed out. And then that's when i woke up in that city and met you." (I'll post for Zaruka after Shard and Axtwyt posted their characters)
  2. Finally i got a chance to get this boi! :D


    1. ITzDarthLordRevan


      Noice! I've wanted to play Opera Omnia, but I don't have any devices that can download it, sadly.

    2. Yessie Maltese
  3. This is beautiful. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


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    2. Yessie Maltese

      Yessie Maltese

      Yep yep

    3. Azure Flame

      Azure Flame

      Also, you should check out Persona 5, it is an amazing game.

    4. Yessie Maltese

      Yessie Maltese

      Kk. I'll try. 👌

  4. Yessie Maltese

    What is your favorite Metroid game?

    Metroid Prime. (That's the first Metroid game I've ever played too btw )
  5. Yessie Maltese

    Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

    Leaf gulps as she follows the groups, stepping on the invisible floor carefully. The young trainer was scared, one wrong step and it's game over for her. (i know I'm a champion and all and i should be tough too, but.... this is all new for me. Even if i use my pokemon, it would be game over for all of us..) she thought.
  6. I forgot to tell you guys about this. XD




    Around Wednesday 11:40-something PM to 12:10 am, one of My doggos had two little puppies and they're girls. 😍💕💖💓💞💗

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    2. RikuFangirl2008


      Awwwww! Cute! Congrats! :D 

    3. Yessie Maltese

      Yessie Maltese

      Thank you! QwQ

    4. RikuFangirl2008


      You're welcome! :) 


  8. Yessie Maltese

    Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

    ~Xing, Eden~ "Hmm. It does..." He said. Xing started walking forward as he realized something. "Say Emeralda. Do you remember anything about how you got into that city before we met?" He remembered waking up on floor, with a terrible headache. But what actually happened him before coming here? The young Man tries to remember while crossing his arms. ~Zaruka, Besaid Island~ "Well, all i can remember is training with my cousin and my older brother. Then i was going to get something to eat but i was feeling so tired so i decided to take nap. And then, i woke up on the ground. And searching around, that's when i met Mr. Johnny." After finished explaining her story, She then gasps as she remembers something important, Fey and Xing. "Oh no! Fey! Xing! I almost forgot about them!" She began to worry. She didn't know what happened to them.
  9. Yessie Maltese

    ~Drawing Request~ Feel Free to Ask a request :3

    Some more pics. not sure if this one is ok to show it so I'll leave a link.
  10. 76f.png

  11. Yessie Maltese

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

    Not sure if this count as a spoiler. ^^;
  12. Happy Thanksgiving, KH13! :3


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      Happy Thanksgiving! 

    2. Azure Flame

      Azure Flame

      Happy Thanksgiving!