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    Tribute Vids got a reaction from StarryEyedGirl in Video Discussion: Always on my mind~~   
    Name: Always on my mind~~
    Category: Music videos
    Date Added: 09/30/2020
    Submitter: Tribute Vids

    using some kingdom hearts music this time!! I can relate to this a lot , it warms my heart and tells me that things aren't certain......if your stuck in something good or bad, this could really comfort you......"always on my mind"
    Sora is always thinking of Kairi in her whole complete way that she is , and nothing lesser , Kairi is still holding on to their promise of long ago..........
    thanks for watching please please enjoy!

    Always on my mind~~
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    Tribute Vids reacted to escobarrr in Video Discussion: I become a Hero   
    When I saw this I thought "wth?" but I really enjoyed it, I didn't expect that
    Thanks a lot for sharing it btw
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    Tribute Vids reacted to SweetYetSalty in Video Discussion: Cinderella   
    Nice Namine tribute.
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    Tribute Vids got a reaction from SweetYetSalty in Video Discussion: Cinderella   
    Name: Cinderella
    Category: Music videos
    Date Added: 07/11/2020
    Submitter: Tribute Vids

    ''we'll make this promise to keep''
    I really wanted to focus on Namine's feelings in this

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    Tribute Vids reacted to Hoshiko Hikari in Surviving Self-Isolation with Sora   
    If your country is currently in lockdown and you're struggling to cope with being stuck indoors all day, here's some tips we can learn from Sora to help you through it.
    1. Stay connected with loved ones. 

    2. Learn a new skill.

    3. Play videogames, especially those with a social element.

    4. But don't forget to keep fit!

    5. Eat healthily...

    6. And sleep well.

    7. Dressing up can be fun! At least change out of your pyjamas now and then. 

    8. Most importantly, stay positive no matter what!

    9. Looking forward to the day you will get to be together again.

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    Tribute Vids got a reaction from Hoshiko Hikari in Video Discussion: you are my love   
    (Thanks for responding) , I love criticism!! yeah Tsubasa is the best!
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    Tribute Vids reacted to Hoshiko Hikari in Video Discussion: you are my love   
    I love Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle! It shares a number of similarities with Kingdom Hearts too. Nice video but it does sound like the timing of your vocals with the music went a bit off in the chorus. 
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    Tribute Vids reacted to Dagesh Lene in Is the return of the true Kingdom Hearts a good thing or a bad thing?   
    From the very beginning of the Kingdom Hearts series, the return of Kingdom Hearts was treated as a good thing.  In the story that Kairi’s Grandma told her, she said, “But the true light still sleeps, deep within the darkness.  That’s why the worlds are still scattered, divided from each other.  But someday, a door to the innermost darkness will open.  And the true light will return.”
    However, somehow it started being treated as a bad thing by Kingdom Hearts III.  Before the fight with Ansem, Xemnas, and Young Xehanort, Riku said to Master Xehanort, “If you do summon Kingdom Hearts, we will defeat you, and we will close it again.”  And that is exactly what they did.
    So, why this change?  Why is the return of Kingdom Hearts suddenly treated as a bad thing?  I have an idea as to why that is.
    I think that in order for Kingdom Hearts to reunite all worlds, it was going to have to purge them, which is what Master Xehanort wanted.  Everyone and everything would be consumed by darkness and destroyed just so the World could be returned to the way it used to be: one single united world that was equal in light and darkness.
    Therefore, even though many have thought that Kingdom Hearts' return would be a good thing, such as Kairi’s Grandma, they did not realize that it would actually be a bad thing.
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    Tribute Vids reacted to PauMR7 in Kingdom Hearts Tribute Video   
    I've just made this video for the people who loves Kingdom Hearts in the right way, if you are looking for a good KH tribute without dubstep or rock music and flash effects this is your video.
    *Please note the video contains spoiler footage from Re Mind. 
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    Tribute Vids reacted to The Transcendent Key in The Decade Comes To An End!   
    Hey there everyone, I hope you've all been doing swell!
    Wow, can you believe that in just a few short hours, this decade will come to a close? 2020 is right next door, and with that, marks the beginning of our very own 20's! Great-grandparents had the 1920's, and now we shall have our very own in the 2000's! It's insane and mind-blowing when you think about it!
    And well, I just want to take a moment to reflect on this decade and how things have changed so much. Funnily enough, I've been a member here for almost nine full years. I joined in May 31st of 2011, and I've been a loyal member ever since, though in recent months I've had to lay off on logging on. But it's been such an honor and a privilege getting to be a member of this wondrous site! It's crazy to think that this past decade, we all awaited in the hype for Kingdom Hearts III, and got to play through the Xehanort Saga throughout the years! That's no small feat, I assure you! So to think that as Kingdom Hearts fans, we were able to end the Xehanort Saga just before the decade came to an end! And now with a new decade comes a whole slew of KH games to come in the future! So I think it's an amazing thing to think about!
    When it comes to life, so much has happened, in terms of politics, world events, pop culture, you name it! We've bore witness to many wonderful things, and many terrifying things, and things that have defied any and all explanation! It's a testament to the unpredictability that follows the human race, for good or ill. Because for all intents and purposes, for all the good we've done, there's also an equal amount of bad. And in recent years the bad is outweighing the good, and I find that to be sad. Because lately, people are way more aggressive and hostile to each other than in years past...it's scary, honestly.
    But hey, let's welcome the new decade with smiles on our faces, and hope that this will be a good set of years that will see good things, and hopefully changes that affect us for the better. Let's take a moment to tune out all negativity and pessimism and despair and forget about depressing situations. Take a moment to focus on yourself and tell yourself that things will be okay and that you'll get to push forward in life and achieve your dreams! Don't let anyone or anything stop you from doing what you want to do!
    A new year means new horizons, and a new decade means new possibilities! So let's look forward to it, 'kay?
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    Tribute Vids reacted to ienzo628 in Video Discussion: Namine could be happy   
    Namine deserves to be happy!
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    Tribute Vids reacted to Movies798 in Which Kingdom Hearts Trio is Your Favorite?   
    I love all the trios but the best trio is definitely the Sea Salt Trio! Out of all the trios in the Kingdom Hearts Franchise Roxas, Xion, and Axel are the real best of friends. As I said in my previous posts Roxas, Xion, and Axel all shown the true meaning friendship. They get along, they argue, they reconcile, they protective each other, and they got each other's backs no matter what. Say what you want about Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, but damn that game was able to develop the character developments between Roxas, Xion, and Axel; and 358/2 Days was able to made Roxas, Xion, and Axel actual characters and make feel like they have a real friendship. The Destiny Trio comes to close to second, but my problem with the Destiny Trio is that the games focus more on Sora and Riku's friendship while making Kairi feel like a third wheel. The Wayfinder Trio is good, but my problem is that their friendship in Birth by Sleep felt like the story keeps pushing them away rather showing some development of their friendship. And as for the The Disney Trio of course Mickey, Donald, and Goofy have a great friendship because they got the entire Disney history to support their friendship in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. After what happen in Kingdom Hearts 3 I really hope Nomura does another Kingdom Hearts games starring the Sea Salt Trio as the game's playable characters like Birth by Sleep or Dream Drop Distance. 
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    Tribute Vids got a reaction from Movies798 in Video Discussion: Xion - Back to Life   
    Name: Xion - Back to Life
    Category: Music videos
    Date Added: 12/08/2019
    Submitter: Tribute Vids

    Was inspired by the movie ''BumbleBee'' it's wicked awesome! looking forward to watching it more and more , really had to make a video of that epic song played at the credits , thought it would fit with Xion pretty well , so here we are!
    (Wished I would have seen this movie in Theatre!)
    Had a lot of fun with this video! It brought me a lot of joy! (:

    Xion - Back to Life
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    Tribute Vids reacted to Movies798 in Hi all   
    Welcome fellow Keyblade wielder!
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    Tribute Vids reacted to Nimen1666 in Hi all   
    Hi, I am 30 year old german man x) but I don't feel this old. I feel like teenager. Since I remember, my friends always preferred football and basketball but I've enjoyed staying home after school (and later after work) and playing video games on computer (though I also used and use other platforms sometimes). Kingdom Hearts is one of the games that currently have me hooked.
    My favorite games except KH include but are not limited to: WoW, LoL, Rohan Online (too big cashgrab, but it was good MMORPG back then) and RTS games, such as AOE. Apart from gaming i love training my body at home (did gym too in the past but usually i just train at home, it takes less money, less time on travelling, and you feel good if you get good effects just with home-exercises). Nice to meet you all!
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    Tribute Vids got a reaction from Dustin Lübbers in Video Discussion: Oh Silent Night   
    Merry "early" Christmas Dustin! and have a happy thanksgiving=)
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    Tribute Vids reacted to Dustin Lübbers in Video Discussion: Oh Silent Night   
    Its nit christmas jet but we star ever more early with each year so i guess i will just rill with it. Merry Christmas
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    Tribute Vids got a reaction from Movies798 in Video Discussion: Sokai - kiss the girl   
    Name: Sokai - kiss the girl
    Category: Music videos
    Date Added: 11/04/2019
    Submitter: Tribute Vids

    A video about Sora and Kairi and their perfect love affair!  -   I just love them together!
    **pushes Sora near Kairi!** kiss her! Lol

    Sokai - kiss the girl
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    Tribute Vids got a reaction from Heather Chandler in Video Discussion: I can fly like the angels   
    Name: I can fly like the angels
    Category: Music videos
    Date Added: 08/19/2019
    Submitter: Tribute Vids

    simple , just clips with music

    I can fly like the angels
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    Tribute Vids reacted to ienzo628 in Video Discussion: civilization   
    Can I play the video?  I don't see a play button on here.
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    Tribute Vids reacted to WakelessDream in Video Discussion: civilization   
    You've gotta click on the link that says "civilization" it will take you to the video.
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    Tribute Vids reacted to Will Blatter in ....This site is amazing!   
    So I made a fan video (you can go check it out) and I was looking up ways to download cutscenes...and a link to here popped up so I'm like ok let's check it out. And I love it!!! Great info, I can pretty musch just sit and watch the game through the cutscenes and it's just amazing haha I LOVE KH, anyone else have that...I dunno, emotional connection with it? I love watching the scenes, especially the ones at the end cause it's just such a sad story but it's amazing...if that makes sense haha but ya I have a real connection with this game, as I'm sure most of you do I'm so glad I found this site!
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    Tribute Vids got a reaction from Dustin Lübbers in Video Discussion: breathing space   
    Name: breathing space
    Category: Music videos
    Date Added: 06/18/2019
    Submitter: Tribute Vids

    ''showing sora's sacrifice for kairi and why it is very crucial for the game'' , 
    she will be waiting on the islands for his return to her ..

    breathing space
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    Tribute Vids reacted to ienzo628 in Video Discussion: drenched in vanilla twilight   
    Sounds good.
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    Tribute Vids got a reaction from Fates Chance XIII in Video Discussion: the sunlight is gone   
    Name: the sunlight is gone
    Category: Music videos
    Date Added: 06/10/2019
    Submitter: Tribute Vids

    and if all the flowers faded away , and all the storm clouds decided to stay 
    it all began with ''birth by sleep''

    the sunlight is gone
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